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Conan at One


Update: I’m informed that Conan’s show will also be airing on the Comedy Network, so we’ll be able to see it earlier in the night. Its Comedy Network time slot will be announced later.

CTV announced its schedule today, renewing several of its own shows including Hiccups, Dan For Mayor and its slate of procedurals.

Also, they’ve answered the question about what they’re going to do with Conan O’Brien’s show: somewhat surprisingly, repeats of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will stay where they are now, and O’Brien will be on at 1 a.m. I guess the Daily Show repeats must be doing well enough for them that they can’t risk moving them to make way for a new show, but I don’t see myself staying up till 2 in the morning most nights, so I guess it’ll be a next-morning kind of viewing experience for me.

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Conan at One

  1. I'm lucky if I get through the 11pm Daily Show on the Comedy Network. Sorry Conan,.

  2. Thank God for PVRs.

  3. One of the few things I hate about living in NL is that The Daily Show doesn't come on (on The Comedy Network, that is) until 12:30am. The Lost finale wasn't over until 1:00am. Jimmy Fallon comes on at precisely 2:07am.

    Sometime I sit and daydream about EST and being able to watch Jon Stewart before getting a decent night's sleep.

    Am I weird?

  4. If by earlier they mean at midnight on the Comedy Network, then yeah. I don't see how they would bump both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report in favour of Conan's new show given how both shows have been anchors for the Comedy Network.