How much do Canadians love Florida?

An infographic on our national infatuation with the Sunshine State


A BMO report released this week reminds us just how much we all love Florida. It notes that more than 500,000 Canadians own property in the state (Canadians are the largest foreign buyers of Florida real estate), that Canada is Florida’s No. 1 source of foreign tourists, and that perhaps Canadian snowbirds played a significant role in pulling the recession-hit state from its post-2008 slump.



How much do Canadians love Florida?

  1. Oh oh – scandal! Canadians are buying property in the US, thereby taking Canadian jobs just like those scoundrels at RBC. Will we see a televised apology?

  2. Shut up Mike.

  3. We joined that group in Nov 2008…and have never regretted leaving the snow for 4-5 months!

  4. I am over 65. never been in Florida.Do not miss it.

    • How can you miss something you’ve never visited?