Allison Waldman at TV Squad points out that while Mad Men gets the press, another cable show that started at the same time, USA network’s comedy-thriller Burn Notice, gets the viewers.

Every time I see Burn Notice I’m amazed that this is the kind of show that you only find on cable these days. It’s escapist entertainment, light action drama with humour. Instinctively you’d think “Escapist entertainment” would pretty much define what’s on the broadcast networks, but they don’t really have a lot of that. USA, which demanded that creator Matt Nix relocate Burn Notice to Miami to make it lighter and fluffier, has become a cable powerhouse simply by cornering the market on the kind of light entertainment that used to come easy to the networks, but for some reason doesn’t any more.

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  1. Glad to see “Burn Notice” is getting some attention. I stumbled across it last season and was struck by how much it resembled some of my favorite childhood shows, including the Rockford Files.
    Why isn’t it on network TV?

  2. The USA network is cleaning up these days. Monk keeps on going, and it is still pretty good. Psych is just laugh out loud fun. In Plain Sight has the chemistry down, and is really starting to roll. And then there is Burn Notice, which has had me hooked since the opening scene of the very first episode.

    While my wife and I might be in the mood for an episode of the Sopranos, Rome, or 24 once in a while, sometimes those types of shows are a bit much. Like dark chocolate, these dark, heavy shows are wonderful, but only in moderation. But when it comes to these “lighter, fluffier” shows by the USA network, we never miss a chance to welcome those characters into our home.

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