BTC: The Conservatives mock hip-hop because they care


Our Mr. Wells has posted a list of all the arts organizations that the government foisted funding upon the other day. One of those groups is the Collective of Black Artists. The co-founder of COBA is Charmaine Headley. And Charmaine Headley was the choreographer for the Fresh Arts program. Which, as noted here yesterday, did things like fund hip-hop studios.


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BTC: The Conservatives mock hip-hop because they care

  1. I could find no mocking of Hip Hop only that of Iggy and Dion whom I might add look rather gangsta! to me – well done ad I like Iggy’s shades rather fitting for someone just voted one of the great and original thinkers of late (Puhhhlease!). More often than not I feel like I am listening to a rapper when Dion is speaking as I hear all sorts of words but very little substance and when there is something worth paying attention to it is usually off the wall and has little relevance to anything that would be useful for Canadians at best and at worst down right stupid.

  2. AH, wayne. You never fail to add a touch of class to the discussion.

  3. Might you have an extra bit of “cl” in that sentence, Sophie?

  4. Naturally- my keyboard was malfunctioning. cl is deleted.

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