Caption Challenge: Ignatieff. Trudeau. Laptops! -

Caption Challenge: Ignatieff. Trudeau. Laptops!

Make with the funny. Get a prize.


Okay, the photo is a little small and I don’t know why. Although I look like a tech nerd, I am not a tech nerd – I’m just the regular kind. But it’s Michael Ignatieff and it’s Justin Trudeau and they’re pecking away on their lappity-toppity devices. There, I’ve painted you such a detailed picture you needn’t even gaze upon the photograph.

Make with the funny in the comments below. The winner gets a Winter Games cap from my almost-exhausted supply of overpriced souvenirs (and I’m saving that biathlon-themed halter top for myself, thank you very much).


Caption Challenge: Ignatieff. Trudeau. Laptops!

  1. You sank my battleship!

    • Iggy: My goodness, I can't even find the plastic ships, let alone fit them into these square, raised receptacles! it's quite the quandry!

    • B4…HIT!

  2. I'm a mac

    And I'm a PC.

  3. Iggy "You type in your name, and Duffy says it! This thing is hilarious"

    Trudeau: "You should see what he says when you put in Ignatieff"

  4. During the break provided by prorogation, the Liberal caucus was hard at work … getting Olympic updates on the web while trying to one-up one another with pithy Facebook updates.

  5. Keep going! Nickelback still has more fans than the onion ring!

  6. Justin! Justin! Can I get Pong on this?

  7. Hey Mikey : check out the site on facebook you have almost as many fans as a carbon rod!!!!!!

    • For the record, while that "Can this inanimate carbon rod get more fans than Michael Ignatieff?" Facebook site was a valiant an funny conbot response to the fact that Stephen Harper was getting slaughtered by an onion ring, as of this moment Michael Ignatieff has just over 30,000 fans, and the inanimate carbon rod has just 3,981.

      Meanwhile, the onion ring from "Can this onion ring get more fans than Stephen Harper" is currently beating the Prime Minister 181,492 to 31,045.

      So, Ignatieff beats the carbon rod 7.5:1, while the onion ring beats the Prime Minister 6:1.

      • You're taking both sites way too seriously.

  8. I did too watch the gold medal game!! Have you never heard of streaming video? This is me and Justin celebrating the OT goal… while continuing to work hard for the people of Canada.

  9. "I can't wait to see what picture Feschuk has in store for us this week…hey wait, is that…us?"

  10. Justin – I love this Lavalife thing!

    Iggy – yeah but Ashley Madison works better for us married guys!

  11. Ignatieff: biff may have a point here. The leftist liberal msm al0gore invention — eco-terrorist hacked email… leftards…

    Trudeau: zoom in, zoom out, zoom in… weeeeeeeeee!

  12. From what I've seen on tv, you just hover your hands over it and make keyboard clicking noises…

  13. LOL! Check out Coyne wrote again! What a clown!

  14. So what alias do you post to Macleans under?

    • "Thwim" ;)

  15. Iggy: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Justin: ?
    Iggy: eeeeeeeeeee
    Justin: WTF dood?
    Iggy: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Iggy: does this thing work like a typewriter?
    Justin: ur pwned

  16. Iggy: "Hey, Trudeau, what's that word that sounds like pierogi and how do you spell it?"

    • Would have been better with "Hey Mike …"

    • THAT is awesome hahahaha thanks for a great laugh t start my day!

  17. "Justin, if we had both chosen to become figure skaters rather than ministers, that would be us competing for the gold medal."

  18. Ignatieff – "Show me email!"
    Trudeau – "You are riding the wave of the future, my man!"

  19. Justin………are you still streaming "Welcome to Mooseport" for election strategies??

  20. Iggy: "Good thing I have this signing book right beside me while i am twitting (sic). Never know when i want to sign another 25th anniversary congrats letter." BoyWonder: "Seriously!"

  21. Iggy: What's it called?
    Trudeau: Two girls one cup.

    • Two Guys No Clue

    • Oh man…

  22. After weeks of contemplation and consultation, Mr. Ignatieff decided against retaliating Mr. Rae's provocation, declining to poke him back.

  23. As the tour move on through the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition an old guy in a red tie who no one recognizes seems to be assisting the young Opposition Leader.

  24. "I'm gonna win the caption contest"
    "No, I'm gonna win the caption contest!"

  25. "Ah yes, Justin, good show! That photograph of a feline requesting a cheeseburger has indeed left me in a jovial mood!"

  26. Or:

    On a break from their Parliamentary duties, Michael Ignatieff and Justin Trudeau amuse themselves by suggesting funny captions for pictures of Stephen Harper.

  27. I heart u
    No, I heart u
    I heart u more
    No, I heart U more!

  28. Ignatieff: |: )

    Justin: 88: D

  29. That is to say, a wordplay on two charicatured Boobs is too risqué? I am deleted and dejected Feschuk. I thought I was not far off the lead? Foul! I made the dogs smile!

  30. Iggy : hey J can u send me that link avbout the history of hockey cuz my contistueeeentts keep makin jokes :) and axing me kuestions but becuaase last I watchted Hockeey wuz wen the maple leafs 1 the kup and I wuz awol for a few years?

    Justin: sure thing dear leader .. here is the URL …

    Iggy: wats a urinal?

    Justin: that is a URL – it is kind of like an address on the internet

    Iggy: oth! thnakk you

    (Just walks away smiling and inwardly thinking to himself – you know if I can rangle a critics chair for a year or two and if I am even luckier this out of touch professor is out of his eat in a year or two which seems likely … hmmmm …. then I think my Pops ol friends are right and I could do that job no problem after all what does this guy do but hide in plain sight and email Petey boy on what to do next!)

    • Win!

      Feschuk: please pick this one. It's freaking hilarious.

  31. Seriously folks, we've got politicians and the internet and this is the best we can come up with so far?

    This is depressing.

  32. "Justin! How the hell do I roll the typing paper into this thing?"

  33. Iggy: … and after that we will lay siege to the village. Coderre's Orcs won't know what hit them!

    Trudeau: Donolo! More HotPockets!

  34. MI: How do you spell that website again?
    JT: g-o-a-t-s-e…

  35. I told you it isn't, "Our Trudeau, strong and free."

  36. "Rule YOUR Own Virtual World"

  37. You know Justin, Al Gore invented this thing to help fight rising sea levels.

  38. OK, now I'll show you how I hacked the CPC website and planted that pooping puffin clip

  39. "Hey JT, why are you speaking in english and french at the same time in this video?"

    "Parce que my father m'a teaché de parler like that."

  40. Iggy: In my Second Life, I'M Prime Minister!!!
    Justin: Shhh!! I'm bidding on an eyebrow trimmer as a gift for…someone…

  41. Dude! You just killed my Palladin!

  42. Two volunteers for the Liberal Party send out another mass EMail urgently requesting donations.

  43. Justin: The glow from my profile pic…it’s so mesmerising…
    Iggy: Um..Yeah…Mine too…*ick*

  44. “Hey Justin! I just figured out how to uncensor that “street boobies” pic feschuck posted!”

  45. Hey! Look! We have a cross generational communicational thing going here!

  46. On the Internet, no one knows you're a Liberal

  47. Black laptops ! Proof they're both PC's!

  48. B-7? Sunk!

  49. Hehehe…ok, you be Shanghai Jiaotong University and I’ll be Lanxiang Vocational School.

  50. Oh man.. Rick Rolled again

  51. And then, Justin, the final clarification of the dramatic plot is called the denouement…just have fun with it.

  52. "I can't wait to see what picture Feschuk has in store for us this week…hey wait, is that…us?"

  53. Affront to Democracy…good one!

  54. Page 1- He can lead MY country into the future.
    Page 2 – Ewwww

  55. Hahahaha, I just repealed Bill C-64!

  56. It was only after Justin's indignant outburst of "Why SHOULD I sell your wheat?" that Ignatieff began reconsidering his choice of Farmville neighbours.

  57. "HA! I can't wait to see Harper's face when he realises that the link that has, 'Hawt pix of Jenn Heil!!' is actually just a Rick Astley video. Great idea, Justin!"

  58. “Hey, Steve’s in Vancouver! He says to say ‘Hi.”

  59. Yeah! I just picked up 25,000 shares for only $0.092 per.

  60. BC 2010?
    – miss.
    G8 this summer?
    – miss.

  61. Question 13? The answer is 90 unless otherwise posted.

  62. Hey Mike, you have more support than you think!
    “Now more than ever America needs a Canadian Prime Minister we can count on. A Canadian Prime Minister who knows us. A Canadian Prime Minister who loves us. ”

  63. lol I'm in ur base, killing ur dudes!

  64. The Shining the Game, HoC Edition

    Ignatieff typing: "All work and no play makes Mike a dull boy."

    Justin, typing: REDRUM…REDRUM…

    Shadowy identical women in background, "Come play with us!"

  65. MI: Justin, I can't this internet thing to work. Where are the tubes?

  66. Page 1 – *smirk
    Page 2 – *rolling eyes

  67. The intern wondered when lunch was, and if the photographer flirting with her was cute or creepy. "Probably creepy," she decided.

  68. a/s/l?

  69. "You know what Justin? Dion's wrong, it's real easy to make a video."

  70. Iggy – I've got Barack as my Second Life Avatar (heh heh) how about you?
    Justin – er… ok… well…Peter Mackay. That damn mensch keeps beating me in the sexiest MP polls!

  71. Trudeau : OMG! This old guy just totally sexted me! How awkward!