Chris Rock's Good Hair day -

Chris Rock’s Good Hair day

Rock combs through black America’s big hair conspiracy, implicating Oprah, Beyoncé and Michelle Obama


Comedian Chris Rock has ventured into Michael Moore territory with a comic documentary that exposes the strange and secret world of black women’s coiffure. As host and co-writer of ‘Good Hair,’ he conducts a funny, fascinating excursion into tricks and taboos surrounding the billion-dollar industry of African American perms, weaves and wigs. Above is a video of my interview with Rock, conducted when his movie premiered last month at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Chris Rock’s Good Hair day

  1. Comedian Chris Rock has ventured into Michael Moore territory

    So…unfunny, unsubtle and preaching to the choir?

    (I've heard good things about this documentary. What a terrible insult, to compare it to the Moore canon…)

  2. I've always found women's hair — all cultures really — fascinating — what we do with it and why. This should be an interesting and funny doc — Chris Rock has a lot to him.

  3. This movie looks like a great time. I have no idea about this culture so it should be informative and hilarious.

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