Canadian immigration by the numbers -

Canadian immigration by the numbers

An infographic on the latest immigration figures


Last week the federal government released its preliminary 2012 immigration statistics. Check out the graphic below for a brief overview of some of its findings.



Canadian immigration by the numbers

  1. Meantime the Feds are trying to starve Ont of immigrants, so there’ll be a fight over it.

    • Oh? And how exactly are they trying to do that?

      • Feds control immigration, so it’s not hard to do.

        Ont wants more control over it, so they can choose higher numbers and different skills.

        • Yeah, too bad there isn’t any freedom of movement in this country…

          • We have less freedom of movement than what you think…..however that has nothing to do with this topic.

        • Right, we should just Ontario run Canada’s immigration. God knows we only need immigration in Canada to satisfy the needs of Ontario.

          • You need to work on your reading comprehension.

            Ontario wants control over it’s own immigration….like Quebec has. Nowt to do with you.

          • Are you even aware of the shambles our immigration system is presently in? You think that having 10 competing immigration policies would somehow make that better? Ontario’s broke as it is, it couldn’t afford to run it’s own immigration system. But on the bright side, maybe we’d finally be able to put up a border at the Manitoba-Ontario border.

          • Well I’ve always told you Kenney was incompetent….so you have only yourself to blame for the mess.

            PS…all the provinces are broke….including yours.

            PPS…And I’d be delighted if Alberta separated.

          • -Feds are trying to starve Ont of immigrants.
            -We have less freedom of movement than what you think.-
            -We all realize you must be terribly depressed. All that oil and you can’t even give it away. And that’s the only thing you have…!
            -Albertans are crazy.
            -If there’s no diversity it just seems to produce arrogance, and then lethargy sets in…religion is strict….heavy on punishment etc….Saudi Alberta they call it.
            -Ontario is better m’dear….no matter how many late nights you spend trying to make it sound good, GDP is not salary or any other of your fantasies. -LOL
            -Oil money is fine….ONLY oil money is bad.

            A real treasure trove of Emily’s unique wisdom this week! Let’s see…….a feeling of inate smug superiority, but tinged with paronoia, a couple of ad hominem attacks, the usual confused and faulty logic, the obligitory LOL; I believe your week’s work is done.

          • If you’re the new Spring temp, you’ve failed miserably already. Ciao.

          • No, I’ve held a permanent position here in Canada for almost sixty-six years now. Unlike you, I do keep a lower profile by not being bizarrely outré.

          • Must be Albertan….you assume anyone that disagrees with you is ‘bizarrely outré’

            And this from the guy who retypes what I write. Doesn’t have a clue what any of it means….doesn’t ask….just retypes it!

            ‘Keeps a lower profile’… that part of our culture now? Keep your head down, say nothing? Or should I not have an opinion because I’m female?

            Sounds like the Spring temp to me.

          • Wrong again Emily. You must get tired of that. I live in beautiful BC (12° with high overcast today). I don’t need to retype (copy and paste). Your words are simple and easily understood. I merely pasted to show what I was referring to eg: smugness-Ontario is better m’dear; paranoia-Feds are trying to starve Ont of immigrants; ad hominem-Albertans are crazy. I’ll draw you pic if you don’t understand. If I was saying nothing to whom, might I ask, are you replying? Should you not have an opinion because you are female??? WTF. Can’t play a race card so you use this?? OK, I’ll play along. Now go make me a sandwich. Oh poor Emily, you sofa king funny.

            BTW the spring temp thing is a bit lame and with repetition it really gets no better. But if you use it again, I promise you’ll crack me up. You may have the last word, I’ll just enjoy my sammich. “Bye Em’, see you in a week or two.

          • Not interested in your personal life. Sorry.

            We have a topic, and you can’t manage to stick to it. You don’t even keep up with the news…..or read the thread for that matter or you’d know about the Ont statements.

            Every now and again I get a nutbar on here who attacks me, instead of discussing a topic….and you’re the current spring temp.

            A lousy one I might add. LOL

          • Sure, Ontario’s broke…but Alberta’s defecit is bigger than Ontario’s this year, per capita. Saskatchewan might want to put up a border soon, too…

          • Sure Alberta’s deficit this year is bigger than Ontario’s (per capita).

            Of course the big difference is that Alberta has $0 provincial debt, so running a deficit for a few years is nothing. Ontario’s debt / GDP ratio is closer to Greece’s than it is to Alberta.

          • We all realize you must be terribly depressed. All that oil and you can’t even give it away. And that’s the only thing you have…!

            In fact, your daily expenses are paid out of oil money….so you won’t get rid of the deficit….it’ll just keep adding up. And you know what deficits add up to?



            In spite of ole Ralphie….you managed to do it to yourself again. Albertans are crazy.

            As to Ont…..we’re 40% of Canada’s GDP, while Alberta is 16%……and since Greece doesn’t actually have an economy beyond ship-building and tourism, and Ont’s is very diverse, you can skip your boogey-man nonsense.

            Ont even as a province is the 20th largest GDP in the world. Greece as a country is 34th.

            Happy Trails To You……

          • Lol Emily… it has already been sold.. for fractions of a penny on tanker load.. Albertans own NO oil, it is almost 100% foreign owned, and the profits sure won’t be staying in Alberta, or Canada.

            I ran across this square headed philosophy for many years while living in Alberta, getting free from it was the best move I havemade in my life.

            They will never understand or accept facts…they need it to be true, the old ‘rose coloured glasses’ syndrome.

          • Well that’s true, but as you say they’ll never understand or accept it. I don’t know what it is about oil…..appears to affect the mind!

            If there’s no diversity it just seems to produce arrogance, and then lethargy sets in…religion is strict….heavy on punishment etc….Saudi Alberta they call it.

            Albertans will work themselves right into poverty, and love it apparently.

            I dunno what province you’re in now but I hope it’s Ontario. We can use clearthinkers here, green or otherwise. Heh

          • 40% of Canada’s GDP to Alberta’s 16%, means a per capita GDP of $49,000 in Ontario, and $78,000 in Alberta. Which of those is better?

            Oil money pays down deficits also, you know. It’s not like money that comes from oil is somehow worth less. And you call yourself an economist?!

          • Ontario is better m’dear….no matter how many late nights you spend trying to make it sound good, GDP is not salary or any other of your fantasies. LOL

            Oil money is fine….ONLY oil money is bad. Wake up out there.

            I see you’re retreating into trolldom again…

          • wow, cool stats. except ontario has over four times as many people as alberta… which means your per capita GDP is much, much lower. GDP per Capita in alberta is around 78k a year, in ontario it’s 48k. But Ontario’s debt to GDP is comparable to Greece, around 37%, a figure that has nothing to do with economy size…

          • Yawn.

  2. You seriously think Ontario is being starved of immigrants…suuuure…it only had more than all the western provinces combined but it’s being starved. Because only Ontario is good enough for new Canadians. #Easternarrogance

  3. Immigration is higher in Ontario (specifically the GTA) largely because the area has always had multicultural immigration. If I was coming to Canada, I’d want to be somewhere where I know a group of people would speak my language/understand my culture because it’s simply easier to meet people, make friends and find work that way. I know other provinces are trying to welcome and integrate immigrants but in Toronto, it kind of just happens naturally.

    • Other provinces have also had multiculti immigration.

      Toronto is popular because of work availability. Nobody comes to Canada to farm. Plus Ont welcomes immigrants.

    • Yeah, I live in BC. Visible minorities make up 25% of BC’s population and 22% in Ontario. The aboriginal population of Ontario is 2% vs 5% in BC. English and French speakers comprise about 74% of both populations. Christians make up 76% of Ontario’s population and 52% in BC. Those with no religious affiliation make up 16% of Ontario’s population while in BC that figure is 36%.

      Shucks we could sure learn a lot from you about multiculturalism.

        • Yeah, 2%. Didn’t you like the way I said the same thing? I can find Ontario govt. propaganda on my own. Thanks for the “enlightenment”. Still waiting for my sammich.

          • Now re-read it dumbass.

            ‘Ontario has the largest Aboriginal population in Canada. More than one in five Aboriginal people in Canada live in Ontario.’

          • Can’t you read? Is it any surprise that the province with the largest landmass would have the highest population? Only 2% of Ontario’s population is Aboriginal.
            dumbass??? Oh Emily! Ad hominem is the final resort of of someone with nothing to say. I’m disappointed, but not surprised.

          • Ahhh the patented western whine and fumble

            Sorry, not interested in the excuses.

            Dumbass is a factual statement….if I did ‘ad hominem’ you’d be on the floor.

            Now go yell at the kids on your lawn, and stop being a bore on here.

          • Don’t know what excuses you mean. More ad hominem attacks and anger……naked agression?? Take a deep breath Emily. Calm yourself. Feel better? I see a myocardial infarction in your future if you don’t get beyond your anger issues. As you love to say……LOL.

          • Well dude, you had your chance. Several in fact, due to your age.


          • Since I’m affectionately known as dude to you now, may I call you sweetheart? You will get your chance too??? Doubt if you’ll reach my age though what with your pent up anger. See you in a week or so sweetheart.


          • thank you emily and tomregit. You guys have really made some interesting reading, besides, you guys did enrich my vocabulary. Both you guys do have a great sense of humour and some spirited rebuttals. I was smiling through the whole banter….very very entertaining and quite pleasantly pretty well informed.

      • even though i live in toronto, i would move to bcin a heartbeat, if i could get a job there. The beauty of the place is just heavenly, the mountains, the forests, the air, the ocean, the weather, the multiculturism, the native cultures, the liberal society, as close to perfection as can be..,. just wish there were more jobs

      • I see you missed that whole “specifically the GTA” part…

  4. I wish to be in Quebec or Ontario? What do you think of migrating to Canada and why? I see so many buddies gone to Quebec and with ease.

  5. Ontario gets the most immigrants but the Feds have cut funding for Ontario. The figure for Ontario does not account for immigrants who landed in other provinces and moved to Ontario. You can bet at least 50 percent of the immigrants do that. Surprisingly, the land of oil and money still do not get as many immigrants? Why?