BTC: Yes, they shuffled the deck chairs on the Titanic too


The government has just released the new House seating plan. John Baird’s new seatmate is Jason Kenney (nice of them to stick two of their more vicious partisans together). While Mr. Bernier’s been dispatched to the near corner, behind Bev Oda and beside Jim “Balderdash” Abbott himself. That should cheer him up.

Meanwhile, in its print edition, the Globe offers a slightly more substantial guess of who may go where in the seemingly inevitable cabinet shuffle.Christian Paradis may be in for a promotion, which would at least be an entertaining turn—Paradis one of the more excitable young men on the Conservative side, all flailing arms and furious indignation.

Helena Guergis could be demoted, which seems, well, fair—her oft-patronizing tone does this government no favour when the subject is, say, a stricken citizen rotting away in a Mexican prison, or a former child soldier being tortured in Cuba.

And James Moore could be in for a promotion. Which seems, well, a nice way of saying, “Hey, sorry we made you stand up and take all the Cadman heat.”


BTC: Yes, they shuffled the deck chairs on the Titanic too

  1. Does Mr. Wherry have any information to support his example of “say,…a former child soldier being tortured in Cuba”? Or did he dream this after watching Red Scare or some such invention?
    Not being Canadian, I am not familiar with the personalities Mr. Wherry refers to, but, given his willingness to make up, say, facts, I would find it hard to believe any part of this article.

  2. LatAm,

    You are clearly not familiar with the tone or style of Mr. Wherry’s posts. As a regular reader I think it is safe to say that Aaron assumes his readership intelligent enough to make some interpretations and judgements on their own with respect to certain statements while still finding his column enjoyable and insightful.

    If one’s only source of news and interpretation is BTC well… thats not really Aaron Wherry’s fault.

  3. I think he means Khadr.

  4. It will be interesting to see if PM Harper is any faster picking a minister of F.A. than he is on picking a “Chair” for the Mulroney inquiry. 6 1/2 months and nadda, zilch, no one.

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