BTC: Pythonesque scrum of the day -

BTC: Pythonesque scrum of the day


Earlier today, the NDP demanded an investigation into the cost of the war in Afghanistan. Here’s the relevant portion of Peter MacKay’s scrum with reporters after QP.

Question: Why can’t you provide a cost for the war in Afghanistan?  The NDP say that they’ve been asking questions and they can’t get a figure, not even on the equipment, the military equipment, how much is being spent. 

Hon. Peter MacKay: Well, I don’t know why they’re having such a hard time figuring it out. We’ve made numerous attempts to explain the spending over Afghanistan. Clearly we’ve made commitments consistent with the motion that was passed in the House to have more equipment, to protect our soldiers, to help them to do the job, to protect the Afghan people. We’ve had 27 technical briefings. We’ve asked—we’ve answered dozens of questions in the House. We’ve had 19 or 20 committee appearances. The NDP had an opportunity last evening, if they were objecting to the budget implementation, to file some sort of an objection. They did nothing.

Reporter: So can you give us a figure?  How much is it costing us, say per month?

MacKay: Well, I’m not going to get into the specifics because we have added, as you know, additional equipment and there are additional procurements happening now in response to the recommendations of the Manley Committee that were endorsed by the House of Commons. 

Moderator: One more question, folks.

Reporter: They’re saying you don’t have a cost, you don’t have a figure.

MacKay: Well, we do. Of course we do. 

Reporter: Well what is it?

MacKay: Well, we have all kinds of figures.

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BTC: Pythonesque scrum of the day

  1. For some reason I’m reminded of a line from the movie Tremors,

    “Oh hell, everybody knows about these.. we just didn’t tell you!”

  2. This is an easy question I do not know why the NDP are having a problem the cost is 84.

  3. Oh dear. I’ll excuse non-answers to non-questions. However, when we get non-answers to real questions, I become worried.

  4. By the way just in case people thought I was posting something humorous with 84 being the cost of the war … I was deadly serious … because 84 is the price we have paid so far with the lives of our soldiers god bless them and their loved ones.

  5. Would the Minister for Transparency please show himself?

  6. Wow, Wayne – that’s about as poor an effort as issuing a red herring on a topic as I’ve seen.

  7. I’m suprised Mackay didn’t opt for one of the government’s other tried-and-true tactics in cases like these: a) Claim the cost is a matter of operational security; or b) Accuse the questioners of being on the side of the Taliban.

  8. Peter MacKay couldn’t answer it because he no likey numbers. He’s still steamed about Julie dating Maxime, and not him.

  9. …the Liberals did it…’s all their fault.

  10. Damn straight, Sandi.