But The Success of Their Trailer Depended On… One Man


Everyone I know is saddened by the death of trailer voice-over god Don LaFontaine; he’s been a part of our lives, and his throaty, ominous tones helped set the style for all the action-movie trailers to come. (Announcers in movie trailers used to be more about making the film sound important or exciting; now, except for comedies, the point of the voice-over in a trailer is to make it sound like the stakes are really high, and that we should really, really want to find out whether One Man can defeat the evil forces who have spooked out even our deep-voiced announcer.)

But here’s a question: how many movie trailers, narrated by LaFontaine or not, actually included the famous “In a world…” formation? I know there were some; I remember hearing him say “in a world where…” long before he was parodying it, and the phrase wouldn’t have become a cliché if it hadn’t actually been used at some point. But I can’t remember which specific trailers used that phrase.



But The Success of Their Trailer Depended On… One Man

  1. When I first started editing, I used to prefer LaFontaine’s voice work. Few bad takes, tight delivery on the end tags and a voice like he’d had a toilet-bowl installed in his chest for that extra bit of oomph.
    I’m glad that by the end of his life he’d gotten some on camera recognition (though I’m sure his paycheques gave him plenty of recognition too.)

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