Caption challenge: Robert Gibbs. Team Canada. -

Caption challenge: Robert Gibbs. Team Canada.

White House press secretary wears a Team Canada sweater


Hey, look: it’s the press secretary to the U.S. President. And he’s wearing a Team Canada sweater. Hilarious! Okay, it’s not hilarious yet, but it will be after you get through with it. Right? RIGHT??

The field of entries will be narrowed to five finalists on Tuesday morning. The winner will receive an gift certificate courtesy of Feschuk.Reid, the speechwriting and communications firm that is proud to have had absolutely nothing to do with Tiger Woods’ Mommy-hugging address, Jim Flaherty’s crossroads metaphor and John Furlong’s French. Feschuk.Reid: You’re richer than you think.


Caption challenge: Robert Gibbs. Team Canada.

  1. Sure, it's humiliating, but have you seen what these things are going for on ebay? Whose laughing NOW, Mr. Most-medals-of-any-host-country-ever?

  2. Maybe I can't play hockey, but I can sing!

  3. Plus, I have to say "eh" after every third question and pretend like there are reasonable arguments against universal health care.

    • oops! That should read "stop pretending"

  4. "Citing Canada's ability to enrich uranium at Chalk River, it's military threat to Blaine WA, some very excellent BC Bud and the leadership vacuum created by 4 years of Harper, the Whitehouse surprises the world with the idea of taking over western Canada."

  5. "Now…fetch me some beaver tails!"

  6. Now that you mention it, I AM Sidney Crosby! You want a hug from the Golden One?

  7. There comes a moment when my heart must stand alone
    On this lonely path I've chosen
    Like a house thats not a home

    Sometimes when I feel I've had enough
    And I feel like giving up
    You willed me to be all I can be
    Now nothing can stop me

    I believe in the power that comes
    From a world brought together as one
    I believe together we'll fly
    I believe in the power of you and I

  8. The Obama administrations finally admits they want a Canadian-style Health Care system!

  9. The first thing you should know about us is that we have people everywhere… isn't that right?

  10. Hey, listen, Soudas, you call me once again to ask for an invitation to the White House for your boss, and I'm going to ram this jersey and the hockey stick it came with up your ….. Got it?

  11. After all, Canada did also pick Bertuzzi over Sidney Crosby…

  12. GIBBS: I wanted to renege on the deal. Then Soudas reminded me what Canada did to the White House the last time they were pissed off at us very close to two hundred years ago. I had to look it up. Then I decided, what's a sweater among friends, eh? I said FRIENDS, eh?

  13. "Just be glad we didn't bet on men's team speed skating, or I'd be wearing something very different than this baggy jersey right now…"

  14. "Hey, everyone's leaving! Looks like Soudas was right : there's nothing like the smell of an unwashed hockey jersey to keep those pesky reporters away.

    We'll have to try his next idea: get a sweater-vest on Obama, and his approval ratings should skyrocket!"

  15. The best comment i've heard on this so far is: had Canada lost, just where would Soudas have been able to where that sweater in this country.

    • ahem…wear.

  16. Obama's newest strategy for deflecting attention away fom his domestic difficulties – blame Canada eh!

  17. Obama's newest strategy for deflecting attention away fom his domestic difficulties – blame Canada eh! After all it worked for Bush.

  18. "Ok i did my where's the gold medal that goes with it"?

  19. Obama's New Universal Health Care Strategy: All Americans will be given a Canadian hockey jersey to be used in lieu of a health card at all Canadian clinics and hospitals.

  20. Gibbs: "I would be so lucky. Sh*t I do more briefings in a week than that lousy Soudas has to do in year."

  21. "You wanna go? I'm right here Helen Thomas"

  22. "Now again this doesn't mean we think Canadians are more respected than Americans over there" reiterated Press Secretary Gibbs as he modeled the outfits for US government officials travelling to the Middle East.

    • hahahahahaha!


      "I'm off to go backpacking around Europe now…"

    • you win Mark!

  23. Is this what it takes to get you guys to stop whining about Buy America?

  24. In a post-game bender Sunday night, Gibbs was somehow convinced to change his citizenship.

  25. The number 39? Oh, just think centimeters.

  26. Do you think it's easy to remember what country you're from?

  27. "Hey, it fits. Already i feel ten feet taller…anyone care to drop the gloves?"

  28. And no, this does NOT mean we're introducing Canadian style Health Care….are you listening, Fox reporters?

  29. Look, I TRIED to get a pair of Olympic mittens to compliment the Jersey, but they were sold right out.

  30. C'mon Ladies – I'm ready to make love in a canoe

  31. Dimitri Soudas has to wear one too.

  32. US Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explaining to the Whitehouse Press Corps that in Canada you get a free jersey with every Colonoscopy…and heathcare STILL costs less.

  33. Robert Gibbs beslts the final notes of "Oh Dimitri" his number for Score: A Hockey Musical

  34. Robert Gibbs displays the latest in must have "Americans travelling abroad" travel accessories!

  35. Gibbs: "Who own's your podium baby?!"

  36. In other news, Governor Robert Gibbs is shown modelling the new uniform for his State workers.

  37. I admit it. I'm a Canadian sympathizer and THAT is the real reason I subscribed to "The Beaver."

  38. Unwashed and anabashed, U.S. press secretary Robert Gibbs spontaneously breaks into song on completing his walk of shame the morning after the Olympic hockey final.

  39. God Bless Bettman and God Bless free trade!

  40. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explains why the Monroe Doctrine was an abject failure, resulting in greater continental integration at the expense of American influence.

  41. And I, for one, welcome our new Northern overlords. I'd like to remind them as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground ice caves.

    h/t The Simpsons

  42. Really, no one else did it? Okay, I'll do it:

    Read in the voice of the Fonze, "Ehhhhhhh."

  43. "The good news is I only have to wear this today. The bad news is that thanks to losing his bet with Mr Harper, the President has to wear a blue sweater from now until November 2012…"

  44. Q: You know there are about 20 or 25 Robert Gibes on Twitter?
    Gibbs: (in song) "With all their hockey hullabaloo. And that b**ch Anne Murray too. Blame Canada. Blame Can-ah-DA!"

  45. Ladies and gentlemen of the press,

    I'd like to announce that Barack has traded me to Canada for Michael Ignatieff.

  46. Oh, the never-before-experienced wit of our host and his guests. One could be overcome or at least, swoonish.

  47. "I once had a beavertail THIIIIIS big!"

  48. Yes, Sarah Palin really DID wear this in her visits to Canadian hospitals…

  49. "Two cases of beer, and the SOB doesn't even drink?!?!!?"

  50. wanting to show his new found love of all things canadian, Robert Gibbs starts to sign "O Canada" , but as soon as he said the 'O' he realized he had no idea what the rest of the song would be.

  51. Gibbs: "Reconcile this you teabaggers. The President has decided to hell with trying to cooperate with the GOP, the United States will become the fourth Canadian territory and we are gonna get some real universal health care!"

    • Classy.

      • you understand the concept of jokes right?

  52. President Obama asked me to pass on to the American people that one way or another everyone on this continent is getting healthcare, and that means ALL options are currently on the table.

  53. I am pleased to announce that I will be scaling the Iron Curtain and defecting to Canada. Where I will no doubt enjoy universal healthcare, stronger beer, and a senate position offered by the great tyrant "Big" Steve.

  54. Bring on the babes! I get the feeling I'll score a lot more in this sweater.

  55. Gibbs: Okay, So I, uh, lost this bet and now here's the situation…… No Seriously!

  56. Gibbs: I'm sure that Glenn Beck won't find some kind of hidden meaning in this. Err… wait.

  57. Gibbs: We're SOO going to beat you in field hockey! Aide: *whispers* Gibbs: Are you Serious?

  58. Gibbs: Hey, anything is better than a Massa Massage ® followed by a Midnight Snorkel!

  59. Gibbs: Don't worry this'll only take a few minutes!

  60. HI gnt, I think that was a great idea.