Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 3: The Voting


UPDATE just before 2 p.m ET: A convincing victory for Not Stephen Colbert, who is, I am assuming, not Stephen Colbert. Whoever you are, email me at scott.feschuk@macleans.rogers.com and I’ll send along your reward.

I’m not saying this wasn’t one of your finer efforts, people, but it’s only 5:15 in the morning and I’ve already been exposed to twice the recommended daily allowance of subpar.

Some solid finalists, though, so let’s get to them. Winner receives an Amazon.ca gift certificate courtesy of Feschuk.Reid, the world’s first and only speechwriting and communications firm ever. Feschuk.Reid: Because You’re Worth It.

“Whoa, hold on a minute. If he’s Peter MacKay, then who the hell are you?” – Not Stephen Colbert

“Does anyone else see the teddy bear in the suit standing next to me?” – Al O’Wishes

“Okay, pay attention this time Van Loan: Cannon will have the double decaf soy latte; MacKay, the Red Bull; Nicholson will have a cup of Red Rose; and I’ll have my usual warm mug of Ignatieff’s tears.” – MaggiesFarmboy

“…miney, MO!” – themikestand

“So I’ll be B.A.Baracus and you’ll be Hannibal, Peter gets to be Face, and everyone else can fight over Murdock’s spot.” – London, On


Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 3: The Voting

  1. It's a photo that resists funny, for some reason. (though the five finalists are all good, I hasten to add!).

    • That's loser talk, private! Drop and give me 20 punchlines!

      • *that*, I can do in under four minutes!

    • My theory is there WAS some actual work takeing place when the photo was taken. This is very sloppy quality control Scott. There…Harper's not the only one who can slop the blame around.

    • Perhaps it's time to have a subject other than Stephen Harper.
      Anyone for Mr Ignatieff?

      • For this to happen, he would need to be photographed in public, and that photograph would have to be of interest to enough people to be uploaded to the internet.

        You see the conundrum.

        • Since everyone is suddenly obsessed with the post ratings, I should probably point out that that I'm the one who voted this down. It was an accident, though, I swear. Apparently, I've now become so unathletic that I can't even properly aim a mouse arrow.

  2. mine was so much better than these

    • Ben's hilarious everyone. Just FYI.

      (it WAS a good entry, though. would have made the cut if cannon/lemmon was actually holding a coffee)

      • taste not, taunt not

      • Eeeewww.

  3. Serioiusly Scott, were you the one giving negative votes to all the entries?

    • i'm beginning to sense the caption challenge will be a short-lived tradition.

      • …and just when your Feschuk-Reid marketing campaign was achieving the momentum it needs. How sad.

        I can sense your concern, but it is pretty funny to read the comments – good and bad.

        I think adding the constraint last week helped to improve the quality at the expense of stifling creativity. Maybe other constraints such as "three word maximum" (Perhaps "Out!" or "You're prorogued!" for this week's caption) might make your life easier.

        Besides, the caption contest is a lot easier to judge than "write a 100 word essay on why prorogue is a funny word" You could probably even find an iPhone App to do the caption contest for you while you relax in the sun.

      • I agree that most of the responses, including mine, were "meh" (but keep voting for me, people, Papa needs the next season of "Damages" on DVD…),

        Maybe if I could suggest picking a week when Haiti isn't, i dunno, like suffering through an apocolypse, or a photo with at least some comedic possibilities…

        Just sayin'…

        • That's a good point. Let me take this opportunity to apologize profusely for forcing you at gunpoint to participate. That was poor form on my part, and I am sorry.

          • That was a gun in your pants? Whew, I thought you were preparing to "Go West" with Coyne and Wells, so to speak.

            Don't get me wrong, no global disaster is gonna keep this guy from trying to drain a chuckle from the macleans blogs site! I'm really just trying to keep this tradition going, and attempting to explain this week's poor performance.

          • Hey, is this where I come to bitch because my entry didn't get into the voting list?

            Hey Farmboy, if you win, I want a box of donut holes for my deviously subliminal inspiration on a Wherry blog 1 week ago:

            Looks to me like van Loan is taking orders for a trip to Tim Hortons.


          • Make me laugh or I'll bust a cap in yo ass!

      • Is there gonna be playoffs? I'm saving my best for last. I'm just warming up.

  4. Trouble is, with someone who looks like he's holding his breath standing next to our esteemed PM, all the obvious funny captions aren't suitable for a family publication.

  5. Oh, Maggiesfarmboy is good, but Not Stephen Colbert made me laugh so hard! I am given them both thumps up….

  6. LOL, this whole thread is at least as funny as the captions!!

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