CBC To Cut 800 Jobs


It was already announced that the CBC was going to try and make up some of its shortfall by cutting jobs and salaries, rather than adding U.S. shows or commercials. All that happened today is that they made it official and gave a few more details (not many, really) about where they cuts are going to come. But the official news is still very dispiriting to read.

“I wish I could be standing here in better circumstances,” CBC President Hubert Lacroix said, but “these are tough times for the public broadcaster.” He said, “we need $171 million to balance our budget, which will mean 800 positions.”

The plan is to raise about $125 million through the sale of assets he said. It’s based on the assumption that the government will allow the CBC to keep the proceeds of those sales. But even with those sales, balancing the books “still results in 800 positions,” Lacroix said.

Lacroix also said that the most senior managers would see a minimum 20 per cent reduction in take home pay, through bonus cutbacks, and the corporate level will face a five per cent cut across the board.

The layoffs would start over the summer months, and finish by the beginning of September.

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CBC To Cut 800 Jobs

  1. 800 jobs eliminated? That’s just like an economic stimulus only with a 100% efficient correlation to jobs and exactly the opposite outcome.

    I guess choking off the CBC is red meat the PM can believe in, no matter what the economic environment.

  2. A question: how much stimulus spending will it take to replace these 800 high-quality jobs?

    If the CBC has a $171M shortfall but can recover $125M from asset sales, that’s a $46M shortfall, or $57,500 per job.

    I can’t research this figure against other stimulus spending (in a meeting), but my gut tells me that this would turn out to be cheaper/more efficient than stimulus spending that 1) must overcome inefficiencies and 2) must actually create net new jobs in order to have the desired effect.

    Another way of asking the question: how much stimulus spending is cancelled out by letting these jobs disappear? Bear in mind, the entire industry is suffering, the CBC’s struggles are not due to incompetence. Also, it sounds like the pain is being distributed throughout the organization, so spending is being heavily scrutinized as a responsible organization should do.

    The opposition should be all over this.

  3. Only 800?

    More, please.

    • How insensitive.

      • I am indeed. If I had the opportunity, I’d laugh in the face of a CBC employee today. What of it?

        • Meet you in the smoke pit, after school… bring your mits.

        • Why so much anger and resentment toward people who just lost their job?

  4. The CBC is good at radio and making documentaries, and above average at sports. Their news coverage is well done, albeit with a left-leaning slant.

    The CBC is terrible at everything else. Full stop.

    They strayed too far from the core programs they do well. And now they are being punished for it.

    I mean, honestly, Little Mosque on the Prairie? Have you ever watched that show?

    Even if you love the idea of it (“So multicultural! So expressive of CANADIAN VALUES!”) you have to admit it sucks pretty bad.

  5. Conservative MPs must with grinning with absolute glee today. They would love nothing more than to see the CBC completely privatized. WHY OH WHY can’t we have an election to kick them out of office before they actually go through with their crazy right wing plans? hoping for an election for the summer of 2009!!

  6. Why are the Conservatives thinking of giving money to private broadcasters while these CBC funding cuts are happening?

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