Infographic: Canada's online shopping habit -

Infographic: Canada’s online shopping habit

Parsing the spending behaviour of digital consumers


Source: Statistics Canada


Infographic: Canada’s online shopping habit

  1. Beauty!

    Personally I’m waiting for groceries. It’s the last thing left I buy offline.

  2. I’ve spent much more than that online. I’m not the only one, and I suspect the 2013 numbers will be higher. The big online shop everyone knows about just improved their canadian service for electronics, and I was astounded to order something on friday evening and have the post office deliver it to my door on monday morning. I’m in a small town in the interior of BC, and that never happens. Great I say.

  3. Not too much different from U.S. spending habits!

  4. Now that SilkRoad got pulled, I have to buy local.

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