Cars 2: Buy Our Toys -

Cars 2: Buy Our Toys


Yeah, yeah, someone got engaged, but also, we got the trailer for a sequel to Pixar’s least-beloved (but second-most-merchandisable) film. The profits from toy sales for this movie, as well as the more acclaimed Toy Story franchise, will help finance movies that aren’t as easy to spin toys out of — there aren’t a lot of cranky-old-man or talking-rat toys — so I’m not complaining.


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Cars 2: Buy Our Toys

  1. This is pretty sad. Cars was the least loved Pixar film, and rightly so.

  2. This is the only Pixar movie I haven't seen…is it worth checking out?

    • Cars is definitely my least favourite. Too long, and it was missing that essential, Pixar-y quality (sense of wonder? heart? I don't know) that the other movies have. That said, everyone I know with kids says that Cars is their kids' favourite Pixar movie.

  3. My little guy is three and absolutely loves Cars, I really like it, Larry the Cable Guy is great as Mater. Way better than Up, not as preachy as Wall-E.