Bush kept his head and the danger’s past


Meanwhile President Bush has cancelled his speech to the Republican Convention and John McCain will radically alter the tone and schedule of the event. I’m not sure why, though; I have it on the highest authority that there were no political consequences from Hurricane Katrina.


Bush kept his head and the danger’s past

  1. My god, some serious bad karma for the Republicans. I was living down in New Orleans in 2005 and left just a month before Katrina. What a town. I pray for Gustav to go easy.

    re: your highest authority. Isn’t he the same fellow who wrote about the Iraqis never having it so good? Oh well, To each its own.

  2. Of course there was political fallout. Local officials clueless. State morons declining to pre-emptively request federal assistance, as they must do first to prevent the intrusive feds from trampling over jurisdictions, and even though the federal government was begging the state of LA to do so. US Coast Guard and various states’ National Guard save hundreds, thousands from their own lack of resources/will/brains to get the hell out beforehand. Result: Bush hates blacks.

  3. And of course madeulook, badly timed photo- ops.

  4. History can’t repeat itself, can it? Mayor Nagen has once again called for NO’s evacuation and where is Bush? Did they rebuild the levies? Will they hold this time? Why didn’t the US Corps of Engineers hire some Dutch engineers who know how to build levies to keep the water out of the city.

    Ironically, as Michael Moore pointed out, Gustav seems to be hitting the Republicans right in the seat of their convention!

  5. Why didn’t the US Corps of Engineers hire some Dutch engineers who know how to build levies to keep the water out of the city.

    I don’t think Dutch people are from America — and more to the point, I think some Americans might even know that. America is number one and needs no help from Old Europe.

  6. This’ll probably end up working well for the Republicans though. Or at least not badly.

    First, no Bush, no Cheney (sorry, no time, hurricane over here). That’s GOT to be a plus.

    Second, not much backlash yet on the Palin nod, since there’s a hurricane comin’. (though, that could also be bad if the storm is really bad and a lot of people start saying things like “Thank God Palin’s not in charge right now eh?”).

    This basically amounts to a bit of a “time out” as far as the election is concerned, as far as I can tell, and as long as McCain looks Presidential (which I have confidence he can) and Palin doesn’t step in anything, then I’d say this is actually (politically) a blessing in disguise. There’s little chance the Republicans could have had a convention as successful as the Dems, and this way they get to avoid even trying. Meanwhile while McCain looks selfless and Presidential, and the party gets to avoid highlighting Bush and Cheney (whom you have to applaud if there’s a convention… but can ignore if there’s a hurricane).

    Then again, if it’s devastating, it’ll hurt Bush, which won’t help. But Hell, what does Bush really have to do to show the federal government’s response has improved since Katrina? The man could put a blind, drunk monkey in charge of the Gustav hurricane and end up with a 50/50 chance of getting a better job done then they did with Katrina.

    Anyway, on the whole I don’t think the hurricane will really hurt the Republicans this week. Then again, I would have told you FOR CERTAIN that McCain would pick a VP nominee who was ready to be President on day one (and whom he’d met more than once) so that shows what I know!

  7. Katrina hasn’t been a meme in the campaign so far; this reminds everybody about that. Might not shift many votes but it could energise the anti-Bush Dem base. Also, more than anything, it steals coverage from the Republican convention. You can’t have an 18-hour infomercial when one of the country’s cities is being re-annihilated, and cross-cuts between apocalyptic scenes and cheering Republicans with balloons isn’t ideal, subliminally speaking.

  8. Trust a higher authority to wordsmith a winner.

    “Next to her resume, a guy who’s done nothing but serve in the phony-baloney job of “community organizer” and write multiple autobiographies looks like just another creepily self-absorbed lifelong member of the full-time political class that infests every advanced democracy.”

  9. It’s a sad situation that the potential of Gustav to ruin the most interesting city in the U.S. is subject to the “who wins,who loses” filter of political junkies (myself included).

  10. I had the same second thought, Sisyphus, which is what made me haul out my personal New Orleans archive in the (cheekily named) “Gustav Mauler” post above….

  11. If Gustav floods N.O. a second time, Obama’s Iraq policy would ensure more Army Corp engineers and National Guard are on hand to rebuild the levees properly in 2009. USA under Republicans is like watching the Soviet Union in action. I half expect Fox News to say hurricanes are an invention of liberal media.

  12. Maybe it was overly politicized the first time? Maybe every politician got crapped on for a situation that was a generation in the making.

  13. “usa under republicans is like watching the soviet union in action”

    yeah, a reporter in russia just got his head blown off because he’s critical of putin (they dance around a bit compared to the good old soviet days where they’d proudly summarily execute you for treason for bad press),

    meanwhile bush is compared to hitler/stalin/mubage by another liberal blogger and the only thing he has to fear is looking like a head-in-the-sand, chai tea sipping elite who uses the very freedom he takes for granted, to look like an ignorant boob who takes his freedoms for granted.

  14. kody, that’s because nothing we say makes any difference.

    What a fun time the Right has trotting out the “taking freedoms for granted” line. Who exactly is going to take my freedoms away, kody? You? I know you’d like to, but you may have trouble doing that.

  15. Kody, tell that to Arar. That was Bush and the Neocons. There is an annual index that ranks openess or political freedoms and it probably correlates closely with Human Rights. I’ll bet America has fallen down the index faster under GWB than Russia has under Putin.
    The USA has the death penalty and a higher rate of incarceration than Russia. It’s not like I’m cheering for this.

  16. Paul,

    You are right that there were political consequences to Katrina – Bob Jindal got elected!

  17. Of course there was political fallout. Local officials clueless.

    Ah, the “Walkerton Defense”. I wondered how long it would take for that to surface.

  18. Phillip,

    I’m well aware of those who compare someone captured at a terrorist training site (the very ones used to plan the 9-11 attacks that killed 3000 people) being held in an enemy detention center,

    and the state coming and getting you for your political thought.

    It’s the kind of moral equivalence that threatens the very freedoms those on the left purport to cherish.

    As long as the eeeeeeeevil “neocons” aren’t behind it, it’s A OK with the looney left. And if the totalitarian entity expresses that they’re against the eeeeeeeevil neocons, well, all the better to support (tacitly if not expressly).

  19. My bad Kody, I meant Omar. I thought the indoctrination boot camps for 9-11 were in Saudi Arabia and Arar was captured in Afghanistan? Could be wrong.

  20. Nevermind, it was Arar. Arar was the innocent Canadian who was deported with CSIS’s permission by the Americans to be severely tortured (techniques that can be considered worse than death and leave you scarred forever) in Syria until he wrongly admitted he was a terrorist. Omar Kadhr was the child soldier PoW captured in a firefight in Afghanistan, who has been subjected to mild torture like sleep-deprivation and water-boarding. He has been held to date for about as long as the 7 years Nazi adults were typically held, but it seems the Americans want to keep him without due process (had nothing to do with 9-11) forever.
    Really, all politics aside you should learn who Arar is to prevent the Americans and CSIS from ever pulling such a stunt again.

  21. Greg, last I checked, “W” was not and is not mayor of NO. Neither was / is he governor of LA. Local people failed miserably during Katrina, and everybody gets a self-congratulatory frisson by blaming Bush. FEMA was basically designed as a cheque-writing agency so that the local people on the ground could get the job done.

    But, by all means bring up Walkerton. If a municipality has the job of bringing safe drinking water to its population, it is only fair that the municipality should be expected to bring safe drinking water to its population.

  22. Lord K … has it right. Any excuse to keep W. away from the convention is a good one for the Republicans.

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