Conservative Talking Points for the Decision to Cancel Spring Break for MPs -

Conservative Talking Points for the Decision to Cancel Spring Break for MPs

  • The purpose of prorogation was to allow the government to prepare a new Throne Speech and a budget. It was not to reduce the amount of time that the House sits.
  • The government had planned all along to cancel the spring break for MPs.
  • This is not a reaction to our declining poll numbers and the public’s opposition to the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament.
  • No, seriously.
  • Seriously, it totally isn’t. Honest.
  • Why are you laughing?
  • Stop laughing.
  • Thank you.
  • As I was saying, this is in no way a reaction to–
  • Stop rolling your eyes!!!


Conservative Talking Points for the Decision to Cancel Spring Break for MPs

  1. I guess this means that Harper's original plan to soar to a majority after the Olympics is now officially dead.

    Perhaps, we should start calling him Stephen Dial-a-Gimmick Harper.

  2. How long before BIff bemoans the left/lib media bias for its yada yada yada yada…on this one too?

    • Huh?

  3. In other news, the conservatives hinted that if they sit every day in 2011 and 2012, everyone can take 2013 off to consult with Canadians.

    • But isn't the world going to end in 2012?

      • you'll need the time of.

  4. If Conservatives want my vote back:

    1. Apologize for deliberately misleading the Canadian people on the motive for prorogation
    2. Publicly apologize to Colvin, Mackay or higher;
    2. Actively cooperate with, and provide all documents requested by, the Committee investigating his allegations; and
    3. Never, ever, say another word about how asking questions is "attacking the troops" or "supporting the Taliban."

    Otherwise, no change.

    • Might as well toss in Harper crossing floor and giving Dion a deep, long, french kiss.

    • yes!

    • in regards to number one, who, what and where satisfies this?

  5. They don't want votes from the likes of you. Troop hater.


  7. Damn, now we'll have to go back to work – Day's model type pose with his murse didn't work.

  8. The worst part about this decision is that partisan sniping always get worse the longer the House is in session without a holiday week break.

  9. You see? If they had gotten that darn dog to bite Flaherty in Iqaluit then we wouldn't have this pro-rogation of pro-rogation problem in the first place!