Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 1 -

Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 1

Scott Feschuk urges you to come up with something funny/clever/both for the picture above


Welcome back. As you may have read, the Monday Caption Challenge was prorogued over New Year’s and is today being reconstituted as Monday Caption Challenge Vol. 2. This is certain to stymie any and all investigations into whether we’ve been complicit in the torture of innocent verb tenses.

(Once again, I am playing chess while the rest of you are playing checkers – which may help to explain why I am so very, very lonely.)

For our first challenge of 2010, we go all the way back to the year 2009 – an innocent time when men were men, dogs walked on four legs and Susan Boyle and Lady Gaga ruled the album charts (though not yet as a Hall & Oates-style duo).

I snagged this Korea-based photograph from the Prime Minister’s official website, which as of this morning continued to make no reference whatsoever to the little holiday incident in which his hubris grew three sizes that day and he prorogued Parliament. Again. (One more time and it will become a holiday tradition on par with watching It’s a Wonderful Life and stringing lights on Mike Duffy.)

Why the silence on the PM’s site? Perhaps the prorogation never happened! Or perhaps Stephen Harper got all the way to the top of Mount Crumpit and then, hearing the heartfelt singing of the opposition parties below, decided to rocket back down to Ottawa and return everyone’s democracy. If so, the joke’s on him because that “heartfelt singing” was actually just Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae squealing during a Christmas slap fight.

Where was I? Right. Caption challenge. Come up with something funny/clever/both for the picture above. Submit it in the comments below. Tomorrow will bring voting and a lovely prize as sponsored by…. Feschuk.Reid? Sure, why not. Feschuk.Reid: Because No One Else Will Apparently Sponsor This Thing.


Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 1

  1. "Not a Supreme Leader."

  2. Prime Minister Steven Harper seen in rural Korea flanked by his special Seoul-issued personal escort. When asked to comment on the unusual military deployment, President Lee Myung-bak said: "Keeping Prime Minister Harper out of the can during photo-ops requires a miliary-grade solution. We are happy we could help." Commnader Yoo Choonsik, seen to Harper's far left was overhead asking: "What the hell did this fat f@ck eat last night!?!", and later: "WTF did I do to deserve this?".

    • nice one!

    • OMG that one is the BEST – I was litterally crying my eyes out with laughter!

  3. Oh boy, I enjoyed those dictatorship classes and the good eats provided as well

  4. "Those walls really flatter that guy."
    "I agree– he should get a sweater in that colour!"

  5. Hawkeye's really let himself go…

  6. Wish they'd call me Dear Leader.

  7. "Actually, I'm not sure what it means when your literal reflection is armed soldiers."

  8. "I understand locking me in this room and placing me under armed guard, but what is up with all this insufferable similing they're forcing me to do? They said they wanted me to 'look happy for the cameras', but this isn't my happy face! As I tried to explain, my happy face involves my mouth wide open, and lots of noise… what'd they call it… yelling, that's it!"

  9. Poor NDP. Always on the outside looking in…..

    • now THAT'S funny

  10. Not a caption entry, but a question: Why does the guard on the left have a bomb strapped to his waist?

    • "Hey boss, should I throw the bomb now?"
      "No, wait till he prorogues parliament. Then we will strike!"

  11. "can't a man let a fart in peace?"

  12. "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

    – George Orwell, 'Animal Farm'

  13. Dictatorship Redux — The Marxist Brothers: Harpo, Groucho and Kim

  14. Elected? And that's the best they could do?

  15. "Harper finds out dmz and ottawa are similar in that they are both potemkin villages."

    As an aside, Harper looks as relaxed in that photo as I have ever seen him at official events. Which is weird because I have been to dmz and it is not a relaxing place, at all.

  16. Where's the bride?

  17. The Koreans mulled over the idea that perhaps their hats weren't the silliest, after all…

  18. The minders are there to make sure Harper doesn't try and escape into N. Korea…no-one's apparently dared to prorogue their Parliament twice in one year.

  19. "Who washed these windows? There will be hell to pay, soldier."

  20. Harper models our post prorogie Parliament..
    ."I particularly like the sky blue, and the modern decor" he quipped" "
    … and the soldiers in the streets!..
    ".no,no,no" he smirked.
    " That was a previous govt policy i believe."

  21. "In my world of Conservative Accountability, we draw back the curtains and let the rays of light shine on true leadership…."

    "…speaking of leadership, will someone please give these guards a hot chocolate, so they stop giving me the stink-eye?"

  22. I'm ready for my close-up now Mr. DeMille.

  23. Honey …. I think the egg foo yung is here…

  24. "Hey look….he's wearing a funny hat just like us."

  25. It could be worse, he could be our leader.

  26. "I'm here for the economic update. You?" "Speech from the throne."

  27. Harper: "I know I haven't been following the ups and downs of popular culture lately, but why are those paparazzi wearing funny hats and carrying guns"?

    Aide: "Sir, this is the DMZ, not the TMZ"

  28. "Hmmmm, those guys outside are about as cheery as Ignatieff"

  29. Iggy told me those hats are great

  30. Hell is red, Pyongyang is Tory blue.

  31. " I get by with a little help from my friends…"

  32. DPRK soliders keep an eye out to ensure Canadian PM Stephen Harper doesn't serrupticiously drop any democracy out the window. "No! Pick that back up! Bad Prime Minister!" "Awww, I don't want to! I've got so much of it in my attic and nowhere to get rid of it!".

  33. Testing… testing… 1..2..3… not a caption entry but a post test…..

  34. "Why are we spying on this guy?"

    " Supreme leader says we can learn a thing or two from him about how to run a democracy-styled dictatorship. "

    "Ooh, now that is good!"

  35. let's see, will my entry disappear a third time?…..

  36. Yep. It disappeared for a third time.

    • what did it say? McKay's office either loves and wants to steal it for themselves or hates it! write it across a number of posts maybe?

  37. No matter what they do, Harper still does not trust the Ottawa media.

  38. Coooool. So this is what it's like having your own army in the streets

  39. Members of the Canadian media donned elaborate costumes in a futile attempt to gain access to the elusive Prime Minister.

  40. "I dunno, I think he intends to make futile criticisms of our human rights record while still attempting to engage us as a major trade partner"


    "The one child policy can be so cruel, can it not, comrade?"

    (I know, I know, it's Korea…)

  41. Year 2020: Exhibit "B" at Madame Tussauds – Korea:
    Stephen Harper, President and Head of State of the Republic of Canada

  42. The N. Koreans are apparently on tho our PM's fondness for bathroom breaks…only one sheet per visit comrade Harper.

  43. um…too our…

  44. "반면에 다른 체스 게임, 그 사람은 체스에서 최고 지도자 이길"

    "While others play checkers, that guy beat the Supreme Leader at chess"

  45. "He's trying to smile again. Release the nerve gas."

  46. If Harper thinks he has paparazzi, he's in the Twilight Zone.

    'Mandu! Mandu!"

  47. "He's smiling…see, I told you he'd like the 'Canada blue'"

  48. Ahhhh….our finest edition yet! The Harpbot 2.0!

  49. Quote from "Going Prorogue", The Stephen Harper story
    "…The whole scene reminded me of an Elton John video from my youth –for the rest of the trip, I hummed 'Nikita' incessantly"

  50. During His trip in Korea the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada Steven Harper the Magnificient stopped by a local home decoration shops to find inspirational styling cues to redecorate the Senate. Although no knows for sure, reputable Harperologues declare His Magnificence's smile to be genuine. One can only hope that our Magnifical Leader likes what He sees.

  51. 정말 멋있. 만약 모든 사람들이 외국어에 자신의 생각을 게시하기 시작 어떻게 될 것이라고 그랬지?

  52. "Iggy and Jack just won't give up, . . . always trying to get in on a photo op. Somebody tell them they look goofy in those hats."

  53. I've brought along some experts to help us with this democracy thing in Parliament.

  54. eyes are the windows to the seoul

    • Very nice.

  55. To the disbelief of the onlookers, PM Harper shows off the Tory blue colour scheme that homeowners must have used to qualify for the Home Renovation Tax Credit.

  56. Comrades marvel over newest addition to Peoples Zoo. The rare Canadian politicus integretus

  57. "What does prorogue mean?"

  58. Korea?? I'm not worried about Korea! It's a poor country led by a wimpy dictator with a small … uh … there's a couple .. of … uh .. Korean soldiers right behind me … isn't there? Giving me some cut-eye, huh? … Hmmmm …. Smiles, everyone! Smiles!