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Gobble, gobble: Time to talk turkeys

What’s for dinner? In Canada this week, about 4,000,000 turkeys


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Gobble, gobble: Time to talk turkeys

  1. The American turkey marketing assoc has done their job well. Millions of people eat dry cardboard turkeys for Thanksgiving and Xmas when they could have something decent.

    Mind you turkey here is 73¢ a lb.

    • Two things: 1. Buy turkey from a small local farmer who raises them the way they’re supposed to be raised. Preferably someone who is doing so illegally, in defiance of the provincial supply managment gestapo 2. Learn how to cook. You will have delicious turkey.

      • I don’t like turkey, thanks.

        • Well listen here Emilechka, I hear Santa up on the roof right now, and since you’re so easy to please how be we send him over with a bottle of Prune Liqueur and a hot seal flipper sandwich.

        • You talk plenty of it.

          • Thank you.

      • Cooking is a tool of the patriarchy.

        • If that’s the case, everyone having dinner at my place this season should thank the patriarchy for my sage stuffing.

          • Men are top chefs, and men do BBQ….works for me. LOL

          • I’m very territorial when it comes to my kitchen and bbq. lol Unless said man enjoys being whacked with a spatula, it’s better to just stay outta my kitchen!

          • I have sage stuffing in my head.

          • An entire turkey full plus two additional casserole dishes and nothing left but a sage stuffing crumb. It was attacked!!

    • .76 at No Frills on Thursday. One of them looks like he might have lost a fight in the turkey yard tho.

      • Ahh that must have been where the ad was from….I noticed it because it was 49¢ when I was a kid looooong time ago. Of course if they’re all beat up……

        • They had a limit of 2 per person. I went back in after I changed my jacket and got 2 more. The cashier gave me a dirty look, but didn’t take my turkeys away. Which was good. I would have fought her over that price and felt no shame.

          • LOL Shoulda gone in again to another cashier!

          • That’s a pretty typical left wing response.

            There’s the decent store keeper rationing things out so all his customers get a chance at the bargain when along comes the left butt flake trying to hog everything for itself.

          • Hardly left wing. As a right winger I do such things from time to time.

          • I’m the one that did it and I’m not left wing. It was No Frills and there’s nothing decent about the guy that owns that branch. Calling me a left butt flake hog isn’t going to make me either give them back or not do it again, btw.
            Merry Christmas to you too!

          • I keep a workbook titled “Classic Responses from Left Butt Flakes”

            It has a couple of subsections:
            a) Pretending They’re Not Left Butt Flake.
            b) Blaming the Other Guy (e.g. Storekeeper)

          • I did, but it’s such a small store and wasn’t that busy, so I got the one right next to the first one. I didn’t have a change of shoes or a hair tie, so I stood out as the 6.2′ mop that had just been in. lmao

          • Ahhh… most stores here are so big you could probably do it 20 times before anyone noticed….you’d need a big freezer though. LOL

          • One has to dig deep and ask themselves, “Who is the Turkey

          • The turkey was yummy and I still have three of his friends in the freezer awaiting their turn. :)

  2. Dr. Hindhede, during the first world war discovered contrary to popular belief, the amount of protein required is greatly exaggerated. The food pyramid says three and a half grams of protein for every ten pounds body weight, compared to one gram for every ten pounds of body weight found sufficient by Dr. Hindhede. So, that pretty much explains how everyone in Canada is going to need dialysis, the sheer amount of protein ingested, over and above what is required by humans.