Caption challenge: bin Laden death shot -

Caption challenge: bin Laden death shot

The ultimate contest


WINNER DECLARED: Inspired efforts from TheTigerTrainer, marikawashchyshyn, Catelli, Guy Smiley and bergkamp, among others, but I’m awarding victory to MaggiesFarmboy for: “And people said there was not enough French in my speech… ” Flip me an email ( and I shall direct a prize yonder way!

And once again: I’m so, so sorry.

Just kidding, people. KIDDING.


I do have something for you. There IS a caption challenge.

But I warn you: it’s pretty gross.

Some may even call it unsettling. Powerfully so.

People of the internets, only those with the strongest and most robust of constitutions are advised to continue to scroll down to the disturbing image in question…





Please stop screaming. You were warned.

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Caption challenge: bin Laden death shot

  1. "Get a room!!!!"

  2. "Voulez-vous coucher avec nos nouveaux amis Quebecois?"

  3. "Lets shiatsu like it was 1996"

  4. Jack! Jack! You're NOT in a "community clinic".

  5. Olivia always knew this was Jack meant by an "Orange Crush"

  6. Olivia always knew this was what Jack meant by an "Orange Crush"

  7. "NDP micro-targets Inuit Throat Singer vote."

  8. Olivia…..let me practice trying to suck the life out of Canadians by starting with you!!

  9. After years of build up, Jack finally gets his happy ending.

  10. Jack: "…and just as I did this, the red light came on…"

  11. The NDPs universal dental care program is less impressive in practice than in theory.

  12. And people said there was not enough French in my speech…

    • major Kudos….this one has my vote. I'm not even going to try to top it.

    • Yep, I think this is the winner right here!

    • bahahahahaha!!! :D

    • Thank you. Thank you very much.

      And my wife said that my many hours on the Maclean's blogs would never amount to anything.

      Showed her!

  13. I'm the Official Opposition to this photo.

  14. Ah… ah… ah… AH-CHOOOO!

  15. Rub and Tug! Not Grab and Squeeze!

  16. The safety word is Stornoway

  17. Olivia was never the same after her tussle with the Dementor.

    • lol – dementor's kiss was the first thing that crossed my mind!

      • Haha me too…

  18. Coming up next week on The Walking Dead…

  19. Pass the tissues!

  20. Olivia, Olivia, oh Olivia, shall we "travaillons ensemble"? Despite my aching hip, I'll work it, work it, work it.

  21. Even Nostrildomus, c.1550, had not foreseen the difficulty in merging the two parties, left, standing.

  22. Oh Jack! You DO know how to win! Oh jack! Oh Jack!

  23. I'm a proposer, not an opposer.

  24. OH JACK… your moustache tastes of Orange Crush and stripper…

  25. …et Quebecoises?


    • Mais oui, but only for a massage, Thanks for correcting my French.

  26. Canada's wildly patriotic answer to William & Kate's balcony shot.

  27. A rare shot of the New Democrat feeding ritual where one dipper regurgitates semi-digested food into the others’ mouth.

  28. (and now the grand finale!)
    "I…………….got…………..yoooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu, babe"

  29. In a candid yet touching moment, Jack Layton and Olivia Chow rub and tug at their supporters' heartstrings.

  30. "… and I won't stop until the job's done"

  31. “All of you clinical practitioners look alike….”

  32. Orivia : “Oh, Babee — tie me up and call me Jill….”

    • What's with the large 'minus' rating?

      Jill / Gilles, get it? Jack screwing both, get it?

      Bloody humourless lefties and separatists.
      Anyway, off to continue "Majority Week" celebrations!!! Long Live The Empire!!! :)

  33. Woman I will try express, my inner feelings and thankfulness,
    For showing me the meaning of succsess,
    oooh well, well,
    oooh well, well,

  34. I won't even take a shot at the caption contest, there are too many awesome choices already I know I can't possibly top.

    Awesome picture and awesome leadup, though. I'm wiping tears away I laughed so hard.

  35. " 'Arise, ye prisoners of starvaaaaation…'"

    • Make that 1:40

  36. “… ah, c’mon … show me that hard left agenda of yours, Babee … first me, and then the country….”

    “Ok, ok … the country can wait a few more year, Babee….”

  37. Caught up in the joy of the moment, Jack Tuna darts over to greet his wife Olivia Grouper.

  38. Watching this, Laureen could only sigh and remind herself that handshakes aren't all that bad…

    • not bad

  39. Don't have a quote on the tip of my tongue, but I have to thank SF for such an absolutely hilarious posting and picture!

  40. Quickie shiatzu – $50.00
    3 days at Shouldice – $500.00
    4 years at Stornaway – PRICELESS!

  41. Ooooh Jack, those argyle socks make me sooooooooo hot!

  42. Hurry Up, I hear the police coming up the steps.

  43. Within the past few hours, there's been a -6 (and counting) swing almost every single comment here, except for the last.

    • You're right – what's up with that?

      • I'd guess someone *really* wanted to win the caption contest.

        • Eh?

          • It appears that someone (very possibly noone, the commenter with posts above and below mine as their first comment went up to +8 while everyone else fell the same amount) went through and repeatedly gave a thumbs down to most of the comments on this blog posting, either by calling in friends, or clearing their cookies, or multiple accounts, or something along those lines.

          • I noticed some wild "thumb" swings but thought that it was perhaps an NDP effort to show disapproval of particularly objectionable posts (from their point of view, that is). Who knows. Wasn't me, I can assure you.

            In any event, folks got to get a life.

          • Mine was voted down because nobody on here remembers John and Yoko — or some other reason.

            It really matters to me. Come on, I'm begging for a plurality here!

  44. Oh in unison, we get to go back into public housing! (Stonaway)

  45. Jack Layton got some frenchin’ and the French in on Canada’s election night.

  46. “You now Baby, now that we’re the Official Opposition, all of you NDP Chicks — and Lizzie — will have to begin shaving your bums….”

  47. “Do you mean shaving our butts, or our husbands and boyfriends?”

  48. “Yes … both.”

  49. "Jack wanted to show his friend Olivia how well he was doing in French…"
    The cover photo of the "The Video Professors' guide to kissing in public"

  50. Ahem. Should read : “You know Baby, now that we’re the Official Opposition….”

    Thanks for being a good sport, Mr. Feschuk, for letting me push the envelope of good taste and humour.

    Now that they’re the Official Opposition Couple, they’re even more, fair game.

    And feel free to use any of my humour ideas in the future (such as : Jacques “Crotch” Layton).

    Cheers, and Na Zdorovlia !

  51. Blasphemy !

    Even from beyond the grave, Obama bin Laden will be keeping an eye out,
    for infidels like you!

  52. Now that's a happy ending!

  53. Ha! Brilliant! You get my vote!

  54. You've seen it – now you can't unsee it

  55. Jack- "Now, to implement my hidden agenda in the caucus…"

  56. Mr. Feschuk, I believe you've let the cat outta the bag — and here you thought the post-election period would be boring;

    Jacques "The Crotch" Layton

    Thomas "UFO" Mulclair (as in, unidentified flying osama)

    Ruth-Ellen "Vegas" Brousseau


  57. Wow u guys employees/spouses/rmt's of the magazine or what? I thought this was an outsiders contest, not an insiders. Who monitors all the count this intensely? So tell me? who is responsible for the swings? What tool were u using to monitor?
    Finally, I stand behind the 9 dot 30 Jack-assed escape clause: What a smear, were there any charges Laid?" I'm clean officer there isn't a thing on me (litterally). ;-)

  58. Dippin’ into the stash