Cameramen not apparently entitled to enjoy holiday season with friends, family


The Canadian Press, Sun, Star, CBC and Canwest report from today’s unofficial meeting of the Afghanistan committee. In photos, the Sun documents the exit of a cameraman apparently sent by the Conservative side to observe the proceedings on behalf of those government MPs who couldn’t be there.


Cameramen not apparently entitled to enjoy holiday season with friends, family

  1. . "It's not as interesting without the Tories," a colleague grumbled midway through, and I have to say that I don't really disagree. Without them, it's like gingerbread without the cinnamon — just not the same."

    Perhaps…i woulda said it is more like trail mix, but without the nuts.

    • I've always thought trail mix without the nuts was even better.

    • Or maybe he's just a spy. See, the Tories decided not to be there in person, so they decided to send a photographer to catch all those conniving "oppositionists" in the midst of all their "connivery".

      This would be the point where I'd ordinarily spoiler-tag and add: you're probably more correct than I.

  2. Maybe that was Jarred just distracting the committee members while Harper's henchmen unplugged the lobby Christmas tree, swiped the tomzoobles and grabbed the last hoo-hash that would feed the trolls in the CON war room…

  3. Why would they bother? They already assume anything that is the government's belongs to them.

  4. Well, it's important the Laurie Hawn (Mr. Hide behind the troops) is at home wearing his comfy slippers and being with his friends and family at this time – meanwhile, the troops don't get to be home with their friends and family.

    • Actually Mr.Hawn spent the holidays in Afghanistan with the troops, as he has every year since being elected in 2006. And far from hiding behind the troops, he spent 30 years in uniform.

  5. Why would they need a cameraman? CPAC was covering it live.

    • Perhaps they were, but they were probably covering it objectively. That wouldn't do to show the members at home with their families, would it?

      I did think it was amusing that the Conservative note-taker didn't leave with his buddy. The members could have read Kady's liveblog, of course, but they'd have had the same problem as above.

  6. This is really getting ridiculous. Here you have a reporter writing a non-story about a meeting that wasn`t really a meeting, about incidents that didn`t really happen 4 years ago thousands of km. from here.

    Then to really top it off, you have commenters ( one shows he`s the most intelligent by using the word nihilist ) each giving their own shots and here is what`s really bizarre: the commenters then grade each remark with plus or minus. Personally, I would like about -25 for this contribution so please try hard.
    Seriously, I think we all should go spend time with family, friends and loved ones.

    • Jack Mitchell's comments sometimes go over my head, but I usually find them thoughtful, even if I disagree with him more often than not.

      Compare this to some other commenters, who are either a) bitterly partisan, b) bitterly vindictive and constantly putting down other commenters, or c) both.

      As for the plus/minus system, kinda feels like high school, doesn't it? (Who will win the popularity contest?!)

      • Who will win the popularity contest?!

        Whoever panders most strongly to the Cool Kids' smug sense of moral outrage on what is clearly The Worst Thing Ever Done By Anyone, Anywhere.

        • I love how guys like you show up, call everyone a stupid a**hole, and then get offended when anyone dares to return in kind.

      • Thanks, Mike514! I very much enjoy your comments too.

    • So why are you here?

      • The Conservative war room (AstroTurf division) pays great overtime.

    • I'm torn between two responses:

      1. Aw, someone needs a hug!

      2. Be careful what you wish for, lest you shall receive it.

    • …especially the troops – but they can't. I think Harper's bobbleheads should at least make an effort to work as hard as the troops do.

      Nothing ridiculous with caring about the troops, Canada and our country's reputation.

  7. How bored are you Wherry? Shouldn't you be out fund raising for the Liberals?

    • Merry Christmas Shrek!

    • You're just disappointed that i wasn't you operating the camera, Dakota. It must be lonely for you this time of year.

  8. ♪♪ high school
    high school

    • LOL, I just gave you a thumbs up +4, you are getting there :)

  9. I sincerely hope the staffer had the good sense to take a one-day leave of absence from his job to perform this service to PMO.

  10. Wow Aaron, with the Christmas break upon us and a few more denizens logging on BC, your readership has actually doubled to a dozen left/lib commenters. Crack open the champagne!

    avr has linked to the most recent Nanos poll on the issue which predictably says that Canadians are not quite as taken as our dozen denizens of BC.

    Only rabid partisanship keeps this little "scandal" alive. Like all the other little "scandals" like wafergate, pooping-puffin gate, H1N1 not-everyone-was-vaccinated-yesterday-gate, etc.

    • Let me guess: "denizen" was in this month's Reader's Digest "Word Power" quiz.

      • Finally, after the first few, an encouraging Afghan Detainee poll that rabid conservative partisan's avr/jarrid can link. Surprising enough it's Liberal hack Nik Nanos, hehhe. Only 235 comments on Conye's; Parliment will fight.

        • The detainee issue has been a major story in pretty well every major newspaper in the land for weeks now, and yet J thinks it's a non story…goofy as ever!

          • Indeed, a non story. Tis just like wafergate, puffingate!

            "Who cares what Nanos says, he blew the last election."
            – jarrid

          • Wow, are we dozen or so lefties powerful!

        • Nanos is Conservative – that was confirmed by Kady O'Malley a while back when he was constantly being accused of Liberal bias.

  11. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and the Liberals were in power. Would Aaron have written 184 posts on this topic? What do you think. Do pigs fly?

    He would be doing a puff piece about Ignatieff''s vaunted skills as a parchisee player or interviewing Iggy on his preferred mulled wine recipe.

    • Your hypothetical charges of things Wherry might have done, in an alternate universe, are certainly proof enough for me.

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