CBC Renews Lots of Stuff


The CBC has just issued a press release on renewals for the 2011-12 season.

Many shows have been renewed, apart from the shoo-ins (shoos-in?) like The Rick Mercer Report; pickups for shows that might have been “on the bubble” include the new InSecurity, the Energizer Bunny-like Little Mosque on the Prairie, and Being Erica, which may well have been saved by its popularity in the U.S.

One show I don’t see on this list is 18 To Life. In fact I think that’s the only scripted show from the current schedule that isn’t on this list of renewed shows. Too bad for it. Its brief (and, absurdly, controversial) run in the U.S. doesn’t seem to have boosted it the way American attention boosted Erica.

Update: Diane Wild points out in comments that Men With Brooms also appears to have been canceled.

Here’s the relevant excerpt from said press release:

February 11, 2011 — CBC Television today confirmed a number of returning shows for the 2011-12 season. Among the returning fan favourites are BATTLE OF THE BLADES and DRAGONS’ DEN, which both regularly drew more than 1.5 million viewers this season, the Down East detective hit REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, Season 9 of THE RICK MERCER REPORT and Season 51 of THE NATURE OF THINGS WITH DAVID SUZUKI.

“CBC Television is coming off a great season of delivering the shows audiences love, and we’re going to build on that momentum in 2011-12,” said Christine Wilson, Interim General Manager CBC Television. “CBC’s prime-time schedule will continue to be the undisputed home of great home-grown programming.”

The following favourites have been renewed and will return to the programming schedule:

22 Minutes
Battle of the Blades
Being Erica
Best Recipes Ever
Doc Zone
Dragons’ Den
the fifth estate
George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight
Little Mosque on the Prairie
The Nature of Things
Republic of Doyle
The Rick Mercer Report
The Ron James Show
Steven & Chris

Meanwhile, new programming pickups for the 2011-12 season include Mr. D, starring Gerry D and produced by Topsail Entertainment; Michael Tuesdays and Thursdays,  featuring the writing and acting talents of Bob Martin and produced by Rhombus Media; the co-production Camelot, from Take 5 Productions; Kevin O’Leary in Dealer to Leader, developed by Wide-Eyed Entertainment in conjunction with CBC; and Cover Me Canada, produced  by 11 Entertainment.

There you ‘ave it, then.

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CBC Renews Lots of Stuff

  1. Unbelievable

  2. Men with Brooms is also absent from that list.

  3. I caught a few minutes of '18 to Life' once. Honestly, I'd have been happier catching rubella. Yeesh, what a dog that show is.

    Shocked to see it canceled, though.

    • hi aunty…hope your rubella is making u happy

  4. Glad to hear that InSecurity made the cut. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I've been meaning to.

  5. I imagine Being Erica episodes will eventually head to Lifetime or something in the US? Because the channel that shows it here, SoapNet, will unfortunately cease to exist in 2012.

    • Maybe since SoapNet is owned by ABC, it'll show up on ABC Family.

  6. as an american (who wouldn't mind being a Canadian, and I might get to be soon) I am VERY HAPPY to see Being Erica make the cut!!!

  7. I am truly so thankful and ecstatic for the Being Erica renewal…Thank you CBC. This is a quality and very intelligent show that is heartwarming and inspiring…hoping for additional renewals in the years to come!

  8. THRILLED to see Being Erica! Was worried there for awhile…been watching all the old episodes online, can't wait for the new ones :)

    • Ha ha me too! Watched all the re-runs on the website as well!!

  9. This is the CBC that "entertains".
    Everyone to their own tastes.

    The crucial issue at the CBC is how weak, insulated and narrow its coverage of public affairs and news.

  10. I cancelled cable, its unfortunate 100% shows have been cancelled, the bridge, men with brooms, wild roses. I think
    the the networks – the stations need to be cancelled. I am turning my tv off, i am renting, i am exercising. You do not
    know good programing on your lap. I say good luck to all Canadian actors, I now understand if you leave Canada
    behind and get your break in the U.S. I am rooting for you as Canadian broadcasting can't see it.

  11. Being Erica!! *-*

  12. Can't wait for more Being Erica!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Whew thank goodness I had been wondering where "Being Erica" went. I adore that show it's so well written. I'm sad to see "18 to Life" go though. I laughed out loud many times watching that. I find it fun and refreshing. I've actually really enjoyed the shows CBC has had on this year and hope they don't can them all so that all that's left is "Best Recipes Ever." Come on man, we need more diversity than that just cooking shows…

  14. I am so glad that little mosque on the prarie has been renewed! I enjoy that show so much, its subtly funny and quite cheeky. I can't wait to see what they will cook up for the new season. I absolutely love it and never miss it…THANKS CBC!!!

    • I love it too. It at least humanizes Muslims and shows that there are different people out there. It also doesn't have any "inappropriate" scenes so that the whole family can watch it.

  15. Mr D is offensive and an insult to the intelligence.  Won’t watch it again.