Cauliflower ear... a part of our heritage -

Cauliflower ear… a part of our heritage


Heritage Minister James Moore twitters his efforts to bring the UFC to Vancouver.

Had excellent mtg w/executives from Ultimate Fighting Championship. I want a Vancouver event next year. Working on it


Cauliflower ear… a part of our heritage

  1. Awesome! James Moore, you have my thanks.

  2. I can see a lot of federal Conservative MPs being in favour of an event that involves half naked sweaty men climbing over each other

  3. Ahhhh…culture!

  4. IIRC, it's ultimately the decision of the provinces what events are allowed, based on AG and Athletics Commissioners' interpretations of the laws. But good on James Moore for trying to influence something over which he has no real control.

    That being said, I too would like to see more UFC in Canada. It's cathartic to watch.

  5. I didn't think Moore was one of the Conservative cabinet who enjoyed watching half-naked musclular men entwined with each other inside a metal cage.

    • Yes, he is one of those who likes to watch — the others prefer to participate.

  6. Our Heritage in action.

  7. I'll support this only if Moore goes up against a professional UFC fighter, in an exhibition match.