Caption challenge: Vote now -

Caption challenge: Vote now


UPDATE: WDM wins it, with ease. Not sure if I have your address, WDM, so can you please flip it to me at Thanks, and congrats.

To begin: I wrote yesterday a thing that referenced Jason Kenney. I am now informed that the citizenship guide in question, while failing to mention gay rights, equality, same-sex marriage or snug jeans, did include a photograph of Mark Tewskbury. So they’re totally covered on the homosexuality thing. Canada: we let our gay people swim.

To the caption challenge: Michael Ignatieff. Justin Trudeau. Laptop computers. I thought it would add up to comedy gold. It added up to comedy bronze. Still, it’s time to vote for your favourite caption. Will Mike T. win for a third consecutive week? If so, he’ll have an Olympic cowbell, an Olympic T-shirt, the media guide to the Swedish Olympic team (I sent it along in case he didn’t have enough blond in his life) and an Olympic cap. Or will someone deny him the chance to complete his Olympic ensemble? You and you alone will decide (not really).

The finalists:

  • Iggy: “You type in your name, and Duffy says it! This thing is hilarious.” – WDM
  • “I can’t wait to see what picture Feschuk has in store for us this week…hey wait, is that…us?” – Mike T.
  • So what alias do you post to Macleans under? – Thwim
  • “Justin! How the hell do I roll the typing paper into this thing?” – jasonhickman
  • “‘Affront to democracy’…good one!” – Duane


Caption challenge: Vote now

  1. Mark Tewksbury, board member for the homosexualist separatist Out Games, is of course a militant homosexualist who once referred to Toronto born and raised computer programming cul de sac dwelling Stephen Harper as a "redneck". Because he's from Alberta, you see, and according to his tiny leftist brain all Albertans are rednecks, which some might find a tad stereotypical and bigoted.

    A partisan Liberal, on November 30, 2006 Tewksbury was the Master of Ceremonies for the Tribute to former Prime Minister Paul Martin at the Liberal Party of Canada's Leadership and Biennial Convention in Montreal.

    Seems to me Kenney was generous and perhaps not wise to put Tewksbury in the guide. With a degree in science and an unparalleled record of serving her constituents, I believe Cheryl Gallant would be better choice as an effective symbol of the New Canada and the Scientific Development Concept, deftly displaying the "super rights" Canadian females enjoy over minorities and even homosexualists in Canada as evidenced by lagging hiring of minorities in the PS and skyrocketing employment rates among females.

    • Was this a caption submission?

    • Mark Tewksbury is from Calgary, Alberta, and swam for the U Calgary team. So he's entitled to his opinion about who fits the model of a redneck.

      He's a multiple Olympic medalist, member of the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, was Canada's Male Athlete of the Year and has been a tireless supporter of investment in our Olympic Athletes, coaches and facilities, not to mention investment in health and recreation for kids.

      Mark Tewksbury is an Albertan sports icon and a Canadian icon independent of his views on gay rights.

    • Uhm, Mark Tewksbury is from Alberta. While he did host the Gala Tribute for Paul Martin he did say that he was not a Party member.

      Other than those two specific points I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  2. 5 votes of "Lame".

  3. The swedes are racier than us Feschuk. Gratuitous swedishness is a puffy-nippled public tit (by your account). When Maclean’s grows up (again) comedy will come easy.

  4. I ring my Vancouver 2010 Olympic cowbell in salute to the other contestants and esp. WDM.