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Dreaming of life on Mars

A surprising number of Canadians are itching to visit the Red Planet — and never come back


Canadians really want to go to Mars—and don’t want to come back.

Mars One, the not-for-profit organization seeking to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars in 2023, closed its application period for volunteer astronauts at the end of August.

Worldwide, over 200,000 aspiring cosmonauts applied to be one of the first humans on the red planet. More than 8,200 Canadians threw in their name, ranking Canada sixth among nations with the most applications. (First was the United States, with more than 47,600 applicants, followed by India, with 20,700+).

If we consider, however, the percentage of each country’s population that applied, Canada comes out on top. Apparently 0.02 per cent of Canadians are willing to take a one-way trip to Mars. Could it be our weather?


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Dreaming of life on Mars

  1. Well, we were the third nation in space – after Russia and the US, and we currently have robots there as Hadfield is back now…we discovered that it snows on Mars etc….so we come by our space-faring credentials honestly.

    If we weren’t messing around with oil in Churchill it would make a grand launch site.

  2. I’m hoping, given the fact that we’ll actually be able to send some people to the Red Planet, that we’ll also be able to service their needs by shipping those items on a regular basis which will help them to sustain life in this hostile environment.
    Just out of curiosity, however, does anyone have an idea what some of those particular items might be? I ask that question because I really don’t think that any of the volunteers for such a mission have actually much thought about that aspect of the mission through to its logical conclusion.

    • food and tools

      • Did you say tools for fools?

  3. The earth can be a pretty damned beautiful place. And you simply can’t see it all in one lifetime. Even if you could, so many places merit repeat visits. Give this up to go to Mars? Some people must have miserable lives. Either that or they just answer these surveys without any thought to it. It’s not like they’d ever have to follow through.

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