Canada sends team to Haiti to scout ground for DART -

Canada sends team to Haiti to scout ground for DART


The World Desk is reliably informed that a reconnaissance team that arrived in Haiti last night is there to consider whether a  Canadian Disaster Assistance Response Team should be deployed. DART is on standby. Haiti has been devastated by hurricanes and tropical storms.


Canada sends team to Haiti to scout ground for DART

  1. Damned warmongering Bush poodles.

  2. Past time. The gov’t sent a Hercules to assist with the evacuation of New Orleans for Gustav.
    Not sure it was really needed. But the islands have been severely pounded. Haiti,DR,Cuba,Bahamas.
    I eagerly await the announcement of assistance to Cuba. Await being the operative word.

  3. I had the pleasure of interviewing a DART team member for a book I wrote last year. Their humanitarian work is necessary and valuable wherever they go. Glad to see they’re being put to use again.

  4. I wonder if the people in Haiti will attempt to rebuild their cities and dwellings in less vulnerable areas?

    Perhaps these areas are already reserved for the richer Haitians who care less about the poor than we do.

    As such, Canadians will probably spend more helping Haiti than the “local rich people” will — it says a lot about the sad political state that country is in, right now.

  5. @Sisyphus: The Cubans will be assisted by the foreign currency winging in on Sunwing and Air Transat in a few weeks. Haiti is not a well known Canadian winter fleeing area.

  6. Canadians don’t flee to Haiti, but Haitians certainly flee “from” Haiti. For my family, what is happening in Haiti is very real. We are feeling pretty helpless as we await word on whether Jacqueline, Honeld, Eliezer and Christelle are still alive.