Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 5 -

Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 5

This photo has more comic potential in its little finger than Stockwell Day has in his entire murse


Is this photograph new, or even newish? Don’t think so. Don’t care. It has more comic potential in its little finger than Stockwell Day has in his entire murse (not counting the makeup mirror).

Entries today. Voting tomorrow. Then the bestowing of the prize.

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Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 5

  1. I am going to need more than a glass of white wine if I am going to try and make sense of what Iggy is saying today.

    • I believe that is a Stella Artois (Beer) from the looks of it. Good caption though!

    • I think that's a Stella

      • It's almost certainly a Stella glass, and I'd say definitely a beer.

      • I was torn. It looks like wine glass (it has long stem) but the guy drinking it does not look like white wine drinker.

        Maybe the bar had run out of proper pint glasses or is that how they serve beer where liberals hang out?

        • Do you mean, Belgium?

          • word. it's amazing how many commenters here don't seem to have ever seen a Stella Artois glass before, how long has it been since they (Inbev S.A., that is) bought Labatt's?

          • word. it's amazing how many commenters here don't seem to have ever seen a Stella Artois glass before, how long has it been since they (Inbev S.A., that is) bought Labatt's?

        • Drinking an import beer – what's the penalty for that in the Conservative party?

          • not much drinking of any sort going on in the front bench from what I understand… I've been wondering what Harper and Day did with their glasses of 'patriotic' icewine after the cameras stopped clicking? whoops!

  2. Will you all shuddup! I'm trying to watch the Grammies!

  3. It's hard being a reform party stalwart in Danforth-Lakeshore.

  4. Hmpf! Kids these days! Why, back when Borden used to come in here…

  5. Straining to hear . . . Mr. Biff Kody eavesdrops on the Opposition leader.

  6. Sometimes it's lonely being Al Apps.

  7. The lonely Canadian voter, contemplating his options, reaches for another beer.

  8. Is the roof leaking? Why is my hair getting wet?

  9. His wife, his family, they all pleaded get a hearing aid. But ol' Hank knew that being hard of hearing wasn't always a bad thing….

  10. I'm torn between two:

    A one dollar party membership fee to cross this barrier and get unfettered access to the Leader of the Official Opposition? Hmmmm. I think I'd be happier with the dollar.


    Geeze. The least they could have done is left one TV on the game. What kind of crowd actually cheers for Newsworld anyhow?

  11. I don't care if he won't talk to me anymore. I still maintain that his distinction between civic and ethnic nationalism is artifical and absurd

    • Pretty good, sir.

  12. I think I am gonna need another half dozen Stellas if anything that man just said is gonna make a lick of sense…Bartender!!!.

  13. That liar Feschuk told me this was happy hour.

    • Hahaha, can't count on him, uh? (my favorite by far!)

  14. While Reid waits patiently to be next at bending Iggy`s ear, Feschuk sits alone scratching himself, wondering " What the heck am I doing here ?

  15. Ignatieff introduced the new Liberal membership drive strategy today: My sense is that first we need to separate them from the pack and then we let them drink enough they won't be able to resist us as the party travels from bar to bar. You got a better idea?

  16. Its not possible…….someone else would've noticed…..eyebrows can't talk….did they hypnotize me………all I did was ask if they'd raise taxes…….whats in this drink!…….how long have I been sitting here now, oh man!

  17. Bob Rae's campaign manager: At least Martha Coakley is hiring.

  18. He how eats alone chokes alone

  19. Hank thoughtfully groomed himself before accepting the karaoke championship award, but he knew it would never fill the aching hole in his soul.

  20. That Trudeau is a damn pinko-commie. Wait; what year is this? BARTENDER!

  21. After seeing all of his Trivia Night compadres move to the bar, it dawns on Joe that maybe he shouldn't drink quite so much anymore – it seems he ordered prorogue-ies to go with his beer.

  22. STILL no seats on the upper level? "Just visiting" my ass!

    • Mike that's great. Ignore the nanny trolls.

  23. Results of experiment #27:
    Some hot air is socially acceptable, while other hot air IS NOT.
    Never underestimate the power of cabbage.

  24. The lack of media attention starts to take its toll on Elizabeth.

  25. Stephen Harper: the later years

    Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, he walks into mine

  26. A lonely Danish tourist reconsiders his travel destinations: "Det er ligesom i København i december sidste år. Jeg kan bare ikke slippe væk."

  27. Suddenly, it dawns on George: the young lady in the powersuit promised him a good time with Iggy-ness, NOT a Guinness.

  28. Damn, I knew I was supposed to attend that lecture at Harvard lat night. Now I;ll never get that A I needed ot pass.

  29. What happens in Vegas, doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas.

  30. I'm not having a drink with that elitist snob, nooo siree, not me.

  31. Damn, the chicks always seem to go for bushy, twitchy eyebrows.

  32. Why isn't SH in this picture? [ i'm under the table Scott]

  33. "Fast train to Windsor piffle…i'm still not voting for him…unless the beer's complementary"!

  34. Bob, an Albertan at heart, did not share the excitement of trading away the only Dion respected in the west.

    • Was he really still respected? I'm glad to have him in Toronto, but I hear they've been booing him in Calgary lately.

  35. Ah…so there is at least one guy in the country who hasn't seen those just visiting adds…unfortunately for team Ignatieff, he still doesn't know who the hell Ignatieff is.

  36. If he prorogues the next round, I'm gonna start me a facebook page and…

  37. Exile… the lonely fate of an errant liberal staffer who mentioned the word 'coalition' on an Ignatieff get to know thy voter smooze.

  38. While a Harper Tory to the core, suddenly Doug wasn't so sure that proroguing Parliament was a good idea.

  39. Wow, am I the only one with reservations?

  40. Damn, I snuck away (and it wasn't easy) to meet Feschuk to watch the game and Feschuk hasn't even shown up. How the hell will I get back without being noticed?

  41. After mistakenly entering an Elitist Bar, the last ordinary Canadian left in Ottawa contemplates life – over a pint of Leffe Blond.

  42. Worst karaoke night. Ever.

    • That's a beauty!!

    • I hear MI's rendition of "I got to be me" brought the house down

  43. This neighbourhood has taken a turn for the worse… quickly…gonna have to find myself a new hang-out.

  44. I am never going to come up with something clever for Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 5, if these yahoos don't STFU.

  45. "I thought that funny-looking American guy from the TV was just visiting!"

  46. Shmoozing: Upper Level
    Policy development: Lower Level

    • that was super funny!

    • That's a beaut. Bravo. Looks like the thinkers conference drew one more than I thought might bother…

  47. As a Chardonnay sipping Conservative, Bob already endured more than his share of ostracism. Then Ignatieff walked into the pub…

    • and pointed out that that is not chardonnay.

      • Yeah, yeah… I know. There you go again officerfarva… ruining a good story.

  48. Lonely drinker: " What's going on here, is there an election on or somethng"?

  49. Tory mole mulls things over a pint:

    " What were those damn talking points again? Yeah, yeah…that's right…so Michael, been in the country long have you"?

  50. Bob swore that this would be the last time Michael Ignatieff would ruin his birthday party.

    • Priceless….I'm voting all day for this one.

  51. Sitting at the table designated for previous communication directors .. Iggy's cousin Ralph the first comm dir contemplated his brewski (what with being a high russian and all) mused to himself as to the whimiscal nature of it all and why did his cousin get all the cudos a bitter taste left in his mouth for the unfairness of it all. Then a thought came to him and he realized next time if he has a chance he won't suggest using Harper Your Time Is UP at a meeting in Sudbury. The thing is if he could turn the clock back it might work now but that's how it goes in politics.

  52. Willard scratches his head in dismay, wondering why he wasn't invited to the party. "Could it be my blue shirt and pants look a little too Conservative? Or maybe my preference for Stella is little too effete for their new-found grass-roots principles?"

  53. Where'd this booger come from?

  54. One would have thought that at some point Mark Steyn would no longer frequent Liberal establishments.

    • I like.

  55. Bob was confused. Just as the voice in his head finally convinced him to burn down the bar, the sudden arrival of a new voice in his head caused him to put down the matches and consider investing in high-speed trains instead.

    • This needs a bit of work, and could be better written. Unfortunately, I'm at work and can't devote too much time or thought to this, so I submit this instead :

      Bob was confused. After finally convincing him to burn down the bar, the voice in his head abruptly changed tone and urged him to invest in high-speed trains instead.

  56. My fellow Americans,, I mean, Britons, dammit, let me start again…


    My fellow Russian aristocrats…

    Woah, I can't believe that just came out of my mouth.

    One more time.

    My fellow……#!@$%, where am I again?

    • that is hilarious!

    • Very nice.

  57. Bob considered changing seats, as it was getting lonely in the "No Bullsh–ing" section of the bar.

    • Whoa…whilst skimming the entries just a bit too quickly, I first read yours as …getting lonely in the "No Bush" section….

  58. that is a good point. note we both got thumbed down??? i thnk we are to soemthing they don't want us to follow up on. someone should write an empirical analysis of this place!

    • I fear for a nasty tax audit this year, already.

      • damn. what have i got myself into now?!

        • I'm with SS on this…why would anybody give a negative to a joke…unless it was really offensive. Seems there's a few Iggy senstive types out there. But, cripes, this is the funny post, right?

          • yeah that was the point i was making. i see three options:

            1) people care so much about winning they think thumbing everyone else down will vault them into the lead.

            2) iggy supporters have insanely thin skin

            3) feschuk thinks all our jokes suck and he has multiple accounts!

          • Except – SF picks ones make the next round, correct? So thumbing down on the weekly caption contest is just pointless….

          • sure e_ron, but it doesn't mean he likes them. they might just be the worst of the gruel!

          • lol
            Is there a way to test #3?

            i can't believe anyone would seriously opt for #1. So according to Holmes it's gotta be 2, which is still kinda sad. I'm gonna try and slag Jack and see if that gets past nanny sensor. Gotta think of a funny jack quote first though…hmmm, that oughta do with this crowd.

          • Ok. Now i'm sure it's personal. Grow up you freaking baby!

          • you okay kcm? I think the make meds for this sort of thing these days!

          • I settled on 2 entries:
            One pokes fun at Ignatieff
            The other pokes fun at Harper
            The results? They're tied!
            Conclusion: I'm out of "A" material

          • Not #1…tried that last week, no go……although it could have been the material….

      • shit. i hadn't even thought about that. damn, what have i gotten myself into this time?!

  59. This Thursday at the Keg, the Green Party/Liberal Party Caucus party.

  60. Who's the smartest guy in THIS room?

  61. There…that should be good for a couple thumbs down.:)

  62. "Oh great. Of all the days to forget my tin foil hat at home…"

    • Good one!

  63. Even the PMO's mole is not working.

  64. Joe voter wonders just exactly what did get him a seat in the Ignatieff sin bin.

    " 'preciate the pint n'all…but hell, i was only gonns ast him when he thought the next election might be"

  65. A man sits at a busy pub in London, England.

  66. Tory mole:

    "Sh**! i can't quite make him out…why couldn't those cheap bast***s get me a tape machine? Nooo, too risky they said…just scribble it on yer beermat…frigging clowns"!

  67. In one of the more memorable scenes from the Liberal convention, rival Volpe and Ignatieff strategists assembled regularly in the same bar.

  68. is it just me or are the Iggy trolls even more sensitive then the SH trolls? hard to bloody believe! or are people that hyped to the gift card (which is a great prize, but…)?

    • What!?

      There's a prize? Then I'll give it a shot:

      I thought Harper promised me beer AND popcorn money to babysit this guy?

    • I do believe you're onto something

      • when you look what gets negative ratings or thumbs down (i.e., diminished positives) there seems to be a pattern. Jokes people jokes! Also if there is a party that might want to be open to some constructive criticism right now….

        • I suspect more Liberally inclined folks have Intense Debate accounts, than their righty counterparts. For some reason, the conbots prefer complete anonymity.

          That said, I'm always a bit surprised that anyone bothers to vote down jokes too.

  69. Despite his best efforts to be inconspicuous, Vic Toews's efforts to evesdrop on Iggy's strategy session came to naught.

  70. reporter: "At Ignatieff's thinkers conference, a solitary attendee can be seen engulfed in an intense thinking session, developing serious liberal policy".

  71. "I'd even vote for the green shift to make them go away."

  72. "No sign of Gomery or Fraser… and yet I'm still waiting for my brown envelope! What's taking so long?"

    • Go down the hall, third door on the left.
      Knock twice.
      Ask for Karlheinz
      Tell him Brian sent me

      • LOL!

  73. This was a rally for the by-election campaign of Ken Beck Lee in New West-Coquitlam.

  74. Jim kept kicking himself for misunderstanding the flier. Liberal party didn't mean a party with loose women. How could he have been so stupid.

  75. No matter how may cold beers Jim had, the air around seemed to get hotter and hotter.

  76. "How fast can I quaff this down and hightail it outta here before that yak-yak guy Dryden gets back from the john?"

  77. oh, the dude who thumbed you down!

    • It's ok thanks. No sense in my whining about it anyway.

  78. No matter who the hell I vote for, this place is going to hell in a handbasket
    Barkeep! Keep 'em comin'

  79. "Iggy…..Iggy. Where have I heard that name before?"

  80. A troubled voter retires to ponder the enigma that is Michael Ignatieff.
    " Seems like a nice guy n'all that. But just what the f**k does incentivize mean"?

  81. Ignatieff announces new Liberal strategies meant to appeal to "regular" Canadians. Prepare to cue blue-collar prop.

  82. The manager was alarmed when he realized both the Toronto Liberal and Conservative parties had both made reservations for the same time.

  83. This picture was from a Ken Beck Lee [by-election] campaign event in New West-Coquitlam!