Chyron of the Year: "Holocaust Winner" -

Chyron of the Year: “Holocaust Winner”


Just before 2010 ends, we get a TV news typo that obliterates all the others. Whoever types these things up for Fox News apparently couldn’t decide whether to identify Elie Wiesel as a Holocaust Survivor or Nobel Prize Winner, so here’s what we got:

(Via Outside the Beltway)

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Chyron of the Year: “Holocaust Winner”

  1. Fox has never been known for it's accuracy.

  2. Awesome Jaime, and thanks for the consistently great blogging.

  3. Nobel Survivor would have been funnier.

  4. I don't know, I kind of like the idea of Wiesel being declared the winner.

  5. You just know that guy got fired. Maybe, his supervisor would call it an honest mistake, but if the "right" (term being used freely) people caught it, the outcry would be too great to ignore.

  6. So do you believe there is a distinction between 'identity' and editorial narrative?

    Fox News's identity is very much wrapped up in its editorial narrative…as you point out Fox thrives and dominates its competitors…however that may be changing…for example, it appears that the Glenn Beck show is dropping in ratings…and I am pretty sure I read somewhere (sorry) that there is slight trend by American viewers to search out more 'neutral' news presentations.

    Obviously an opinion show without opinions is useless but I still would rather get my news with the least opinion and make my own.

    • And we thought windex only cleaned glass

  7. The poor dear is a southern belle country club Republican. She probably understands
    that world very well.

  8. CNN is laughable in its contortions to offer equivocation. They'll discuss the latest Teabagger outrage, let's say advocating the repeal of the law of gravity and then they'll ask but didn't Harry Truman say something of the same thing?