Cindor Reeves and the Toronto Star -

Cindor Reeves and the Toronto Star


The Toronto Star is now following the story. Here’s my piece from two weeks ago the triggered the current wave of coverage. Here’s my more in-depth feature from 2009.


Cindor Reeves and the Toronto Star

  1. "Now we got us a convoy"

    Congrats Michael!

  2. What ever happened to Cindor Reeves' sister/Charles Taylor's wife?

  3. Cindor Reeves sister Agnes Reeves Taylor is living in London,England comfortably with no probles of any sort like the ones that her brother is going through here in Canada i guess sometimes it's wrong to do the right thing.

  4. Two Charles Taylor's adopted Kids are living very well here in under assumed names maybe Cindor Reeves was wrong for coming here with his real name.

    • How do you know this?