By the numbers -

By the numbers


Marc Mayrand told the procedure and House affairs committee today that Elections Canada had received 800 specific complaints. He explained that those complaints covered approximately 200 ridings spread over 10 provinces and one territory.

More on today’s hearings from the Globe, CBC, CTV, and Global.


By the numbers

  1. And just to forestall the “ho ho, that’s only 4 complaints per riding!” I’ll just remind folks that it only took 2 complaints in Guelph to lead us to over 7000 attempts at voter suppression.

    • Come again ?

      You mean Pierre Poutine’s account dialed out 7,000 numbers. Many of them were faxes, bussiness, and others went into other ridings.

      If you’re trying to imply that in 200 ridings there were 7,000 seperate attempts at voter supression that is laughable.

      WE know Poutine accidentally dialed across Ontario. You’re double counting and inventing more Poutine’s than there actually is.

      • No. I mean what I wrote. Not what you imagine. However, if you could cite your source that many of them were faxes, I’d be interested in seeing it.

        Incidentally, it’s good to see you accept the basic premise.. that a single complaint means many more actual illegal attempts.

  2. >_<

    Global needs a new proofreader.

    Mayrand is now Maynard to them.