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But I thought only Stephane Dion could cause a recession?


The honourable member for Edmonton-St. Albert, a lawyer by trade, issues his fall economic forecast.

Liberal strategy for the current economic recovery: call an election, freeze stimulus spending and return to recession.

See previously: “The only way there is going to be a recession is if they’re elected, and that’s why they’re not going to be elected.”


But I thought only Stephane Dion could cause a recession?

  1. powerful people, those Liberals.

  2. Does that mean Harper caused this darn recession in the first place by taking us to the polls last fall?

    • Good one.
      I just hate the collective amnesia in the media and general population that gives Harper a free pass.

  3. It seems the Conservatives themselves may have been planning to plunge us back into recession (er, participate in an election) back in July. Their lawyer asked for the in-and-out case they brought against Elections Canada (yup, the Cons are the ones who sued) to be moved up to August. They wanted to use the same financing scheme this fall if they won their case. Their lawyer argued that hearing the case in November might happen "right dead-centre" in the campaign. The judge denied their request:


  4. And I,/i> thought "80% of the stimulus was out the door and being implemented". (Harper)

    Or that "we can only get out of this recession if the United States fixes its finances". (Harper)

    Or that "we are out of the recession". (Day)

    Or that "we will come out of this recession before others". (Harper)

    Or, to put it into overall perspective, "we will not have a deficit. No" (Harper) or we will not go into recession (Harper) or we will have a surplus in 2009 (Flaherty) or the deficit will be only $35 billion in 2009 (Flaherty).

    … is there any reason whatsoever to believe anything that any of these people say about the economy?

    • .. is there any reason whatsoever to believe anything that any of these people say about the economy?
      but that collective amnesia thing I referred to above keeps these morons politically viable.

    • why limit it to the economy? see for sake of an example income trusts or floor crossing or appointed senators or fixed election dates or real accountability (alongside Peter McKay's recent $200 fine) or…

      • The recession slowed, a bit, but we trailed all G8 countries.

        Harper, wrong and misleading again.

  5. The Liberals are worried that we will emerge from a recession with Harper and the Conservatives still in government. They would like nothing better then an extended recession and more bad news to help their cause.

    They can only hope that Canada doesn't post better then expected numbers in the third quarter.

    • Can we please stop with describing Conservative opponents as wishing ill upon the nation? Please? From Martin as a pedophile, to Layton as a terrorist, to this, it's sickening.

      And accusations like the above often tell you more about the people making them, than the object of derision.

    • Let those mean old Liberals worry, Dakota. The Conservatives only have to find one opposition party with which they can play nice. Just one. So if it's not going to be the Liberals for once, it'll have to be the Bloc or the NDP. Can PMSH and Co. find it within themselves, or are they just kinda jerking the electorate around, too?

      • The Conservatives don't have to find anyone to play nice with them.

        Since we've all come to the conclusion that Canadian politics is nothing more than a game, I call this round a game of chicken.

        Whose more afraid of an election? Time will tell!

    • Shorter Dakota: "Liberals hate Ameri…er…Canada"

      Please refrain from using such tired and worn out Republican cliches on a Canadian forum. It's both silly and annoying.

    • Shocking turn of events, Dakota! Why, wait til they find out who enabled Harper to put his clever ploy, er strategy in place while half-heartedly governing all this time. Oh, it was the Liberals? Nevermind…

  6. Biff.

  7. "return to recession"

    Given that we have not had two quarters of growth in a row, I'm pretty sure we are still in the Harper recession

  8. I didn't realize the Leader of the Opposition could call an election.

    • Quite right. Should the government lose confidence, perhaps Harper will recommend to the GG that Mr. Ignatieff be given an opportunity to form one. It would be the decent thing to do, if he truly believes an election would prove so harmful to the nation.

      • Or hey, maybe he can look into that whole "proroguing" thing agin? Maybe if we're lucky he could prorogue government long enough that no one will be in charge until after the economy pulls itself up by its bootstraps :D

        • "Hello, Jean? It's that most wonderful time of the year again…"

        • Well, there is precedent…

  9. Economic recession created huge unemployment rates around the world. I think the world economy is already on the road to recovery.