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After the Throne Speech, Michael Ignatieff rose in the House and asked for unanimous consent to pass the following motion.

“That this House hereby establishes a Special Committee, to be structured along the lines of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs, and having all the powers of a standing committee, to conduct an immediate examination into the issue of prorogation, to advise the House on the circumstances in which it is appropriate for the Prime Minister to request that Parliament be prorogued, and to prepare changes to the Standing Orders or legislation or both and that the committee report to the House no later than April 15th, 2010.”

The motion did not receive unanimous consent. The Liberals say it was Conservatives who shouted their objections.


By the way

  1. It's my understanding that all parties have MPs in the House at all times to object to every motion for unanimous consent unless it has been agreed to in advance.

    Was this just a stunt, or did the Liberals actually discuss it with the other parties first?

  2. I like it. I think Ignatieff has been reading books on chess at last. He is setting Harper up for something…

    • I wonder if it related to the Derek Lee motion. The matter has been raised at the earliest opportunity, and the government is now on the record blocking the establishment of an investigative committee. So now the House has to act.

  3. Yes,

    its time we finally take a stand on an issue critical to all Canadians,

    as opposed to, "gotcha" opportunistic partisan sniping.

    As such, we must ….ahem….after 104 prorogations, most under Liberal rule…..decry the outrage of the 105th.

    Meanwhile, Harper will be attending to the petty issues of the day, such as our economic stability and arctic soverienty against an ever agressive Russian presence.

    It's a good thing Iggy has the right perspective.

    • Yep, the Liberals were always proroguing parliament to avoid confidence votes and speaker's warrants, weren't they.

      Well, weren't they? If so, please cite dates and relevant details. We would love, love to hear that.

      As for economic stability, my understanding is that if we were to see a recession — and no, we are not admitting that we have seen such — it would have hit us on or before October, 2008. I have the finance minister's solemn word on the subject, if you please. Recalibration notwithstanding.

      • biff only has one setting on the prorogation dial, so you're wasting your breath– er, typing.

        Many have seized on the fact that there have been prorogations before, over a hundred, and therefore ANY prorogation, ANY time, for ANY reason, is automatically OK.

        Many others have seized on the fact that Harper dodged a coalition which would have been legal-but-unpopular, then dodged a vote requiring his government release some information, and therefore ANY prorogation, ANY time, for ANY reason, is automatically suspect.

        Others realize the truth is somewhere in the middle, but they're busy elsewhere and don't have time to read blogs. :-)

  4. Liberal/NDP are idiots, they don't or won't attempt to learn even basic math skills, let alone the nuances of Constitutional Law.

    The opposition are impotent gas bags, every bit as vacuous as windsocks as the Bloc Torontois anointed appointed Count Iggula.

    Iggy has turned out to be even more inept than the hapless Dion who preceded him being run over by that bus.

    Do you hear that sound Professor Puffin?

  5. Just heard Stephane Dion's mom has passed away, my condolences to him and his family.

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