Canada's National Arts Centre hosts "cultural day" by Iranian embassy front -

Canada’s National Arts Centre hosts “cultural day” by Iranian embassy front


The National Arts Centre in Ottawa is hosting a “cultural day” put on by a front for the Iranian embassy in Canada.

Iran Culture” is run out of the Iranian embassy on Metcalfe Street in Ottawa and is described on its website as the “cultural consulate” of the Islamic Republic. Its phone number, however, is different than that of the embassy, and there is no street address listed on the cultural centre’s website.

The centre’s website says a “cultural day” under the banner, “Iran, Land of Glory,” will be held in the National Arts Centre’s Panorama Room on June 4, from 12 to 8 p.m. The room has been rented out privately, meaning it is not a formal NAC event and the NAC is not selling tickets. The NAC receives half of its funding from the federal government. 

Iran Culture’s website promotes Press TV, an English-language television station that functions as a propaganda arm of Iran’s foreign ministry. It also includes links to the office of Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. And it offers free presentations on Iranian culture to school children.

When contacted by Maclean’s, a woman who answered the phone at the number provided on Iran Culture’s website initially refused to say whether the organization was physically located at the embassy.

“I have no idea. I can’t answer that question,” she said.

When pressed about where she was speaking from, she said: “What do you think? Yes, we’re in the embassy.”

Then, claiming she was busy and someone was at her door, the woman hung up.


Canada’s National Arts Centre hosts “cultural day” by Iranian embassy front

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • Why do you still defend the Iranian government?

    • I miss your bum.  Would it kill you to recreate it?

  2. Persia can’t showcase it’s culture now?

    • Of course it can, but thanks to Michael Petrou, we are now informed about the Iranian government’s propaganda activities here in Canada.

      • Don’t use buzzwords.

    • I’m sure it will be a presentation about how there are no gay people in Iran, and no criminals exist there either. It’s too bad you’re supporting a systematically homophobic government that extends no legal rights to it’s people, takes part in extra-judicial executions, and supports terrorism. It’s very Liberal of you.

      • It’s too bad right wingers immediately leap to stupid conclusions.

        • It’s too bad Liberals always have to defend the most horrific governments on the planet.

          • And I’ll repeat…it’s too bad rightwingers immediately leap to stupid conclusions.

    •  Doesn’t The Islamic Republic of Iran go out of its way to not be known as Persia? Anyhow, let them do it– but them be honest about who is funding these activities.

      • No, both names are used interchangeably.

        Did you think Albania was funding this??

  3. Geert Wilders just spoke at the NAC.  I guess they’ll just rent to anyone.

  4. Just skimmed through the Press TV site – propaganda and very intelligent posters, lol!!

    “Anyone familiar with puppet Canadian governments knows that the US masters decides who “wins” in the Canadian colony. Harper is a Bush/Obama slave so he had to keep his job to please his overlords for the next 4 years.”

    “Let us leave Canada, they have not experienced Bomb Blast and that is why they join evil US,UK and France but i believe terrorist attack is knocking canadian door.”

    “Harper is a corrupt Zionist tool and Canada has spend over $50 billion on Afghan war while its people suffer homelessness, racism, high unemployment and massive poverty. US/Zionists want to rig the elections and give him a majority that will DOOM Canada forever.”

    “Canada is called the smiling face of RACISM. It has built a fake personna as a “human rights champion” but remains a Zionist colony full of hatemongering, Islamophobia and racism. It is a part of the Zionist evil axis.”

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