Carleton University teams up with Iranian embassy to honour Ayatollah Khomeini


Carleton University in Ottawa last weekend hosted a pro-Islamic Republic of Iran propaganda event sponsored in part by the Iranian embassy.

The conference, “The Contemporary Awakening and Imam Khomeini’s Thoughts,” was held to commemorate the 23 anniversary of the death of the Islamic Republic’s founding dictator, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. It was presented by the Cultural Centre of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is run out of Iran’s embassy on Metcalfe Street, and the Iranian Cultural Association of Carleton University. Iranian students at Carleton in the past have contacted me to complain about attempts by the Iranian embassy to influence their student group at the university.

The conference featured a talk by Moulana Sayyid Muhhamad Rizvi, the “Guidance Alim” of a Toronto Islamic school whose teaching materials — some of which which were written in Iran or by a foundation believed by the FBI to be controlled by the Iranian government — refer to “crafty” and “treacherous” Jews.

Rizvi told the conference that Khomeini “proved that Islam is not just a religion of prayers and personal laws that only deals with matters of divorce and inheritance, rather it is a complete code of life that can govern all aspects of society — spiritual, material, as well as personal, social, economic and political aspects.”

Press TV, the Islamic Republic’s English-language television propaganda arm, was on hand to mark the event. Press TV puppet Hamed Mousavi informed viewers that Khomeini’s “influence and inspiration have extended beyond Iran,” noting the supposed impact Khomeini’s ideas have had on recent popular uprisings in the Arab world.

Other speakers included Kurt Anders Richardson, at the University of Toronto’s Trinity College, who said Khomeini “was the one who emphasized the equality of human beings, the equality of male and female.” This revelation is likely news to millions of Iranian men and women, and would have been news to thousands of more, if they hadn’t already have been tortured, raped, and murdered during Khomeini’s reign and its violent and ongoing aftermath.

In an interview with Maclean’s after the conference, Richardson said he has received a lot of criticism from Iranian  émigrés in Canada since making those comments and said he had based them on Khomeini’s writings, rather than his actions. Richardson says he was invited to the Ottawa conference by a diplomat at the Iranian embassy with whom he has an established relationship pertaining to Richardson’s regular visits to Iran as part of his research in comparative theology. Richardson says the Iranian leadership is engaged in a larger effort to show — as Press TV dutifully parroted — that Iran’s Islamic Revolution inspired the Arab Spring and that its spirit motivates even various “occupy” movements in Western capitals.

Richardson says he is aware that his presence at Tehran-sponsored conferences may play into Iranian government propaganda efforts but says he’ll run that risk as long as he’s not censored:  “I will make the choice in favour of maintaining my relationship, as long as I have the freedom to speak from a critically religious perspective.”

UPDATE: Carleton University sent me the following statement: “Student groups at Carleton University host many events each year on campus, sometimes on controversial subjects. The views expressed by the speakers at this event in no way reflect the views of the university as [a] whole. There are more than 160 student groups and societies registered at Carleton. And Carleton, like all other Canadian universities, encourages a culture of debate and free expression.”


Carleton University teams up with Iranian embassy to honour Ayatollah Khomeini

  1. Michael you wrote:
    The conference featured a talk by Moulana Sayyid Muhhamad Rizvi, the “Guidance Alim” of a Toronto Islamic school whose teaching materials — some of which which were written in Iran or by a foundation believed by the FBI to be controlled by the Iranian government — refer to “crafty” and “treacherous” Jews.
    Karen Amstrong has written from Historical Fact:
    In Medina, the chief casualties of this Muslim success were the three Jewish tribes of Qaynuqah, Nadir and Qurayzah, who were
    determined to destroy Muhammad and who all independently formed alliances with
    Mecca. They had powerful armies, and obviously posed a threat to the
    Muslims, since their territory was so situated that they could easily join a
    besieging Meccan army or attack the ummah from the rear. When the
    Qaynuqah staged an unsuccessful rebellion against Muhammad in 625(AD), they were
    expelled from Medina, in accordance with Arab custom. Muhammad tried to
    reassure the Nadir, and made a special treaty with them, but when he discovered
    that they had been plotting to assassinate him they too were sent into exile,
    where they joined the nearby Jewish settlement of Khaybar, and drummed up
    support for Abu Sufyan among the northern Arab tribes. The
    Nadir proved to be even more of a danger outside Medina, so when the Jewish
    tribe of Qurayzah sided with Mecca during the Battle of the Trench, when for a
    time it seemed that the Muslims faced certain defeat, Muhammad showed no
    What is the meaning of treacherous!!!
    a treacherous act of betrayal

    • That you can spread outright lies with such glib facility is amazing.
      Go sleep with a goat.

  2. have you ever read Khomeini’s green book? it is as confusing as Finnegan’s Wake. Contains all sorts of instruction on sex as well. I found Khomeini’s advice to horny men particularly telling: if a woman is menstruating, a man is permitted to use the anus as an alternate route to satisfaction. And our brothers in this region would have us believe that women are the problem! Khomeini is clearly an enlightened cat.

    • Most Influential People of All Times
      Khomeini87th Most Influential: is not as influential as jesus, Muhammad and a few other guys, but he was more influential than most on this list.
      He helped his people liberate from Tyrant Shah.
      It seems you are ignorant person who cannot read.

      • Liberate? First off, he lied to come in power by saying he would “not get involved in politics”. Second, he was a brutal killer and child rapist. The SOB had several chances to end the Iran-Iraq war but instead he declared, “On to Karbala, Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, & the west!” as the lives of Iranians meant NOTHING to him. Shame on you for being a self-hating westerner and a moral coward of the 1st degree.

      • BTW, the Iranian people are under the grip of his terror and the terror of this terrorist Islamic Republic regime TODAY. The Iranian people are under TYRANNY, OPPRESSION, and TERROR,

  3. Iranian embassy propaganda or this website? Using terms like puppet makes it quite clear that the author is the puppet here. Stop the propaganda.

    • Distortion of the facts by a poor journalism.Keep it straight and do twist the truth.

  4. Michael, you’ve turned over an interesting rock. Look at what came crawling out.

  5. I wonder if Carleton University knows about Ayatollah’s Khomeini’s “Cultural Revolution”. How he shut down the universities for two years and sacked and imprisoned dissident students and academics

  6. This is AMAZING. Why would such a university allow a propaganda event of the Islamic Republic to take place in their country when the Islamic Republic suppresses all forms of speech inside of Iran? Absolutely disgusting and despicable. This isn’t about free speech – this is about a rogue and authoritarian regime hosting propaganda b.s. inside of a free and democratic country.

  7. Shameful. Does @kenneyjason know abt it?

  8. how can they honour a mass murderer!!!

  9. Khomeini is one of the greatest mass murderers of all time. Shame

    Carleton University

  10. I find your language simply repelling. You are the true propaganda machine of west, and your article is written in language of hatred towards something you don’t understand (Iranian revolution)

  11. OMG…Khomeini was a rapist and murderous fiend. He promoted pedophile sex with children and even a “baby”, as well with several different animals. he was sick and twisted. This Prof Richardson is as well somewhat twisted, is he a pedophile to?
    You on this Page who agree with these characters are just a little misguided, to say the least. Time to grow up and look beyond the propaganda you’ve been fed all your lives.

  12. “Khomeini’s green book” has absolutely nothing to do with Ayatollah Khomeini. It is a series of fabricated texts that do not exist in any of his works. It was written and published in the US.

    This alone shows the extent of ignorance about Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini in Canada.
    This article is simply an attempt to prevent open debate, because the author fears that people may learn something that is in conflict with the dominant narrative in the West.

  13. Carleton ‘encourages a culture of debate and free expression’. Doublespeak. Carleton is an example of that ‘liberal’ education mindset that says ‘I’m tolerant of everyone who agrees with me.’. This University is the one that arrests its own students for Pro Life presentations. Agree with those presentations or not Carleton does not encourage a culture of debate nor free expression.

  14. Leftiist scum bending over for Islamic killers. As usual.

  15. Dont forget all the gays Khomeini had executed since the revolution. But I thought leftists loved gays? Oh, but they love “multiculturalism” more.

  16. What a frightful university!

    George Broadhead
    UK Pink Triangle Trust

  17. what green book? Are you so weak that you want to prove your point by LIES. There is no green book!. Liers