Caption Challenge: Special “If I lose my job as PM I’m a shoo-in for the Rockettes” Edition



There are times when I make the decision to hold a Caption Challenge. And then there are times when the decision is made for me – in this case by Stephen Harper, who really left me no choice the instant his right foot left the ground. At this rate, the next time Harper drops his kid off at school for the cameras, he’ll do so not with a handshake but a Busby Berkeley musical number.

In a spirit of nonpartisanship, permit me to acknowledge the Prime Minister’s remarkable range of motion and straightness of leg. Deeply impressive, and I’m not even kidding. Turns out it’s not just his political ideology that’s completely flexible.

So make with the captions already. This challenge closes Monday afternoon, at which time a winner will be declared by a jury of me. Prizery will ensue.

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Caption Challenge: Special “If I lose my job as PM I’m a shoo-in for the Rockettes” Edition

  1. It leaps off the page Scott…
    You put your right foot in…then right foot out
    do the hokey cokey with your ideological route

  2. And then I booted Jim Flaherty into the abyss …..

    • hope he would give Flaherty the boot!!!!!

  3. Bonhomme de neige never saw it coming, and with that one roundhouse kick the Prime Minister answered the question once and for all.

    He’s looking for his majority in Ontario, and nowhere else.

  4. Harper unveils his new slogan: Yes we can-can!

    • Best yet!

  5. “I can do everything Paul Martin did, except backwards and in high heels.”

    [With my apologies to Fred and Ginger.]

  6. One of these days Jack, one of these days

    Pow! Right to the moon!

  7. Whos’s pulling SH’s strings? Impressive
    This Ms bon… bleeding… homme, is what i’m going to to to you if you guys don’t put me over the top in this freaking election!!

  8. Audience member from the balcony: “Hey Prime Minister, I can see up yer pant leg!”

    • I see London, I see France…

  9. Obama sends a tingle up my leg

  10. After revealing his ideological flexibility earlier in the week, Harper wanted to show he wasn’t a one trick pony so decided to exhibit his physical dexterity as well.


    Still dizzy from saddling his children, and ours, with loads more debt, Harper mistakenly thought he was at a Rockettes tryout while opening the winter carnival.


    Bonhomme de neige: How much did you increase spending, and debt, this week Prime Minister?

    Harper: This much.

    • Look, it’s not all that amusing to begin with. Don’t make it worse.

  11. After seeing Harper’s karate skills, it did not take the Governor General long to grant prorogation.


    “I call this move the coalition buster”

  12. Caption PM thinking:
    ” The things i have to do, simpy to keep this f…..g country together. If they ask me to do a back-flip, i quit!

  13. Oh – that’s all that’s supporting me ?!

  14. After holding up a finger up to the wind to determine what to put in his budget, Stephen Harper tests whether he’ll get better results planning a parliamentary strategy using his toes instead.

  15. “What do you call it? Caribou?”

    • Hah! That brings back memories of a misspent youth!

  16. SH thinks!!
    ” If that smug, tub of lard asks me to do this just one more time…”

  17. “Okay Bonhomme, watch carefully now.. THIS is how we do the #&$@% neoCLOWNservative goosestep… and a one, and a two..”

    • hilarious:)

  18. Colleague Feschuk – you really ducked the other photo – didn’t you?
    I’m sure we could have made a real meal out of Harper coyly peering through a Harlequin mask….

  19. How many times can we go Mr F?
    Bon Homme to SH.
    ” Igher Mr Arper, if yu wont tu cure the fiscal ambulance, yu’ll ave tu go iher, much igher. Don wurre we gut log burln fur arfter”

    • Ahem! Log burling!

  20. Harper to Bonhomme: “I’d then say, Hey Iggy, just stand in front of me for a sec”, and then, boom, I’d kick him right in his smug liberal butt, just like this…”

  21. “Heil Harper — er ist anführer!”

  22. “Harper “a bout de course” dit Bonhomme.”

  23. “$29.95 at Payless…they were too big for Flaherty…

    • Heh.

  24. What, are there no Monty Python fans here? Pathetic.

    “The Prime Minister announced today the formation of the Ministry of Silly Walks and is seen here demonstrating the duties of the post to his new Cabinet Minister.”

    • This should be the winner.

  25. Young Harper-san finally realized what month after month of wax en marche/wax arrete had taught him. But would he be ready to face the cobra-kai?

  26. PM to BH.
    ” Are you absolutely sure this is right?”
    BH to PM
    ” Mais ouis! Ms arper, ites all da rage in Monreal dese dayes!

  27. Despite the explanatory presentation, Quebeckers still seemed wary of proposed changes to penalties under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

    • Good one!

  28. Okay, I cant think of a caption, but man – the Liberals have been handed the still photo for their next pre writ ad campaign:

    Stephen Harper: Who is not a leader now . . .

  29. “Voila mes bottes! Comme nous disons en anglais, les grandes bottes signifient un petit Richard….

  30. The Ministery of Silly Walks presents: La Marche Futile Anglo-Francaise

  31. After a doozy of a federal deficit, Harper proves that he needs only the support of the left to maintain his standing.

  32. “I can SO do the pretzel… just not in these pants.”

  33. What’s with you kojers? Harper’s not going to lose his job. He’ll outrun Mackenzie King’s record.

    • Two Yen
      You’re predictions have about the same shelf life as Steves…predictions anyone?

  34. After a doozy of a budget, Harper proves that he needs only the support of the left to maintain his standing.

  35. Voila! You see Ms Bonny one, it is entirely possilbe to be both a fiscal conservative and a free spending liberal and yet still maintain ones dignity, it’s just a matter of balance.

    • or
      Seriously, I learned this one from Dubya. He told me the trick is too keep them from throwing their shoes at you!

  36. This is pathetic. Harper will be our PM for another 10 years. He won’t be losing his job soon.

    • 10 years, 6 months, who can say?

  37. In response to Bonhomme’s jabs, Stephen Harper proves he has at least one leg to stand on.

  38. “Bonhomme, if you don’t share the secret of keeping a forced smile on your face all the time, I’m landing the next one on your snowballs. Tell me, dammit!”

  39. “And this is what I’ll do to Barry if he doesn’t drop that protectionism clause from his stimulus package. Doesn’t he know I’m trying to convert to liberalism here?”

  40. Think it’s pathetic too! He’s already made you’re pt!

  41. Wrong Wrong you idiot, it’s turn hop pivot turn kick. Do I have to do everything? You’re as bad as Flaherty.

  42. It was at that very moment, in front of all those people and cameras, that Harper most regretted not having that hole in his right front pocket repaired.. DAMN those little Viagra pills for falling all the way down into his boot!

  43. “How’s this for stimulus?”

    • LOL

  44. Hey Snowman, you look like you might know. Do Russians really kick this high when they’re out to kick some butt?

  45. See, it’s not so hard to goosestep!

  46. “Mr. Prime Minister, just picture Michael Ignatieff standing in front of you….there you go!”

  47. “Malfunction! Malfunction! Dammit, I told you we never should have uploaded the Liberal spending rationalization matrix into the HarperDroid Mark IV – he’s overloaded and reverted to the goose-stepping basic Mark I program! Initiate sweater-vest reboot!”

  48. Don’t mention the war!

    • That. Was. Awesome.

      “I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it…”

  49. I think this may just be the first caption challenge with more entries of quality than not. Well done all. Special mention is due to Lord Kitchener’s Own, Robert McClelland, Stephen, John.K, Ernesto, Richard and Andrew (not Potter or Coyne).

    In a very close contest, I’ve decided to go with Mike T. and his entry “Despite the explanatory presentation, Quebeckers still seemed wary of proposed changes to penalties under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.” I thought that was pretty clever.

    And yes, I know Mike T. won the last caption challenge, but so what? The man is a juggernaut of captionery.