Bye Bye Bloomberg


I wonder if Occupy Wall Street has finally put an end to the talk of Michael Bloomberg as a U.S. Presidential candidate. It’s unbelievable how much talk there’s been about him over the last few years. Not among voters, who don’t care, but among U.S. pundits, who every few months would get together to talk about the need for a Bloomberg independent run, or how he could siphon off voters from both parties, or how he could be the vanguard of a new era of bipartisan compromise. The last few weeks have shown, if nothing else, that his image is not that of a bipartisan compromiser but of someone who isn’t much liked by anybody. With the result that a Keith Olbermann “Special Comment” has some of its most truly bipartisan appeal: disliking Bloomberg cuts across all lines of party and ideology.


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Bye Bye Bloomberg

  1. I do SO love a righteous rant!

    • Well he’s in the 1% so of course he’d say that. LOL

  2. What an amazing rant. Any chance we could trade Don Cherry for Keith Olbermann?

  3. I didn’t think he was going to convince me, with his (imho overblown) comparisons to the Vietnam War protests, and the McCarthy hearings, and Civil Rights protests, and the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention, but then he got to the bit about the GODDAMNED BATMAN MOVIE, and I could no longer resist, lol.

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