BTC: Silly question


If the ethics commissioner has ruled that Liberal Robert Thibault can’t ask questions about Brian Mulroney because the latter is suing the former, shouldn’t the Prime Minister’s suing of the official opposition prevent both the Liberal and Conservative sides from directly addressing each other in Question Period?

Perhaps as a solution, they might pass their questions and answers through the Bloc and NDP. You know like estranged parents might speak through their children.

“Gilles, tell Stephen that I’m most displeased with his handling of Burma.”

“Jack, tell Stephane that I think he’s a weenie.”

“Gilles, please ask Stephen why he resorts to such name calling.”

“Jack, tell Stephane that I know he is, but what am I?”


BTC: Silly question

  1. Ummm … don’t they already ask their questions and provide their answers indirectly through the speaker?

  2. Yes, they don’t directly address anyone but the Speaker. However, the way things are going it’s only a matter of time until the Conservatives sue him- now wouldn’t that be interesting. They should write a book “How to become the emperor you always dreamed of being, Harper style” Then again, I suppose they’d accuse any negative critics of being Liberal hacks. How come the NDB and Bloc don’t get to have hacks? I mean, if your going to attempt to rule with an iron fist and it doesn’t… really…work…. then one would think yu’d wnat to be able to accuse as many people of being ‘hacks’ as possible, perhaps including the Speaker. Or has he already done that?

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