Confirmation of Tony Clement's status -

Confirmation of Tony Clement’s status


Given the sort of company Tony Clement apparently keeps, he must now be counted among this country’s elite.


Confirmation of Tony Clement’s status

  1. I can't tell from this angle. Was he posing with Jason Kenney or Peter Van Loan?

  2. Guys, come on. If I saw the Michelin Man, I'd try to get my picture taken with him.

    • Elitist!

  3. I thought it was either Dean Del Mastro or Larry Miller.

    Some pasty white guy anyway.

  4. Where the Huntsville elite meet and greet….

  5. I feel bad for "The Michelin Man." He does have a name, you know. It's Bibendum! (Or "Bib," for short.)

    • Yes, and he celebrates his 116th birthday this year, the old fart.

    • Thanks for the link, CR! Great article. My father is a retired Michelin plant worker, and I can remember when I was a kid he would sometimes volunteer to wear the Bib costume for local parades and events. Definitely a lovable mascot.

  6. Clement meets his intellectual equal.

  7. I came to the comments to see who made the first reference to "two puffed-up characters", only to find that it was I.