Can Sarah Palin win over Albertans? Alaska!

Colby Cosh on how Palin handled her first Canadian audience


sarah palin 6:02 pm (all times Mountain!): I’m in the sumptuous Palomino Room at Calgary’s BMO Centre, waiting with an audience of about one thousand to witness Sarah Palin’s first live address outside the United States, depending on which media personage in the back row you ask. Calgary is an obvious choice for a test-run of Palin’s ability to win over a foreign audience; her game-slaying soccer-mom persona does resonate here. We’re so close to Alaska, geographically and spiritually, that Palin almost seems like a caricature. For better and worse. She’s familiar… but it must be said that nobody likes having a distorted effigy of themselves waved at them either.

6:16 pm: Calgary Herald editor Lorne Motley introduces… Cliff Fryers, Preston Manning’s former chief of staff, who is here to introduce the lady herself. Fryers suggests that Palin is on a path parallel to that followed by Reform–outsiders who challenged the status quo and were as “mainstream as apple pie” ten years later.

6:19 pm: “Alaska and Alberta!” Palin’s daughter Piper interrupts the first sentences of her speech, as if on cue, and gets a blazing round of applause. Palin talks about constantly having her accent described as “Canadian”. “You did an amazing job” with the Olympics; Canada’s filled with “tough and talented hockey players.” The pandering works.

6:22 pm: Girlish excitement about meeting Shaun White backstage at the Tonight Show.  I didn’t know she’d cast her lot with Leno. Bad move! You’ll lose the youth demographic!

6:26 pm: She’s laying it on a little thick with the pandering and cute gags. Of course she can get away with it, but it occurs to me that I’m not exactly sure what the substantive portion of this speech is supposed to involve. Was there going to be a substantive portion?

6:30 pm: Finally some nuts and bolts. She talks about bringing TransCanada Pipelines in on the Alaska Gas Line project… as part of her goal of helping establish “energy independence” for the United States. She’s kind of bopping back and forth between hitting the independence note and emphasizing what a great business partner and ally Canada is. Which, technically, seems like inTERdependence.

6:33 pm: “I think there’s a little bit of vindication going on for those of us who called for sound science on climate change.” This being Calgary, the applause is enormous. “The all-of-the-above energy policy… is still the one that Americans support, and people are coming back around to our ideas. Our votes didn’t carry the day, and knew that we didn’t get our message across, and it was a tough battle, it really was, but our ideas, people are seemingly more interested today than they were then, and that’s what the Tea Party movement is kind of about…” If I were fast enough to transcribe this with perfect accuracy there would be THOUSANDS of words between the periods.

6:37 pm: “Some leaders in Washington, D.C. aren’t listening to the people.” Some leaders? You got any names for us?

6:39 pm: Fairly extended attack on the Copenhagen climate conference and the IPCC. “We deserve sound science, not data designed to serve political ends.” She rehearses all the recent embarrassments for the Panel for the bedrock-conservative audience.

6:41 pm: Strongest line of the night–most heartfelt–is her description of debt as “immoral”. Her clickety-clack pace of statistics and factoids is held up for a moment as she speaks slowly about the intergenerational unfairness of public insolvency. Soon, however, she returns to her exhausting regular rhythm. It’s a struggle to maintain attention.

6:45 pm: “The hard work of friendship has created an unbreakable bond between Canada and the United States.” Quotes JFK. “I think he would be pleased to see that the bond of friendship does endure. I ask that we continue that, that we preserve it and continue it into the next generation.” Q&A, the fun part, is about to start.

6:48 pm: Here’s Sen. Wallin. With her help. Palin dispenses deftly with the “writing on the hand” thing and the “I can see Russia from my backyard” thing. First things first, I suppose. The former has Biblical warrant (book of Isaiah, people!) and the latter was, or so Palin says, just a Tina Fey quote that got hung on the real candidate. “And she made a lotta money sayin’ it, too,” gripes the Gov.

6:53 pm: More love letter to TCPL. Maybe this should have been held in their boardroom? I really, really want a cigarette. Sen. Wallin is NOT going to be asking the fastball questions this evening.

6:55 pm: Palin says she wanted to go back to being Governor and soccer mom after the campaign but she encountered a “new normal” with a newly hostile press corps. She boasts of finishing her grand ethics reform and goes over familiar ground about how she is “fighting for Alaska in a different way”.

7:07 pm: As you might expect, there are quite a lot of women in the crowd tonight who look vaguely LIKE Sarah Palin. Tall hair with expensive highlights, 20%-more-chic-than-Mrs.-Thatcher jackets, pearls, naughty-librarian wire-frame glasses.

7:08 pm: Wallin getting a little combative, actually inducing a few angry murmurs from the crowd. Pressing Palin a little bit on her “narrow” originalist view of US government, asking her why we should trust her when her paradoxical message is “don’t trust politicians”. Palin says she’s “concentrated on the basics” in every level of government.

7:11 pm: Wallin asks a confused question about Alaska state-government energy rebates; the Q&A suddenly becomes an A for some time as Palin riffs on her battle against corruption and her belief that the citizen is the best judge of his own welfare and the most efficient user of his own earnings. Then she roasts the media for a while. The media responds with, among other things, cranky, impatient liveblogs.

7:21 pm: Q&A ends; Palin vanishes instantly. I’ll cut this off so I can go mingle before the place empties. Will fill in with a proper summation and some actual thoughts a little later. Depending on whether any of my Calgary friends want to go to the bar.


Can Sarah Palin win over Albertans? Alaska!

    • Aint the net a bitch!

    • Accurately quoting Sarah Palin is further evidence that the media is out to get her.

  1. Sarah Palin should run for Premier of Alberta. She'd win with at least 90% of the popular vote.
    I know that here in Red Deer, she'd get about 99% of the votes.
    Sarah Rules!!!

    • Sounds like you should move to the U.S. to be with your relatives — the Baggers.

      Palin is an idiot. If Canadians would research her work in Alaska, they would realize the debt she has left behind, together with all the massive problems. The Alaska Legislature are rewritting laws presently in order to protect the State for anyone else getting away with what she did as far as ethics, monetary, etc. The chance of that pipeline ever being build — probably never. Transcanada has played dirty too in their contract where the people of Alaska are going to get screwed, just like Palin did to the citizens and the Native Alaskans.

    • Thanks Bill for proving just how stupid Albertans really are.

      • Thanks ADS for proving how stupid you are. Way to generalize over 3 million people. That's okay that, because everyone knows we're all crazy rednecks. Kind of like how everyone in Ontario is power hungry, and everyone in Quebec wants to seperate. Everyone knows it, so it must be true. Much love from Edmonton.

        • What Dan said. More love from Edmonton.

      • I suspect our opinion of Albertans existed long before tonight, thanks for proving how stupid you are. I'm from Sask. and I pity your ass when the Albertans get a hold of you. Rhetorically speaking that is.

    • God, I didn't think Alberta was that far gone.

      • It's not. Just certain members of it.. like Bill.. are.

        • I have a much higher opinion of AB's than Bill. I've lived in Red Deer, and there's no way on god's green earth Palin could rise above dog catcher…and that's a stretch.

          • Don't worry, I take anything Palin supporters say with a large dose of salt.

    • Sarah is an absolute incompetent bimbo. Caribou Barbie describes the illegal invasion of Iraq as a Mission from God, thinks dinosaurs roamed the earth with man six thousand years ago, thinks Africa is a country, has no clue what the Bush Doctrine was, attended four universites but only managed to get one degree and has an exaggerated sense of self entitlement and ability, for example ,"I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't.'" –Sarah Palin, as quoted by former City Council Member Nick Carney, after he raised objections about the $50,000 she spent renovating the mayor's office without approval of the city council.
      She is one dangerous dumb bunny.

    • Confirms my thoughts on Red Deer.

  2. I cannot imagine a COMEDIAN making fun of a politician. Good thing that never happened to Clinton or Bush….

    You notice the clip played above, she was asked what insight she had and she simply said that one can see Russia from Alaska. Uhh… okay. I can see a paper mill from Ottawa, that doesn't give me any insight into the softwood lumber dispute

    • True, but at least with Dana Carvey's "Wouldn't be prudent" George H.W. Bush and Chevy Chase's stumbling Gerald Ford, the gag was based on something that was actually done or said at least once (albeit blown way out of proportion).

      Now Palin could have had a better answer, espeically since Russia is an energy superpower and energy is supposed to be her strong suit, but I think the fact that Alaska borders Russia is relevant. I would assume that the govenor of Alaska has to think about Russia more frequently than, say, the governor of Kansas would. But in the post-Cold War world that means 0.2% of the time instead of 0.02% of the time.

      I always took the last bit to be more in the spirit of "And here's an interesting bit of trivia that most Americans probably don't realize – you can actually see Russia from parts of Alaska."

  3. So public debt is immoral- this from a woman who had to pay back to Alaska nearly ten thousand for improperly claimed family travel and who never declared taxable buildings on her recreational land.

    • that the best you got? she paid that money even though the rules stated she did not have to… she did it so jackjerks like you would not have any little nitpicky thing to complain about… dolts like you are the same ones who lodged numerous ethics complaints which were all thrown out and still cost her $500k in legal fees and the state of Alaska thousands of employee hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars… little brains like yours compete with budgies

      • No, the ethics complaints were NOT all thrown out. She Branchflower investigation declared that she "abused her power as governor" by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired from his job as a state trooper.

        She cost the state $300 thousand dollars to investigate the ethics complaints. And the most costly was the one she filed about herself, hoping to get a more biased outcome.

        Besides that, she did NOT pay her attorney $500k. Instead, if you look at the financial reporting (required because she was a public official), you'll see that she only paid about $50 thousand in legal fees.

        • You and the whole leftwing hate her because she is smart, interesting, popular, courageous, and has some good ideas. Worst of all she committed the heinous crime of rising from sheer talent and effort without belonging to the effete, morally empty, and hypocritical Eastern Establishment. She's not one of the leftwing pseudo academics fouling academia, media, and beltway politics you probably worship.

    • That is probably the worst ad hominem attempt ever.

      1. Palin did not "have to pay back" family cost for air travel. She did so because of her high ethics. She was not forced. There was no wrongdoing to be found because the law was unclear on family travel expense.

      2. "never declared taxable buildings on her recreational land."
      this is also false, because it is only the state of Alaska's Job to declare taxable buildings. Thats like saying you need to pay more taxes that don't exist.

      Thanks for playing!

    • That is probably the worst ad hominem attempt ever.

      1. Palin did not "have to pay back" family cost for air travel. She did so because of her high ethics. She was not forced. There was no wrongdoing to be found because the law was unclear on family travel expense.

      2. "never declared taxable buildings on her recreational land."
      this is also false, because it is only the state of Alaska's Job to declare taxable buildings. Thats like saying you need to pay more taxes that don't exist.

      Thanks for playing!

      • You really have chugged that Palin Koolaid, haven't you?

        Alaskan law CLEARLY states it is the responsibility OF THE TAXPAYER to correct any mistakes on the tax bill they receive. Palin received bills for years that reflected that no buildings were present on the property. She knew she was unlikely to get caught cheating b/c of the remoteness of the property, but CHEATING was exactly what she was doing.

        Sarah Palin cheated her fellow Alaskans out of money to fund schools and other necessary services. Sarah Palin is a tax cheat.

        Freedon isn't Free. Paying your proper portion of taxes is PATRIOTIC. Sarah Palin is not a true patriot.

        • Are you freshwater or saltwater CHAR?

          You’re right, freedom is NOT FREE. We’re too busy paying governent employee/crats overseaing our every move, is that what you refer to as FREE or was that freedom. You seem like a smart bloke, what percentage does goverment take from working people? Once you do the MATH (remeber math?) I’ll give you one of the airline puke bags supplied , NO you keep~it.

        • she is a schemer a liar, a scamer, trouble maker and a hate monger. Can not be trusted

      • Ethics and legality are different matters.

        Those of us with ethics understand that.

  4. I think she's a caricature even when not geographically close to Alaska. Probably moreso the further she gets.

  5. Wasn't $arah Palin's first live speech outside the US given in Hong Kong last year?

    • We were debating that in the media ghetto at the back of the room. Fryers confirmed that it was her first speech not on U.S. soil, but if you have a citation feel free to post it. Nodoby's ferpect.

        • The article you cited doesn't paint a picture of an "embarassing" speech. Even the NEW YORK TIMES reported favorably on it. the fact that some of the Asian audience were less impressed is unfortunate, until you get to the part where she was very critical of some Chinese policies.

    • How mean of you! Flaunting your knowledge of GEOGRAPHY and your memory! Sarah prefers the "world according to Sarah" reality.

  6. First of all that was a very edited clip, which dealt mostly with trade relations with Russia, also Colby it's her daughter, or did that point escape you

  7. and Calgary!

  8. I'm confused… was Sarah Palin there to talk about detailed policy points or was she there to just talk… "An Evening with Sarah Palin" which sounds like a light hearted speech on anything she wanted to talk about. Was there applause? Yes. Did the people who were there to hear her happy? Yes. The only bitchers and complainers are the left wing dolts and the liberal media dolts…. as usual.

    Why should she give detailed policy points? Do you want her to be just like all the lying bullshit speaking elected office holders in Washington? Maybe the reporter and some of the commentators here would like a line of absolute doublespeak bullcrap that they are used to hearing from most politicians…. are you so stupid not to know it is the bureaucrats who actually handle the detailed policy?

    As a leader, you talk themes…. you know what they are … right? Her themes are consistent…. smaller federal government, lower taxes, strong national security and eliminating the Obama marxist-socialist infrastructure he is creating.

    Look, Canada is the lite version of a socialist country…. so, only the actual job creating entrepreneurs here like her… the money grubbing leeches on the system don't.

  9. I'm confused… was Sarah Palin there to talk about detailed policy points or was she there to just talk… "An Evening with Sarah Palin" which sounds like a light hearted speech on anything she wanted to talk about. Was there applause? Yes. Did the people who were there to hear her happy? Yes. The only complainers are the left wing dolts and the liberal media dolts…. as usual.

    Why should she give detailed policy points? Do you want her to be just like all the lying bull crap speaking elected office holders in Washington? Maybe the reporter and some of the commentators here would like a line of absolute doublespeak bull crap that they are used to hearing from most politicians…. are you so stupid not to know it is the bureaucrats who actually handle the detailed policy?

    As a leader, you talk themes…. you know what they are … right? Her themes are consistent…. smaller federal government, lower taxes, strong national security and eliminating the Obama marxist-socialist infrastructure he is creating.

    Look, Canada is the lite version of a socialist country…. so, only the actual job creating entrepreneurs here like her… the money grubbing leeches on the system don't.

    • Please, would people acknowledge that any jobs created by entrepreneurs are a by-product of their enterprise, and not the objective of it? The objective of private enterprise is to make money, pure and simple. No entrepreneur with any brains creates one single job more than they absolutely have to! Having to hire workers and expertise is a necessary "evil", an imput factor, no more, no less. Let's stop pretending that job creation is some sort of altruistic action on the part of entrepreneurs; it might afford them leverage with respect to government policy initiatives, but otherwise its only utility is as an input factor to help them make money. There's nothing inherently "wrong" with that, either. But I'm sick of the tone of martyrdom coming from entrepreneurs.

      • Amen. If they could get away with it, they'd still be using slaves.

        • Well, that's a bit of a reach. But there probably wouldn't be things like a minimum wage, paid overtime, or employee benefits if a truly "free market" for labour existed. However, responsible capitalists (not an oxymoron, they do exist!) realized quite early on that they needed a market for their products and services, and that meant paying people enough to actually buy those products and services. Henry Ford paid his assembly line employees the "princely" (at that time) sum of $5.00/day and was attacked for betraying the capitalist status quo. But…it turns out he was right.

          • Well, Walmart has certainlyt found a way around that. Take manufacturing off shore and pay U.S. employees minimal wages so all they can afford is the crap sold in their stores.

        • Busineses are ultimately run by people like you and me, so that is a pretty harsh assessment of mankind. Are you saying that you would be using slaves to clean your house and rake your leaves if not for the gov't?

    • So, James, please share….. Alaska and especially Wasilla is waiting breathlessly to know how many jobs Mrs. Palin has created! Please share! What enterprise is she involved in?

    • I sure as hell wouldn't pay $200 to listen to a "light hearted speech on anything she wanted to talk about". I wouldn't even pay $150, which is what I surmise the peons and reporters like Colby Cosh paid. Maybe you aren't as discerning about where you waste….er, spend your money, James.

  10. Colby,
    Thank you for posting. You certain;y deserve an adult beverage after being subjected to that!!

    I’m sure Senator Wallin wasn’t combative in the way your comment reads, but that she could not believe how someone could actually be put on the Presidential ticket who is clearly unqualfied to hold the position of Dog Catcher!!

    From your comments posted, she has used her ad nauseam same talking points she has used throughout all her U.S. speaking engagements. Her many displays of being vindictive with regard to media etc. shows how thin skinned she is. Palin is even combative with bloggers and I’m not talking nationally recognized ones. Her constant harping of leaving her family alone is hypocritial in that she continues to parade them everywhere she goes. Piper misses more school than she attends. Education is definitely not a prior in the Palin household and I don’t hold traveling to speech events a substitution of learning for an 8 and 15 (Willow) year old. Palin and family values – two things that don’t go together in the same sentence. Again thanks. Look forward to your further post of this!!

    • yes, the adult beverage is lye… to wash out the mouth of its bitter, liberal vindictive crap…. as for Diane, go back to NDP office and praise your hero Layton as your party wallows in its bile

      • You're doing such a good job of selling sarah James…you really ought to think of making it a full time gig. Pedalling tired hatred of liberlism is definitely your strong suite.

      • Yes James – you of all people should decry the bitterness and bile on the left, because you're obviously so free of it yourself.

    • Diane;
      I feel very sorry for anyone addicted to alcohol and nicotine as Colby Cosh evidently is. Thankfully Sarah Palin is not so encumbered. Thus, she and her husband have been able to raise a great family, while she has successfully served in the PTA. Then go on to become mayor then governor. She changed Alaskan politics for the better. Then when she became Republican VP candidate she was a breath of fresh air everywhere she appeared. During all of this she is a class act, and would absolutely never even dream of calling someone elses' darling daughter a DOG as this Cosh person called Piper Palin. If you don't agree with Sarah Palin's politics, fine. But maybe the reason she is on a path that could very likely take her to the highest office in the nation, and you are pounding out hateful comments on a keyboard, is that her heart is soooo big and yours is so very small. She has beauty, brains, guts and faith in God. She is married to a great guy who is also great looking. She has terrific kids. Little Trig is adorable. Oh yes! She has a best seller too. So, Diane, how many of these things and Colby Cosh accomplished?

      • She is a "best seller" b/c a) conservative groups bulk-bought thousands of copies of her screed AND b) b/c she used the PAC money donated by delusional followers like you to buy copies to "give away" to those same delusional followers.

        Palin is an acomplished grifter, I'll give her that. But if you think she gives a fig about anyone but herself, I've got an igloo in Florida to sell you.

      • Hate to burst your bubble, but she has a case of Wine being shipped to her house from LA!!

        Judy – are you from AK? — No. You just continue to defend the playground 'mean girl'. Should there have been a category in the Oscars for who best plays "victim", I'm sure Palin would win it. She like you are braindead.

        • Judy sounds a bit like a playground mean girl herself.

      • Great family? Well, with lots and lots of alcohol. Track was known to drink a lot. Then, he vandalized school busses by cutting the fuel lines and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. He was given the choice of jail or the Army. He chose to enlist.

        Bristol. Well, we all know that she got pregnant while still a teen. She was known as a party girl.

        Willow is currently in trouble for breaking and entering a house. Alcohol was involved in this adventure, too.

        Piper and Trig are the only ones who haven't gotten in trouble with the law yet.

        Sure, Sarah and Todd are "great" parents.

        • This is complete false (except for the part about Bristol being pregnant, obviously) and a good example of how some people are so dedicated to attacking Palin that they shamelessly lie (and the media is dumb enough to enable this kind of thing via "anonymous sources").

          In the case above, someone found a police report about vandalism of school buses, and the age of one of the teens arrested for the crime was roughly the same age as Track Palin. Even though there was absolutely nothing to link them, some people immediately started claiming that it must have been Track, because… well, because, that's why.

          I hadn't heard these allegations about Willow Palin before, but a quick google shows they came from the National Enquirer. 'Nuff said.

      • That's not true. Her hubby "escapes" out to the garage where he drinks beer because she won't let him drink it in the house. And she loaded up on a case of wine at the Hollywood Oscar celebrity (not candidate, please note) gift suite a few days ago, to be sent to her home address in Alaska. The person who filled her order told the LA times and E!Online that it was, indeed, to go to her house.

        Ooooh, successfully served in the PTA! Better than being a community organizer!!!!

        She had to hire a city manager to do the heavy lifting soon after she was elected mayor, because she didn't know how. She never was able to outline the details of any proposal she put before the state legislature; she always had one of her aides do it for her. She was good at giving speeches, though. She did a lot of that.

        During the campaign she was very careful to bring all that "fresh air" to places where her peculiar…er, particular point of view would be accepted readily — like she did in this speech in Calgary. Yes, there are places where people like Palin in the USA, too, like Texas, Idaho, Michigan, northeastern Pennsylvania, the deep South. Not too many other places.

        The Little Trig you have seen lately is the third in a line of "stunt babies" she's used since presenting him to the world in April 2008. Proof? Look at the ears of any of the babies she or Bristol or Willow have carried around the past 2 years. The ears of the infant are far different from the campaign baby, and the campaign baby's ears are different from the toddler she dragged everywhere last November/December. I mean, EVERY ear structure for each of those babies is different.

        • LOL! This was standard anti-Palin boilerplate until the last paragraph… then it got so absurd, it's funny!

  11. This article is a textbook case of media bias. Oh well.
    You called her young daughter " Palin's dog?"
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Dan,
      He stated on cue, that is notbstating her daughter is a dog. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • The text has been EDITED! It plainly said "Palin's dog Piper interupts…" and did NOT include the ",as if on que," and remained that way for HOURS. Much too long for it to be a simple copy or editing mistake! SHAME ON THE REPORTER, EDITORS, WEBMASTER AND PUBLICATION IN GENERAL!

        • Of course it's been edited…how else do you expect it to be corrected?

          "… and remained that way for HOURS"

          Well, he did say he was headed to the bar.i see it as an honest mistake, but you might have saved yourself some grief with an apology CC, not an admittance of guilt, just an apology eh!

  12. The legislature that hadn't moved on a new pipeline in thirty years, who consumed the stimulus in a moments notice, which didn't pass any bills of any significance this year; well National Marmot Day. Actually the AGIA TC/ Exxon line is moving forward, despite the administratiion's flawed approach to energy policy

    • Glacially, it's moving forward…the State of Alaska hasn't even opened up the open bid season which is supposed to occur this summer, and from there a final stake through the heart of AGIA TC/Exxon might be driven, if there's another oil company with rights to pump the oil competitively winning the bid. If the latter happens, the $500 million Palin authorized the State of Alaska to give over to TransCanada is down a black hole, never to be recouped.

  13. Sounds like a scintillating evening.

  14. I agree on opposition to debt in principle, although temporary deficit spending during a recession is good economic policy. However – like all conservatives – she either doesn't know or dishonestly ignores the fact that the vast majority of US debt was accumulated by 1. Ronald Reagan and 2. George W. Bush, though immense military spending. Pre-Reagan, the US was on a quite strong fiscal footing.

    I'm sure the idea that global warming is a hoax played well in Alberta, but that doesn't make it any more reasonable. It's a proven scientific fact that carbon dioxide absorbs energy from light, trapping it within the atmosphere as heat and thus warming the earth. It's a proven scientific fact that atmospheric CO2 has increased massively in the last 200 years. And based on isotopes (one carbon isotope is much less common in fossil fuels than elsewhere) it can be shown that a great deal of the CO2 is from fossil fuel sources.

    Specific climate modelling is a much more inexact science, but on the basic facts of global warming there is overwhelming consensus.

  15. Those who disrespect Gov. Palin are only disrespecting themselves. If there were a compilation (and there may be somewhere) of all the unprecedented vitriolic slander directed at this absolutely charming intelligent and RESPECTFUL woman, it would deserve a place of honor in a Hall Of Shame.
    I have come to the conclusion that certain types of people need scapegoats and sacrificial victims to satisfy some kind of atavistic sadism that compels them to attack what is beautiful and good. Any NORMAL human being, would be able to see that Sarah Palin is a down to earth good person and agree or disagree with her policies and positions, afford the high respect that is her DUE, that she DESERVES, for her honest work on behalf of the American People and her lifelong efforts to live in a loving, intelligent and moral life.

    • A down to earth good person does not engage in the snarling mean girl tactics that Palin does. She came out of the gate at the RNC with "kinda like a community organizer" and she hasn't let up with the vitriol for one minute since.

      How about the recent revelation that ex-First Dude Todd is sponsored by a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Venezualan government. And we know all this because she managed to give them a free plug in the supposed PSA she did for the Iditarod. Looks like Sarah is pallin' around with socialists! But she was ALL FOR socialism when it came to taxing oil companies so she could give a fat check to every man, woman and child in Alaska ON TOP OF their socialist Permanent Fund Dividend. Buying votes is "honest work"?

    • GET REALl!!!!!!!!!

    • How's that RESPECTY DESERVEY stuff working out for you?

    • AKReport is a Palin fan direct from her most avid and aggressive fan site, Conservatives4Palin. Don't bother trying to reason with it.

  16. One is struck by how the attacks on her, were similar, but on a larger scale, with those of the Stockwell Day campaign that
    gave you the Chretien and later Martin administrations. Probably will see how Kate McMillan or DAvid Warren analyze it

    • Hi Narciso.

      Yes , the attacks on Sarah reminded us of the brutal media attacks on Stockwell Day. Look at what the winning liberal party accomplished, NOTHING but corruption , addscam is only one example. Where are our so called journalists reporting what eventually happened to our stollen hard earned tax dollars, and where are the thieves NOW? Poor reporting may be the reason why television and newspapers/magazines like McLeans are losing customers.

      We have always admired Alaskans for their independence, very similar to the province of Alberta, always aware of sharks just around the corner waiting to steal “the fruits of their labor” .

      Interest in Governor Sarah Palin escalated during the election due to (MSM) media bashing Sarah and her family . Question at the time was why is media h*ll bent on destroying Sarah Palin and family? Shouldn’t be a difficult answer, she is “FOR THE PEOPLE!” hard working overtaxed average citizens are sick and tired of having their wages confiscated to support thieves sorry I meant to write dogs no sorry again I meant to write politicians.

      Our kids bought Sarah’s book “Going Rogue” for my birthday, good read.

  17. Palin for President…in a pig's eye!

  18. Sounds like a jealous liberal wrote this review! You should become a dog catcher or something!

  19. I was there. Why would you call her daughter a dog?

    • Agreed….I don't think Palin would make a very good President but my favorite thing about her is how she exposes the viciousness of the left, and how there is no attack that is so low and despicable that it cannot be leveled at her.

      But Cosh, I thought you were better than this, and above these kinds of petty smears. How is calling an innocent 8 year old child "Palin's dog" considered the least bit acceptable around here?

      • And if it was the other Party speaking, you'd be out screaching like cats in heat.

      • Yes, the Obama critics are a model of civility.

        • Has anyone gone after Obama's children?

          • He does not parade his children in front of the audience at his speaking events.

          • Ah I see. So in your twisted world, the instant a candidate's children or family are displayed on a television camera becomes the instant they are fair game to be used to attack said candidate. Lovely.

          • If it happened only once, it would be acceptable to people who want to know about the candidate, not about every last minute of every member of their family's day as if they were gossip tabloid celebrities.

            But Palin drags around her offspring, her offspring's offspring, her husband, her sisters, her aunts, her parents EVERYWHERE. She used to expect the State of Alaska to pay for their trips, but now she gets people like YOU to pay for it.

            That's fine with me. She'll never be a candidate again, she's gone Hollywood.

          • Really? Obama's kids were given a MICROPHONE at the Democratic convention!

          • You're kidding, right? Unspeakable things have been said about those precious little girls on conservative US websites. Truly unspeakable and unwarranted. I'm not defending going after Piper, but Palin certainly likes to use her to charm and disarm her audiences.Ch

          • Unspeakable things have been said about Palin's daughter's too, but it wasn't hidden in some never read Conservative Blog. Just ask David Letterman, who suggested in front of 5 million people that Palin's 14 year old daughter have sex with Alex Rodriguez in the middle of Yankee stadium

          • Palin relishes all those "unspeakable things" being said about her children, because it lets her pose easily as the victim of the Left — a ploy you've fallen for, apparently. For instance, if she really cared about the rumour that Trig wasn't her son, she could easily have disproved it; but why would she want to disprove it? It's a terrific talking point at this point, as long as you have no problem crying in public.

          • By your logic, Jack, if Obama "really cared" about disproving the birthers' claims about his nationality, then he could just produce an original birth certificate.
            Could it not actually be that Palin's come to the conclusion (as I think Obama has with the birthers) that some things are so ridiculous and malicious that they just aren't worth responding to?
            For you to say that a mother in any way "relishes" vicious media attacks on her family – especially a severely disabled toddler – is really just pathetic.

  20. If that Liberal reporter really meant to use Palin’s “dog” to refer to Governor Palin’s charming young daughter Piper I have just lost 95% of the respect I had for the entire nation of Canada. I have no more to say on the subject that can be published here.

    • Your opinion of an entire country is dependent on the writings of one political hack who happens to be a private citizen of it?

    • Cosh is a Liberal? Did he convert on the bus ride down?

    • The source of the dumbassitude from south of the border appears to be Free Republic. These people don't let facts get in the way of their political beliefs. How 'bout those death panels eh guys?

      • *Ew* Freepi all over MacLean's blogs. Somone get out the Mistovan…

  21. "Palin talks about constantly having her accent described as “Canadian”."

    They're making fun of you, Sawah.

    • She said that to play to the Canadian audience as she's never made reference to her 'accent'

  22. I'll take her over any, and I do mean any politician in Canauckistan or the Excited States. She is a throwback to another time populated with far more decent people that what I see today. She isn't a stomach turning phoney like the major of people in this, the plastic era.

  23. … she is still a spin doctor joke gone bad and to her head…

  24. "I have just lost 95% of the respect I had for the entire nation of Canada."

    We're crushed. Let's just hope we can all pick up the pieces of our lives and move on.

    I suspect the Liberal Colby Cosh was typing "daughter" and inadvertently accepted his mobile's suggestion of "dog."

    • I don’t do “mobiles”, so his mobile translated the word “daughter” to “dog”?

      Ahhhhh the death of common sense is true and real journalism is also dead.

  25. What frightens progressives about Palin is that she is the harbinger of a New Age. As Mark Steyn has pointed out elsewhere, Bismarckian welfare states have quite lost the plot. They have been exposed by the twin forces of demographics and the Market to be the Ponzi Schemes they always were. Think of the Obama Administration as the last, dying gasp of a dying ideology known as Progressivism, a wasted belief system that has run out of ideas and run out of people to tax. Palin, and others, are pointing this out. That is why she is hated so much. She is reminding everyone that the Emperor has no clothes.

    • I think Ron Paul is a much better harbinger, and does a far better job at not just exposing the democrats or republicans but the entire system, as well he able to present his platform in a straightforward manner, he's not just a talking point machine but he holds a very long and consistent track record of voteing the way he promises to vote. Dare I say this about a politician but he has integrity.

    • I loudly beg to differ. It is the EMPRESS who has no clothes. How can you all not see right through her? She is the laughingstock of near the entire United States, and a great embarrassment to us. We are blaming Arizona Senator John McCain for finding this ninny out of obscurity. Every single thing she does is for the love of money. Her whole family has federally-paid health care, because of some trumped-up "Native" connection. Everything is "ghostwritten": the so-called "book", speeches, and Facebook entries. The woman can't contrive a coherent English sentence. Her book was not a "best-seller"…many copies were purchased with funds donated to her "SarahPAC", then given to large donors, hence, generating a tax-writeoff for the PAC. Property taxes are not paid on unreported "chalets" on her Alaskan vacation property. This woman is evil and devisive and angry, pure and simple. I'm shocked to read your comments here, Canadian neighbors. PLEASE tell us you aren't buying into her drivel – PLEASE.

      • Relax…no danger of that…

      • “Palin talks about constantly having her accent described as “Canadian”.” You lie, Palin! Seriously, we here in the lower 48 laughingly describe her accent during the 2008 campaign as fake Fargo (North Dakota), as in the movie “Fargo” with Frances McDormand.

        “Palin dispenses deftly with the “writing on the hand” thing…First things first, I suppose. The former has Biblical warrant (book of Isaiah, people!)…” Don’t tell me she repeated THAT! She’s recycling something she said the day before at the Right to Life speech. That’s as bad as repeating THREE TIMES that attempt to make a joke out of her stupid writing on the hand goof.

        She implied the other day that writing on her hand is a God-like thing, then refers to Isaiah 49:16, which says something entirely different — God is saying to Israel, “I will not forget you.”

        Palin should really read Isaiah 47:1-15 and Isaiah 48:1-22 — it’s as if the Prophet Isaiah wrote those passages specifically for Sarah Palin, unlike the passages in 49.

    • That would be the age of George III.

  26. Colby Cash called Piper Palin a dog…what kind of reporter are you Colby??? Yes, you did this intentionally… I would hate to be your child. You need to be called out for your hating of a child…. Ghe is no acceptable excuse for your actions!! and you should be called out for what you said. … Male pig !!

  27. Colby you are ONE DISGUSTING MAN!!!! Your article is so biased, it is pathetic. You hate Palin so much you called her 8 year old daughter a DOG. Only a creep would do that. … Parents, mothers and fathers, etc. should call this media outlet in full rage of calling an 8 yr old a dog. It could easily be one of your own family members next.

    • Did some teabagger site link to this article? I'm detecting an influx of screechy harridans and/or Americans who think Colby Cosh is a liberal.

      You know, it might be have been an honest mistake. Cosh might have inadvertently accepted his mobile's suggestion of "dog" when he was typing "daughter." It's not his style to be gratuitously insulting like that.

      • Thank you, I believe that is correct–I did use my mobile at about that point in the proceedings. The offending language has been changed.

        • You Lie

        • It was left up for faaaar too long to have been an 'honest error'. You only changed it when the heat became uncomfortable and even your regular supporters questioned such an odious and disgraceful insult to an innocent child.

          • So I should change it back, you're saying?

          • If Piper = dog
            and Sarah is Piper's mother
            Then Sarah Palin = dogma

            I can see what you were getting at…….

        • Permit me summarise the political debate of the first decade of the twenty-first century ; Dubya, Blair, Harper, Palin – good hair, eh?

          Coda – John Stuart Mill; they used to teach On Liberty in grade school here in Alberta. And Français.

          It seems to me something, somewhere went horribly wrong.

  28. No wonder Colby called Palin's daughter a dog — Palin "drags" her kids around to every whisle stop. Her school age kids have missed more school than they have attended over the past year. They are no home-schooled. After 3 months in an interview, Piper stated that she was having a hard time returning to school. That's a red flag to a parent and therefore you don't continue to drag them like dog on a leash on whistle stop tours. Should have negligent Palin is of her kids.

  29. Ralph Klein redux.

  30. It is really funny to see that most of the " pro Palin " comments come from people of C4P !

  31. Her accent is nowhere near a Canadian accent. I'll bet that one uninformed person asked that, and she exaggerated it into something that happens "constantly." That's similar to the way that she continues to exaggerate the importance of hockey in her life. Sure, her first son played hockey so she's technically a "hockey mom." BUT, she hasn't served in that capacity for her other kids. Furthermore, she was greeted with boos when she attended a hockey game with her daughter Piper.

    Yes, I think that your input device suggested "dog" after you typed the "d" and you accidentally accepted it and moved on as you typed your post. GREAT liveblog! I look forward to reading your thoughts afterwards.

  32. Fryers suggests that Palin is on a path parallel to that followed by Reform

    I wonder how Preston Manning feels about that comparison, and the person who made it.

    • Yeah, I have to agree. What I've seen of Manning indicates he's an intelligent and generally nice person. Palin delights in personal attacks and, given multiple opportunities in interview to discuss issues in a nuanced and in-depth manner, has on each occasion either regurgitated talking points or appeared entirely at loose ends for what to say. And Manning knew how to deal with media mocking (especially of his voice) and take it in stride, even appearing on Air Farce quite a few times, while Palin's developed something of a persecution complex.

      I was inclined to like her at first when McCain picked her (largely due to her reputation of anti-corruption crusading and her windfall oil profits tax) but her mean-spiritedness and an utter inability to discuss issues of import with any depth or coherence cut that off pretty fast.

      • "And Manning knew how to deal with media mocking (especially of his voice) and take it in stride, even appearing on Air Farce quite a few times, while Palin's developed something of a persecution complex."

        You're right. Maybe Palin should show up on SNL or Conan's show to prove that she can be a good sport too. Oh wait…

  33. You should have asked Sarah if Alaska is the only debt free state in the nation. She seems to know how to run a good government.

    • For the three days she was actually running it?

      • She built the 'road to nowhere. The 'bridge to nowhere' funding was cancelled but under her , the road, stretching through an uninhabited forested area to where the bridge would have been, was built complete with a toll booth which is staffed. They really should name it after her.

        • No, the Federal government sent Alaska the money for the 'bridge to nowhere", then the bridge wasn't built. But the state, under Palin's governance, kept the money — which technically came from all the taxpayers of the other 49 states — and put it in the state reserve to spend elsewhere. Probably on bridges in and around Anchorage that'd spur more development and put more money in the pockets of land speculators…

    • And Qatar is also debt-free for the primary reason of excellent fiscal management. ;)

  34. Did Cosh mentioned that quite a few librarians were in attendance…what's up with that?

  35. Craig Ferguson reference.

  36. Any substance, insight or originality?

    • How would you know what that would be anyway?

      • MeowSent from my iPod

  37. One must keep in mind that over 80,000 Americans live in Calgary – roughly 1 out of every 13 people. Chances are they live in Calgary for one reason – and it's oil related. Chances are they are of the Republican stripe which is unbelievably more right wing than our nec-cons and odds are that a healthy portion of the audience, and more than likely the majority, were Republican Americans who live in Clagary solely because of their jobs. The question is, is Stickwell Pray one of them?

    • As an addendum – it is fairly clear, even to the most obtuse, that Calgary, with its high American population, would be the natural place for zealous uber-right Republicans to go to give their fire & brimstone speeches (Bush, et al) as they would be guaranteed a very receptive audience whereas most other Canadian cities would not be so welcoming.

    • "One must keep in mind that over 80,000 Americans live in Calgary."

      Hmmm, interesting. I did not know that.

      Are you counting honourary Americans like Stephen Harper (who I've always thought would make an excellent governor of a small "red" state)?

  38. Also, what's this reference to Piper as Palin's dog that people keep talking about? I don't see it in the article. Did Cosh remove/edit/redact something without leaving a note to that effect?

    • Thanks…LMAO, although I was a little disturbed by some of the "related" videos that you tube offered up for my viewing pleasure.

  39. Well, at 6:19 p.m. you changed your wording decribing Piper from DOG to daughter, but there is no apology for your original article calling Piper a DOG, Piper is an 8 (eight) year old little girl. Colby once a pig, always a liberal pig and Colby loves name calling a little 8 year old child…..Colby has no shame.!!! Colby needs to retire before his head explodes of hate.

    • You know in professional wrestling when the cowardly heel hides behind a woman or referee to avoid being attacked. Yeah, that reminds me of how Palin uses her children.

  40. Gov. Sarah Palin is bold, brilliant, beautiful, exhilarating & exciting.

    • You forgot God-fearing, decent and "one of us".

  41. "The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil." –-Sarah Palin, in a message posted on Facebook about Obama's health care plan, Aug. 7, 2009
    She is one dangerous dumb bunny

    • But it is true – the term death panel may be extreme, but what else would you call it when some bureaucrat decides what medical services you will or will not get. And in Canada the only option if you disagree is to go outside of the country but still pay your taxes to support our wonderful and equal health care. Sounds a lot like a death panel to me. And lets not kid ourselves which are the babies that get aborted – those that are disabled or not perfect (which includes girl babies in cultures that favour boys).

      • An acnowledgement of limited resources is not a death panel…get real!

        • It is when you are prevented from getting the health care you need. Limited resources is just another way of denying people service but making it sound like everyone is benefiting. You too would get angry when a health care professional (and I use the term loosely) suggests that you need to abort your child because it may be retarded and will cost the 'system' a lot of money (as was suggested to my cousin as she was trying to deal with the test results and then had to deal with an idiot health care professional)!

      • "but what else would you call it when some bureaucrat decides what medical services you will or will not get."

        In the US, they call that "private insurance."

        Please try to keep up, Maureen.

        • Except that is not what the health care bill in the Us will do and I didn't know we had private insurance in Canada – keep up yourself.

  42. Well, if you like her so much please feel free to elect her to one of YOUR elected offices and keep her there. We'll send sympathy cards.

  43. Colby, hope you're enjoying the love from your conservative brethren.

    • This reminds me of something Val Meredith lamented a while ago; that the so-called Right is singularly incapable of handling diverse opinion and resorts to vicious personal attacks at the slightest deviation from orthodoxy.

      • How can you be a MacLean's Regular and still think that the Right has a monopoly or even a plurality on "vicious personal attacks". The ad hominem comments that' I've read on these boards directed at Obama, Layton, Ignatieff, Dion, etc, absolutely pale in comparison to the vitriol spewed about Palin and Harper.

  44. "Bismarckian welfare states have quite lost the plot"

    Well, maybe Steyn could write her speeches…cuz there's a high probability Palin thinks Bismarck was a Russian commie.

    • oops…where did he go?

  45. …Yawn!….as usual I see the ever present anti American comments from my Smug fellow Canadians on the loonie tunes Left! Remember, Al Gore is an American! Ha Ha …LOL! You Clowns are always good for a laugh!! ………………..Rob

    • Yawner!

  46. Um, little problem, here … The reason Alaska is debt free has absolutely nothing to do with Palin. The state is supported 80 percent on oil! Study up before you write about my state. And, I can assure you, Palin had nothing to do with the state’s budget being balanced, she spent like crazy! In fact, just before she was picked for VP she gave each and every one of us $1,200! It boosted her popularity over the top.

    • And the other 20 percent is supplied by the Federal government. For every $1.00 that the state of Alaska pays in taxes to the Feds, they get back $1.83 — which is to say, the rest of us in the other 49 states help support the economy of Alaska.

    • Ahh, yes, I love our socialism up here in AK don't you jenny?

  47. "I mean, the chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80 percent of the total health care bill out here.
    Well, I think that there is going to have to be a conversation that is guided by doctors, scientists, ethicists. And then there is going to have to be a very difficult democratic conversation that takes place. It is very difficult to imagine the country making those decisions just through the normal political channels. And that's part of why you have to have some independent group that can give you guidance. It's not determinative, but I think has to be able to give you some guidance. And that's part of what I suspect you'll see emerging out of the various health care conversations that are taking place on the Hill right now."
    – Barack Obama speaking to the New York Times

  48. Damn. Wouldnt you know it!! I see neither one of my posts here, which is fine, I guess…but relays the message to ME that only certain posts are allowed to remain. Freedom of Speech is allowed …. where, pray tell? It sure isn't here in (as Sarah would say) "Amrica", or obviously there in Canada.
    FYI my posts were nothing more than any of you have posted.
    Not cryin'…just observing.

  49. She's smarter than her supporters. And richer, also too.

  50. Why didn’t Palin bring Trig Palin along with her to Canada?

  51. She would have needed to produce a birth certificate for Trig to get a passport. Then his birth date and parentage would be public.

    • So are you saying that Palin's daughter Bristol had two back-to-back pregnancies, or was her second one a just a smokescreen?

  52. God. Please save us from this woman.

  53. Do you guys (meaning regular McLean's readers/posters) get the feeling that we've got Palin campaign workers on here? It seems like a modern version of a whisper campaign, no? But why here? We don't vote in American elections. And I imagine most Canadians, if they think of her at all, see her as a bland caricature and not a serious politician. She seems to me the ultimate cipher, and all the so-called support here comes in two flavours: 1) Palin is a family woman beyond reproach 2) You're a bunch of left wing liberal crazies. There's simply no substance, no policy ideas other than the standard conservative talking points. Will she please just go away, or take off her shirt?