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Budget day


Yesterday, the Canadian Press pegged the cuts at $7 billion. Last night, the CBC reported the total will be closer to $4 billion. The Post says it’ll be around $5 billion, with the elimination of approximately 25,000 public service jobs. MP and public servant pensions will be changed. The House of Commons will trim its budget by 6.9%. And the hiring tax credit for small businesses will be extended for another year.

Bu the Senate is already in open revolt over the closing of a cafeteria in the Victoria Building.

So, members of the Red Chamber will have to take a slight detour, without having to put on their coats or boots, to get to the cafeteria.  Moments later came this reply from Senator Don Plett, the Manitoban and former Conservative Party president appointed to the senate by Prime Minister Stephen Harper: “What a bad, bad idea. The Victoria cafeteria was for the Senators and staff.”


Budget day

  1. Why do journos agree to spend afternoon in lockup if Government going to leak policies prior to budget? Pols don’t keep their policies secret like they use to, why do msm go along with charade? 

  2. Given the disaster that could happen if Harper’s plans for the senate come to fruition, senators acting out of pure self-interest to speak out againt his plans isn’t actually the worst thing that could happen.