Caption Challenge No. 1 results: You make the call -

Caption Challenge No. 1 results: You make the call


* At 1:58 p.m. ET, the Blog Central Election Desk is calling it: The winner of Caption Challenge No. 1 is – dramatically removing sunglasses in tribute to David Caruso – “je suis un pizza.” Mr./Ms. Suis Un Pizza, please send me an email at and I shall dispatch your prize through the magical tubes of the interweb.

I believe it was Stephen Harper who once said: “Democracy is the worst form of government… because with the other ones you don’t have to pretend to like people.”

But I’m feeling a little low on totalitarianism today, so democracy will have to suffice. I’ve narrowed Caption Challenge No. 1 to five finalists. Read the entries, consider the entries, caress the entries (with your mind) – and then vote for your favourite. Prize goes to the finalist who’s ahead in the poll as of 2 p.m. ET.

1. MJ Patchouli: “Hope these guys can get me to Harry’s Private Sale in time for door crasher specials!”

2. je suis un pizza: This fall, Stephen Harper is David Caruso in CSI: Tofino.

3. Ian: “I suppose this is a bad time to tell you about budgetary cutbacks.”

4. Mike T. “Global warming? Widespread climate change? Pish Posh! Take me to Copenhagen!” “Sir, this is Copenhagen.”

5. Jack Mitchell:

Rove, with a three-man crew —
Come aboard the Tory canoe!
Rove, it’s all cynical spin.
Fire up Baird, and we’ll all sniff glue!

Oh, Rove Boat! Soon will be fighting a new campaign;
The Rove Boat — populists all get the free champagne.
Set a course in a circle, and bow down before your God.

Oh, Rove, who knows what’s in store?
It’s hypocrisy, talking points galore!
It’s ROOOOOOVE! Welcome aboard, it’s ROOOOVE!

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Caption Challenge No. 1 results: You make the call

  1. By 2pm eh? Winner gets to attend QP with Feschuk!

  2. Scott,

    I thought for sure the one about Mckay's tie, a fish, and his family would have made it. I couldn't stop laughing at that one.

  3. Let's meet in the rotunda. I'll be the one weeping for democracy.

  4. What can i say? I subscribe to the paula abdul school of judging – keep them guessing whether you've at all been paying attention.

  5. I'll be the one screaming or go through pictures of me and my dearly departed cat.


    I've said too much

  6. They're all lame, but I have to vote just for the sake of voting against Jack.

  7. – keep up the good work!'re an inspiration to all!

  8. This message brought to you by sarcasm. Sarcasm: Because some people deserve it!

  9. Careful, or he'll eat the pizza too.

  10. That's OK, I voted *for* Jack on principle. We're all even Stephen. (well, we will be once he's out of the boat)

  11. "They're all a bit lame, but I have to vote just for the sake of voting against Jack."

    I wasn't even going to vote, but I will now (for Jack) just to counter your pointless dyspepsia.

  12. The true winner was apparently (and understandably) deleted from the submissions.

    • We're all diminished when one cannot freely describe our PM as a baby molesting, Nazi poo-poo head with bad breath.

  13. They're all funny. I'm torn between Jack's and Mike T.'s – good thing it's a secret ballot.

  14. Yes, "CSI: Tofino" is genius, especially given the look on Harper's face & the tie.

  15. A doff of the cap to the other contestants. There is no shame in losing to such a noble foodstuff as a bilingual pizza.

  16. I'll take your word for it.

    Seems trying to browse comments from my cell phone is a bit futile, as the submission I'm referring to from Not Stephen Colbert is still on the other thread when I view from the computer here at home but I couldn't find it on my phone despite checking three times.

  17. Oh damn.I didn't see this in time to make a suggestion –

    The Boat that Shouldn't Float.

    I voted for Jack, but the results were already in.