Cartoon Proof That Canadians Are Awesome -

Cartoon Proof That Canadians Are Awesome


Happy Canada Day. (I instinctively think of it as “Dominion Day,” which just shows that people sometimes prefer the name they grew up with, for no logical reason. I don’t actually think “Dominion Day” is a better name than “Canada Day,” and I definitely don’t mind that they changed it — but the original name is the name I was taught, so it stuck in my mind.) In honour of the event, here’s a film about an American criminal who makes the mistake of fleeing to Canada, only to discover that you don’t mess with the Mounties.

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Cartoon Proof That Canadians Are Awesome

  1. LOL, that is true Art!

  2. So many rights violations, violations of jusrisdiction, psychological torture, intimidation, and that time spent in the lake is egregious, waterboarding I say……I demand an inquiry, compensation for the wolf for clear brutality by the state and punishment for Sgt McPoodle.

  3. @BlackBloc … haha.

    • The wolf was just engaged in a "diversity of tactics leading to social justice", and corporate power is why he was in jail.

      Sgt McPoodle was a clear tool of the globalized hegemony that is making us all poorer. I thought the best part of this was the Wolf's free crossing of the border. No one is illegal!

      It is the narrowmindedness of some that forces him into the pre-set paradigm of being a criminal, being effectively branded. NO LOGO NO LOGO!!