Campaign gears up to oust Rob Anders -

Campaign gears up to oust Rob Anders

Website promises to challenge controversial Calgary backbencher


Adrian Wyld/CP

Conservative MP Rob Anders may be facing a battle to earn his nomination in the next federal election.

On Monday, the website surfaced, which encourages residents in the MP’s Calgary riding to sign up for a Conservative Party membership ahead of the next federal election, so they will be able to nominate a candidate other than Anders.

The website reads:

This year, 2014, will mark Rob Anders’ 17th year as a Member of Parliament. We think it’s time for a change and the team is in place to make that happen. More details will be announced soon. We would like you to join the movement for change by purchasing a membership and providing us with an email address so we can keep you informed.

The site was created by Calgary lawyer David McKenzie, reports the Calgary Herald. “It’s become apparent there is a fairly general dissatisfaction with our current federal representation,” McKenzie told the Herald in an interview. “The view a lot of people express to me is that when they hear Mr. Anders in the media, they have difficulty being proud of what they’re hearing.” McKenzie says there is a candidate who will compete against Anders, but the candidate has not yet been named.

Anders hasn’t exactly been in his constituents’ good books in the 17 years he’s represented the riding. The long-time Conservative backbencher is infamous for calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist and a communist when Canada gave him honourary citizenship in 2001. Anders half-heartedly resurrected this belief upon news of the South African leader’s death in December.

Other Anders’ gaffes include that time he suggested the late NDP leader Jack Layton wasn’t taking care of himself properly in the months before he died from cancer, and that current NDP leader Tom Mulcair “helped to hasten Jack Layton’s death.” Anders later apologized for those remarks.

Then there was that time he was caught on camera falling asleep in the House of Commons during question period. And that other time he allegedly fell asleep during a presentation about veterans’ homelessness and then proceeded to call the group giving the presentation a bunch of communist NDP “hacks.” (The presenter at the committee was actually a member of the Conservative Party.)

The timetodobetter campaign is getting underway as the riding boundaries in Anders’ current riding are set to change to accommodate Calgary’s growing population. Calgary West, Anders’ riding for nearly two decades, will split and Anders plans to seek the Conservative nomination in the newly created riding of Calgary Signal Hill.

This isn’t the first time someone has challenged Anders for the riding nomination. Current Alberta Premier Alison Redford, who was then working as a lawyer, challenged Anders for the Calgary West nomination in 2004. During that campaign, Anders said he was confident in his abilities to win the nomination “unless she’s got some magic support base of people who like feminist lawyers.”

For his part, Anders told The Globe and Mail that this most recent challenge is a battle between blue conservatives and red conservatives, who “are a threat to real conservatism.”

The next federal election is scheduled for the fall of 2015.


Campaign gears up to oust Rob Anders

  1. Always nice to see Albertans take baby steps away from the lunatic fringe! Will it amount to much? time will tell.

    • Sez GFMD, a lifelong resident of Rob Ford’s Toronto.

      • I thought he was an Albertan. There are bad ones there you know – progressive zombies according to our Anders defender on here.

    • Yes, you are condescending. Maybe Alberta is in the lunatic fringe: Redford’s a liberal progressive, so is Neshi: Calgary’s mayor. It would be good if they tossed this flotsam and replaced them with good politicians.

      • It’s ok — the oh-so-progressive and tolerant GFMD never misses a chance to take a dump on Alberta and Albertans. It’s the essence of contemporary Canadian progressivism. Meanwhile, the elephant in the room — Rob Ford of Toronto — is utterly ignored. Denial personified. Plus hate-mongering to boot.

        • Ford – ignored – have you been abroad for months?

          • The point is I don’t see hate-mongerers like GFMD labelling everyone in Toronto an ignoramus or a dimwitted hick despite the fact that Torontonians voted in Rob Ford. I do see hate-mongerers like GFMD dumping all over Albertans at every opportunity, despite the fact that Redford is the Premier and Nenshi is the mayor of Calgary. Blind spot much? And of course progressive Jan doesn’t say a peep against said hate-mongering . . .

  2. Good luck ousting Anders. He easily wins his riding every time. An angry left-wing lunatic fringe has tried several times to get rid of Anders and failed spectacularly every time.

    Progressives always believe they know better then voters but voters prefer Anders. People vote in droves for Anders and that is what matters most in a democracy.

    • Newsflash – Progressives are voters as well!

      • Progressives don’t vote in nearly large enough numbers to oust Anders. They’ve tried over several elections now and Anders has thrashed them badly every time.

        • You really don’t realise that you are being foolish even when it is pointed out to you do you?
          “Progressives always believe they know better then voters…”
          This is what Kay was objecting too.

          • Not acknowledging reality is what is foolish. The reality is weak progressive candidates are unelectable in Calgary West.

          • No the reality in this situation is that progressives are voters too; so that means your declaration that “progressives know better than voters” is meaningless.

        • I’m pretty sure that the NDP and Liberals have not really tried over several elections to oust Anders. Why would they waste the resources on such an incredibly safe Tory seat? The people trying to get rid of Anders these days are all Calgary Tories. They could probably do it too, if the national party didn’t swoop in to protect him every time the Tory riding association starts talking about holding a nomination contest for the candidacy.

          • This is a recurring problem with the strong mandate given to party leaders since we adopted a party structure where the party leader is elected by the membership directly. That gives the party leader a great deal of power to bring to bear on local riding associations to select yes men for the party leader.

            In the case of Anders, he has proven to be a reliable back bench vote, even if he says the occasional embarrassing thing. If riding associations were allowed to pick their own candidates, then the party leader couldn’t keep such a tight and regimented ship.

            This is going to be a problem for all parties (and all Canadians) until we go back to having the elected caucus select the party leader, rather than the party membership.

    • It’s hard to believe a left wing lunatic fringe exists within the CPC but you never know.

    • hahaha… you are delusional.

      • If you think getting rid of Anders is going to be easy, I would suggest you are the delusional one. But good luck trying, because only the grace of god will get you the result you seek.

        • I should have specified I was responding to your saying:

          “Progressives always believe they know better then voters but voters prefer Anders. People vote in droves for Anders and that is what matters most in a democracy.”

          I don’t believe I know better, but I think there is little doubt they vote for him because this is Alberta and he is a Reformer. It’s not him they are voting for it’s the party. If Harper didn’t interfere and the local riding association picked someone else to represent them instead it is likely that person would get elected.

          • I trust the voters, why don’t progressives? Progressives have attempted every dirty trick in the book including taking over a Conservative riding association and have lost every time.

            My suggestion to progressives: Give up!

          • [if] the local riding association picked someone else to represent them instead it is likely that person would get elected

            If the local riding association picked a VEGETABLE to represent them it’s likely that vegetable would get elected.

        • He’s been okay up until now. Now the boundaries are changed and everything is up for grabs, he won’t have automatic protection by Harper and the entitled wealthy who inhabit Calgary West.

          Personally I don’t care who wins the CPoC nomination, I just hope the fight is vicious and am praying for injuries.

          • Well there won’t be much of a fight if Liepert is the fellow they bring to the fight. The man who cost Albertans hundreds of millions of dollars with his disastrous Health Care “super” board is loved by few Albertans.

          • One thing I have learned over the years is that “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley,”
            Anders has annoyed veterans (a usual safe source of right wing votes) and is not a good MP. He has work to do in stoking the fear furnace and this time it’s with people who are not his usual constituency.

          • The new Calgary Signal Hill riding is essentially the same as the old Calgary-West, except that everything north of the Bow River has been transferred to the new “Calgary-Confederation.” That means the University of Calgary is no longer part of the riding. If anything Anders, or whoever gets nominated, will be seeking election in an arguably MORE conservative-leaning riding than before. I don’t think anything is up for grabs in one of the safest Conservative seats in Canada.

          • I was not saying the seat wouldn’t go to a Conservative, I said it was up for grabs within Con circles or at least I thought that was apparent.
            If you stuck a blue rosette on a terminally deranged syphilitic chimp with a limp, then the common clay of the land in West Calgary would see it safely ensconced in the House of commons… wait a minute..

    • These are actually embarrassed Conservatives trying to oust Anders. I know that reading is hard, though.

  3. Anders has the negatives from that party years ago…..he won’t be going anywhere.

  4. I do wonder what makes him so angry and bitter. Beaten by his parents? Emotional abuse? He seems so very insecure with that need to constantly lash out.

    • Sounds like GFMD’s obsessive need to dump all over Albertans at every opportunity. Perhaps GFMD and Anders are related.

      • Sorry what does GFMD mean?

        • It’s the handle of the first poster. The one Bean is obsessing over.

          • Yes, if you object to a hate-mongering poster, clearly you’re “obsessing”.

  5. Will Harper shut down the local constituency group again as he did last time? I am betting he will try. He needs the Rob Ander’s kind ignorant and compliant ideologues otherwise he’d lose control of the party.

    • Anders wins with nearly 70% of the vote every time. Voters in his riding have been very happy with him for many years now.

      I’m for letting the voters decide and not letting progressive zealots who represent only a loud minority decide. How about you?

      • Only zealot I see is Rob Anders.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Anders wins elections, time after time after time. Liberal candidates, with their shrill belief system, have been pummelled mercilessly by him every time.

          If you want to witness what humiliation looks like, just watch what Anders does to the next progressive candidate who goes after him.

          • His own riding is looking to replace him, same as last time. And it’s Cons who are trying to replace him as the candidate.

          • Wrong. Progressive zombies attempted to take over the riding association and usurp the will of the voters.

            This lame attempt too is being cooked up by progressive zombies who can’t win at the ballot box.

          • You don’t have any progressives in Alberta…’d vote for the proverbial yellow dog if it was the Con candidate.

          • Alberta keeps a few progressives around for amusement. No way we will let them destroy our province and its finances like the zombie progs have done in Ontario and Quebec.

          • Amazing that Albertans are anti-progress. You’re in the wrong century for that.

          • Buried in debt with high taxes and high unemployment isn’t “progress” Emily, it’s decay.

            ‘Progressive’ government always leads to decay. Just look at what the Libs have done to Ontario. No province wants to end up like that.

          • LOL things were much worse in Ontario years ago. We’d borrowed a huge amount to build the canals…..and then the Irish famine sent thousands of immigrants here at the same time.

            However, life goes on and Ontario’s still here. You panic too easily over minor stuff. We don’t have either high taxes or high unemployment….in fact we have thousands of jobs we can’t fill.

            I don’t know where you got your education….or your news….or your definitions for that matter, but Ont is fine.

          • Yes, things are so good in Ontario now that the province is officially a taker.

          • LOL getting a rebate….and a tiny one at that, is hardly having a problem.

            Rightwingers have a limited knowledge of finance.

          • ” Albertans are anti-progress.”
            Umm, example?

          • Chris 731 said so. Pay attention

          • Ah – according to your definitions you have a zombie progressive
            heading up the Alberta government. And how she’s doing with the finances?

          • She’s learning. But no way will Albertans ever let her inflict the financial damage on the provincial economy like the Libs have done to Ontario.

          • And these are the same type of people who vote for Anders?

          • People vote for Anders because the progs field such incredibly weak candidates. The Liberal and NDP candidates in Calgary West make Anders look like Einstein in comparison.

          • Wait a second, you’re saying that “progressives” not only took over 60% of the seats on the Board of the Tory Riding Association for Calgary West, but they did so using operatives who were UNDEAD?

            I know that I’m supposed to believe that the Tories are so incompetent that the Prime Minister himself doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own office, but I have a hard time believing that some leftist conspiracy was able to get control of 19 of 32 Tory riding association board seats using zombies.

            On second thought, I just considered the likelihood of Rob Anders being outsmarted by a horde of zombies, and maybe it’s not so far-fetched…

      • It’s not Rob they are voting for as much as it is the party. If they were so happy with him why would Harper have to force them to make him the candidate? His riding is hard core Reformer, as I said elsewhere here to another one of your comments, and any other candidate for the party would get at least the same level of support.

        • How do you know? You’ve never talked to voters in Anders riding.

          Typical progressive, you believe you understand a subject you know nothing about.

          • And your reaction is typical of Reform supporters, a personal attack.

            Do you live in Alberta? I do, and I have friends in just about every urban riding in the province (with the exception of some in the NW corner of the province) including Mr. Ander’s. And a number of people who live in his riding have posted here (of course they could be lying) and stated the same thing. The fact remains that Harper has overridden the riding association, made up of people who live in the riding, and it wouldn’t matter who represented it for them they would likely win in a landslide.

          • So you’ve talked to a non-representative sample of voters in Anders riding. Maybe you should talk to some folks who voted for him and broaden your perspective a bit.

          • Presumably the Conservative Party Riding Association for Calgary West are somewhat representative of voters in Calgary West. When the national campaign overruled their attempt to simply ask voters if they wanted to hold a nomination contest in 2010 (note, they weren’t yet attempting to actually HOLD a nomination contest, just to ask voters if they’d like a nomination contest to be held) 60% of the riding association resigned en masse. That brought the total number of resignations from the 32 member riding association to 24 for 2010.

            Make no mistake about it, the reason the national party has to consistently protect Anders from his own riding association is that the folks in Ottawa know that Anders couldn’t win a nomination contest in his riding. Now, of course, the Tories could run a mouldy turnip in that riding and get it elected, but it’s hardly a clarion call for democracy when the national party in Ottawa has to intervene to stop the Calgary West riding association from even ASKING voters if they’d like there to be a nomination contest, because everyone knows the answer would be yes.

            Oh, and as for Anders winning “with nearly 70% of the vote every time”, you might be interested to know that the best Anders has EVER done is 62.2%, which was the only time he ever got over 60%. The Tories have indeed won the riding with more than 70% of the vote a couple of times (as I said, they could elect a rolled up newspaper in that riding) but never with Anders as their candidate.

          • False. The nomination rules in that election cycle were the same for every riding with in incumbent Conservative who wanted to run again: the party mailed out ballots to all active party members asking if they wanted there to be a nomination race.

            In the previous riding AGM, an anti-Anders slate (let by someone who had tried to release damaging information against the CPC during the 2008 election) had been narrowly elected to most of the EDA board positions. They were unable to raise the required level of support for a new nomination race, and so they demanded that the national party step in and change the rules just for them.

            The party refused, and so most of the board resigned, since ousting Anders was the only reason they were there, as opposed to the “building the party’s support” activities that an EDA is supposed to fulfill.

          • If they are so enamored with Anders, why did Harper have to step in and protect him (against card carrying members of the Conservative party), spending HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in the process?

            I’m not sure you should be labeling others or accusing them of not understanding. Maybe you should take the blinders off.

          • Why do you vote for a guy who sleeps through his day in parliament?

      • Anders wins because he has the nomination and the voters will vote for any conservative. He isn’t winning because he is a great guy.

        So why not let the voters have the best the party can offer? This is just allowing others to join the competition to get their name on the ballot. If anyone is subverting the democratic process, it is Harper’s control of nominees.

      • Anders’ riding must be village idiot central.

  6. Now that my house is outside the new riding of Calgary West, I can sleep better knowing that I don’t have to explain why such a useless twit has been feeding off the taxpayer’s teet for so long – “smaller government” my ass.

  7. All I can say to all the progressives frothing at the mouth about removing Anders from power is “Good luck!”.

    Better people have already schemed to defeat him and every single attempt has been an abject failure. But hey! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, and try again. LOL! And then try one more time.

    • So what’s he got on Harps – just between you and me – I can keep a secret…

      • He’s got nothing on Harps. It just that among all the various candidates, he’s still the most competent. You really should see who the Libs and Dippers field against him. It’s hilarious!

    • It’s fellow Cons who want him gone. I’m hoping he stays – but only after a prolonged and nasty inter-party battle. Soudas should be good at providing that. Ezra will provide live coverage…

  8. Sort of a reverse primarrying of Canada’s own Teabagger/wingnut? I say keep him around, he reminds us of what the Cons really stand for.

    • Why would you believe Anders is representative of what the Conservatives are all about? Is the NDP’s Pat Martin representative of what the NDP is all about? Libel and slander?

  9. Just plain nuts!

  10. Why recruit more members? Ridings express opinions but Central Control selects the candidates.

  11. I knew that there were still some decent, honest conservatives out there. Starting with Anders is a good sign, especially since his riding is the one most likely to elect a rock with a C painted on it, but it can’t stop there. The rest of Anders redneck tea partiers has to go too, including the shameless and incompetent bully in the PMO.

    • The Tea Party is an American thing.

      You are just using “tea partiers” as a synonym for “people I don’t like”, and have absorbed online insults and slogans as a substitute for real observations about the politics of the Conservative party in Canada.

      • No, i use tea partiers for people who are hypocritical, simplistic, selfish, racist, short term thinkers, lacking in integrity, but who bandy about Christianity as though they are pious, and then proceed to do everything that Christ admonished. I, like most Canadians am fiscally conservative, but NOTHING in this party’s agenda reflects that. The only fiscal policies they have adopted that might in some wild stretch be deemed “conservative” are those imposed to impact some group that the lead hypocrite has deemed leftist, liberal or socialist.

        You’re the political neophyte if you think a border makes any difference.

        Find me a Reformer who does not meet the above criteria and I’ll rethink my label, but I know already that any members with integrity left the party a while ago.

        • Monte Solberg fits your description? Preston Manning?

          • Preston for sure. He used to have integrity, but lately, wow, he’s as corrupt and backward as the rest of them.

          • In what way, specifically, is Preston Manning corrupt? Lacking in integrity? Racist?

      • Reform conservatives have more than demonstrated they are aligned with the GOP.

  12. In addition to Rob Anders being a national embarrassment, he’s LAZY. What the hell has this guy ever done for his riding besides sleep!

  13. NOT giving Rob Anders the Tory nomination, will just mean the Torys are no longer Conservatives. They would be simply another group of left wing Liberals, with a ‘power at any cost’ motto, and the spearhead of yet another political foray into the world of universal socialism.