Called it -

Called it


I would like to personally send a special thank you to Ipsos-Reid for having decided to release a poll last night that shows the Conservatives up 11 points on the Liberals, thereby redeeming the magazine piece published under my name three days earlier and making me look like a frickin’ soothsayer.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to begin work on my next two pieces, timed for the next set of polls and tentatively titled, “Michael Ignatieff: Hopeless!” and “Michael Ignatieff: Resurgent!”


Called it

  1. Aaaannnnnnndd…cue both sides in the great poll debate!

  2. Don't worry; Nanos will release a poll soon that will show the Liberals leading by 2 or 3 points.

    Although, after his dismal predictions in the last election, I'm surprised any news outlet still pays him to do polling.

    • In fairness to Nanos, he did a very good job predicting the 2006 election results, but he was way off with the 2008 election. Like gamblers, pollsters have "hot streaks" every so often.

  3. Yes the ebb and flow of politics. Polls rise and fall like the tides, sometimes exceeding previous levels and sometimes falling below norms. And all politicians, given enough time, will rise again like Lazuras.

    Duceepe was toast (cheese toast) at one point, but is now an eminece Grise….his next phase will move him from familiar uncle to tired symboil of the past.

    Layton will move into that familiar uncle territory from yappy pest…hmm that may take some time…….

    Lib and con leaders generally dont have that luxury of time, one of them will disappear after the next election…..start writing that article now leaving blanks for party name.

  4. Just read the article. It was tepid, to say the least. I guess hedging your bets. Too bad there wasn't more of a ringing endorsement of PMSH. That would have made you a true soothsayer.

    Against all your attempts to discredit Mr. Harper and efforts to make him look unattractive or ridiculous, the polls are going the other way. Will this help you be more honest in your assessments of him and his government… especially your descriptions of Question Period? Or would that be too much of a stretch?

    • Why would it be "more honest" for a journalist to report events in a manner that reflects opinion polls?

      • No, that would not 'be more honest'. But I've seen Aaron skew remarkably what happens during Question Period… that's what I mean by being 'more honest'.

    • More honest in his descriptions of Question Period? I've watched Question Period often – he's bang on!

    • I'm a big fan of Aaron's QP reporting.

      Don't change a thing man.

    • Anyone else notice how the Conbots have started referring to Harper as PMSH in all their posts? It's so weirdly deferential. What's next? Glorious Leader Stephen Harper? GLSH.

  5. From Reuters story on this new poll:
    "Most recent polls had put the two main parties neck and neck, and a Nanos survey two weeks ago had the Liberals ahead by 2-1/2 percentage points."

    "Conducted August 18-20, the survey of 1,001 Canadians carries an error margin of 3.1 points 19 times out of 20."

    I don't see any reason to pay attention to this particular poll or any polling story in the foreseeable future. Frankly, reporters time would be better spent doing stories on real issues. But that wouldn't be easy, would it?

  6. Anonymous Liberal officials "cautioning against fall election talk" in 5, 4, 3, 2…..

  7. Tentative title: "Dewey Wins!"

  8. Does this mean there will not be a fall election?

  9. The only thing this means is that we *all* have to pray much harder for the demise of the military-industrial-banking-media complex.

  10. It will take a few polls for such a jump to seem even remotely credible.

  11. It will take a few polls for such a jump to seem even remotely credible. And Mr. Wherry was looking pretty damned druidical already, judging by that Obama news huddle picture.