Coulter: the she-devil in her own words -

Coulter: the she-devil in her own words

COLBY COSH talks to Ann Coulter after the cancelled University of Ottawa event


Ezra Levant, who was present at the venue for tonight’s aborted Ann Coulter talk at the University of Ottawa, spotted my quickie weblog entry about the cancelled event and had me chat briefly with the leggy agitator. Coulter tells Maclean’s she never had the chance to move on from a private dinner reception at which she was signing books, meeting local conservatives, and waiting for the all-clear from her bodyguard, who was on the scene at the university. “I was just reviewing my speech. It was a fine little speech, and by the way, I cut it down so we could have an extensive question-and-answer period. I gathered that I was going to have a very exciting crowd tonight.”

The police, Coulter says, “had been warning my bodyguard all day that they were putting up [messages] on Facebook: ‘Bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter tonight, don’t let her speak.’ And the cops eventually said, we’ve got a bad feeling, this isn’t gonna happen. And they shut it down.”

Coulter agrees with the suggestion that conservative speakers face greater dangers and nuisances in trying to encounter audiences on university campuses. “I speak at a lot of college campuses and I need a bodyguard… Michael Moore does not; Judy Rebick does not. I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could have spoken tonight with less controversy.” She dismisses the possibility, however, that things are ever likely to change. “Unfortunately, conservatives are too polite, so they will never get a taste of their own medicine in that regard, in terms of angry mobs with sticks and rocks.”

She accuses the University of Ottawa’s academic vice-president, Francois Houle, of “inspiring hatred” toward her with his epistolary warning to her that she needed to be conscious of Canada’s criminal prohibitions of hate speech. Indeed, she says she intends, with Levant’s help, to ask police to proceed with exactly the same charges against Houle.

“He described the law to me very carefully—any speech that incites hatred toward someone based on membership in an identifiable group can be criminally prosecuted. Well, before I even set foot in Canada, he had identified me as having criminal proclivities because I belong to an identifiable group: conservatives. Or it could be because I’m a Christian, I’m a Presbyterian. I’m a female conservative. If what Francois Houle did to me is not a hate crime, then nothing is.”

After the event was cancelled by the police, Coulter says she went to her hotel room to relax and had a surreal moment. “I was watching the local news, which was all hockey and Ann Coulter, and some nut came on claiming that he was the organizer behind my speech. [murmurs in background] OK, his name is Craig Chandler. I sent an e-mail to my bodyguard saying Craig Chandler is disinvited from the event in Calgary. He’s on TV claiming to be the organizer and denouncing me!”


Coulter: the she-devil in her own words

  1. That's nice. She got to give her speech after all.

    • How does Colby Cosh not, ahem, notice that Ezra Levant is a pre-eminent THREAT to free speech through his use of Canada's archaic and abusive Defamation law?

      Coulter claims to be against defamation law – so why is she hypocritically associating herself with the litigious Levant??

  2. Kind of strange. Was she not the one who released the email to the public?

    • Memo to all. If you don't want your missive to be public, don't send it by email!

      • Memo to all, if you're the one who makes an email public, you can't accuse someone of trying to spread hate because of it.

        • Maybe she should file a complaint against herself for inciting hatred against herself?

          • Given the copious amounts of evidence consisting of.. well.. pretty much everything she's ever written or said, I imagine that'd be a winning case.

            Why, Ezra could even take donations for it.

    • Strange? Why? How else would we know about Francois A. Houle?

    • Actually Houle released to several other people before he even sent it to Coulter.

      As far as I'm concerned, the U of O at almost the top level of the university gave the students the green light to unleash their protests which included not just protesting outside of the venue, but threatening her will violence both in person and on the internet. And then they act all surprised that this happened. And the female Muslim student who feels 'unsafe' since the London speech is actually one of the active organizers of the university inspired hate fest against the only democracy in the middle east – wonder how safe Jewish students feel on campus during that event!!

      • The fact that one person is a hypocrite doesn't excuse another for being an islamophobe.

  3. We don't need that garbage in Ottawa

    • why can't people be more tolerant? let the woman speak….you're so very intolerant!!!

    • Why, you have your hands full with all the garbage on Parliament Hill already?

    • Exactly what garbage is that? Louis?

    • Louis bang on. When are those commie, "never met a jew hating cause I didn't like", elitist, god help us this is our future students going to realize they just trampled on free speech and not defend it?

      • Because the wind in the sails of the "I never met a Muslim hating cause I didn't like" people hiding behind the label of conservative ideology and free speech blows as a beacon of hope.

    • Oh, I see! Has Freedom of speech now become "garbage" in the People's Republic of Canada? Nice going, Louis. By the way, what exactly are you so afraid of? Aren't you mature enough to agree or disagree. Oh, and another thing. Have you heard about Israel Apartheid Week at this same university? If you haven't, check it out, including the backgrounds of the speakers at that edifying event that seems to define the newest People's Republic.

  4. Did you have a stick?

  5. She might have been. I'll strike that word.

    • Still trying to get a handle on that whole "journalist" things, aren't you?

      • Indeed. At that point, her saying the letter "inspired" hatred towards her becomes quite laughable, a statement a reporter should not let pass. This reads like a fanboy "interview".

        Or a Tiger Woods "media event". With a willing media.

  6. She has a very good point in this article. Conservative groups that disagree with 'prominent' lefties who come to speak in Canada don't threaten to bring "rocks, sticks" to the venues in a bid to shut down the event. It is only the lefties – who are always espousing tolerance for everyone – who actually display intolerance in these types of cases.
    The left likes to say it is progressive, but it can not even tolerate the freedom of expression that is enshrined in their own vaunted Charter of Rights and Freedoms, unless it conforms strictly to their sanitized view of what freedom of speech is supposed to be!
    The rabid left is not Canada, but it certainly does impose its viewpoints on everyone who lives here. Time for an uprising against the 'tyranny of the minority' that is ruining this country.

    • "Time for an uprising against the 'tyranny of the minority' that is ruining this country."

      I couldn't agree more. We have all had enough of this minority government that is ruining OUR country.

    • Time for an uprising against the 'tyranny of the minority' that is ruining this country.

      You bring the rocks. I'll bring the sticks.

    • oh good…someone who is a free thinker that can see past all the propaganda….:) i was beginning to think there wasn't anyone left

    • I just did a google on – coulter ottawa rocks sticks hurt. Seems her lie about the level of violence has gone viral on right leaning blogs
      The following comes up quite often

      "Ann Coulter Ottawa speech shut down… 2000 protesters surrounding building with rocks and sticks at the …"

      Hopefully some journalist will get to the bottom of this allegation.

      • I wonder if she came down from the cross for her interview with Colby, or did he have to crane his neck?

    • Except that now we're finding out that the ones that shut Coulter down are her own security people, because they hadn't planned for the turn-out properly and were going to be a fire-hazard.

      But makes for a lovely narrative.

      The fact that it's completely untrue is beside the point.
      Nice to see Ezra sticking to his usual standard of substituting pedantry for honesty.

    • Yes, Ceeger you're completely right. The conservative republican right don't bring sticks and stones. They bring guns and bombs. They invade entire countries in the interest of massaging American democracy upon the inherent masses. And they avoid public support systems in the interest of allowing only those who are strong enough to survive. Oh wait, that last one was improperly written, it should have said…allowing only those who are crooked enough to survive.

  7. Indeed. The "public epistolary" wasn't public until the recipient made it so.

  8. I'd like to see who was at that private dinner here in Ottawa.

    • Private. Dinner. Elaboration: None of your or my business.

      • Besides…dinner…Mike Duffy…etc.

        Insert your own verbs, nouns and subjects to create stock joke.

        You're welcome.

    • Why emy11, you planning something against them? Let us in on your ideas 'k?'

    • Connie and Mark of Free Dominion were at the $250 reception (if that's the dinner Coulter refers to) She writes about it over at FD – the gang over there are really riled up – sounds like their ready to take up arms. What a great fundraising opportunity for the 'free speech' crowd.

  9. What a disgusting person, then she turned around and denounced the entire student body and the university as a whole because they didn't want to hear her outdated imperialist drivel. Absolutely sadistic.

    • johnny…just because something is outdated…what does that mean??? doesn't quantify anything as being right or wrong…..people did want to hear her……..and i would save the word disgusting for people who actually are…you know murders, rapists, pedophiles in the Catholic church…whatever..but really, what in this article makes her disgusting? outdated-maybe to you…in this postmodernist society (but not necessarily disgusting)

    • There was a concert in my city by some old rockers and I didn't want to hear their outdated musical drivel.

      So I didn't go.

      Apparently I'm doing it wrong?

      • Apparantly. Talk to the Dixie Chicks.

    • Johnny wins todays Jack Layton "Shocked" award for describing Ann Coulter as sadistic. Seriously I'm no fan of Ann's but I wonder how she resists the urge to punch morons like this in the forehead.

    • If you don't want to hear her "outdated imperialist drivel", don't go to the meeting. What you are really saying is that you don't want OTHER people to hear it because you think you own the truth and don't want anyone to hear anything that might disturb their blissful sleep. Frankly, the disgusting person is YOU.

  10. "Angry mobs with sticks and rocks"? I don't think so, Ann. Posters and pamphlets, yes. But no sticks, and no rocks.

  11. Reports say 400 or so wanted to hear her.

  12. “Unfortunately, conservatives are too polite, so they will never get a taste of their own medicine in that regard, in terms of angry mobs with sticks and rocks.”

    • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but rudeness and throwing money will never hurt me.

      • In Canada, getting hit by a one dollar coin could be pretty painful…

        • Touché

    • I didn't see anyone with sticks or throwing please explain the purpose of this video Komarade????

      • Just helping Ann Coulter prove her point about the politeness of Conservatives.

  13. Reports say thousands protested.

    • Yes the minorities were locked out as it were.

      • By Jennifer Pagliaro | March 23rd, 2010 | 11:20 pm
        Filed Under: Blogs • Featured • Jennifer Pagliaro • News • Top Stories
        Tags: Ann Coulter • University of Ottawa • University of Western Ontario

        UOttawa talk cancelled after 200 protesters raise safety concerns

        “It is an embarrassing day for the University of Ottawa and their student body,” Levant said. But protesters outside, who Levant said were 2,000, but police confirmed to be closer to 200 in number, were happy to see the event canceled.

    • The protesters were not there 'because they didn't want to hear her ',
      they were there to stop her from speaking to people who did want to hear her.

      You do understand the difference, no?

      • From what I saw, they were there with placards denouncing hate.

        • Yeah, they hate her with or without a sign.

  14. Are Ann Coulter and Ezra Levant aware that the U of O provost would not actually be the one pressing those hypothetical criminal charges? Seems to me all Houle did was give her a very polite heads up that the laws are a little bit different up here. Trying to save her from trouble and all – quite gentlemanly of him, if you ask me.

    • What trouble? For freely speaking her views? What has happened to Canada, is it a communist country now? Is it like Russia, China, North Korea, etc…?

      • Trouble, such as accidentally breaking the law. It seems she is still unaware of what constitutes hate speech in this country, and the line between free speech and hate speech. Apparently her buddy Ezra Levant isn't all that familiar with the legal definition either, if he's agreed to file a human rights complaint on her behalf. Perhaps we should send him back to law school?

        You can throw the word "communist" around, but that won't help much considering we do actually have laws in this country protecting against hate speech, like it or not. My point is that Houle was giving her a gentle reminder, like any person travelling abroad, to inform herself of the local laws so that she does not, in fact, get herself arrested. Like I said, I think he was being quite nice in giving her the heads up.

        • Sorry, but a human rights complaint in Canada has NOTHING to do with the law.

    • A little patronizing to think she wouldn't have looked that over herself, being as controversial a figure as she is. I do believe she's stupid with her message, but certainly smart enough to avoid litigation. Don't you think?

    • Yes. More Canadians should be defending our system. Canadians don't believe in the "Tea Party" style of free speech we've seen in Washington over the past week, the kill references, the gun imagery, and the bulls eyes. These are Coulter's people; she says the same things..
      Meanwhile, the Harper government keeps out a British MP because of his ideas and only his ideas.

  15. Ann Coulter is a disgrace to American conservatism. Is that all the intellect the US right can muster? She must be a Democrat subversive plant. William F. Buckley must be spinning in his grave.

  16. Wow, Craig Chandler can't do anything right.

    • From: Mark Kelley
      Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:56 AM
      Subject: Re: Last Night

      Hi Craig…there was some confusion on our end that you were one of the organizers bringing Ann Coulter to Calgary…but that was our error…which you immediately rectified in before you spoke about anything else. If this has caused any confusion or concern, I apologize for that, and thank you for speaking to us about your support for Ms. Coulter's right to free speech in this country. It was an enlightening, and timely interview.

      Thanks Craig,

      Mark Kelley
      Host- Connect with Mark Kelley
      CBC News Network

      • Vindication can get you a lot of thumbs down, but don't worry about it.

        Good of you to correct the record.

  17. "If what Francois Houle did to me is not a hate crime, then nothing is.”

    What a goddamned idiot. Oh wait, she's a member of that group, too.

    Honestly. Privately warning a dumb right-wing agitator not to say anything that might result in charges laid against her is no better than advocating the Holocaust?

    • Is this the lawfair that the right-wing is all concerned about others using these days?

    • Francois Houle succeeded in cancelling Ann Coulter's appearance. I'm pretty sure that was his intention. He appears to know how to rile up the thugs at U. of Zero. Both he and the thugs are a disgrace to the institution. Houle should be fired.

  18. but she wont have any such trouble speaking in cowtown….wanna bet??

    • I suspect the 'polite conservatives' wouldn't be quite as polite. Nor the police so craven.

    • Probably so. You seem to think that the people in 'cowtown' have more respect for freedom of speech than the louts at the U. of Zero. You're probably right.

    • Hey, we love loud mouthed arrogant right wingers here in Calgary. Specially when they look like horses.

  19. It will be very interesting to read Maclean's Mark Steyn's take on this considering he is on the board of the group who brought her into Canada.

    • I'm sure he will be Fair and Balanced.


    • Why is that? Is he supposed to denounce her or something in order to please your sensibilities? Wake up, the world doesn't revolve around how you see it exclusively.

    • Why is that? Is he supposed to denounce her or something in order to please your sensibilities? Wake up, the world doesn't revolve around how you see it exclusively.

      • Re-read prescott's post.

        Now, ask yourself, "Did I just TOTALLY overreact to prescott's simple, banal statement that he'd be interested to hear Mark Steyn's opinion about yesterday's event?".

  20. Why delete a post which points out that Mark Steyn is on the board of the group that brought Ms Coulter into Canada?

    • Dude, they're the same person

      • Hardly. I've seen Mark in a sheath dress. The effect is subtly different.

  21. oh please….there are many depraved people on BOTH sides of the fence….have you ever heard HER say that?

    • The point that was being addressed was that Conservatives are too polite to do those sort of things.

    • Yeah it's not as if she ever said anything truly outrageous like that Muslims should be forcibly converted to Christianity. Sheesh!

      • Ms. Coulter actually addressed this point in an interview last night in an interview on the Michael Coren Show:
        A) She never used the word "forcibly". That's something that reporters have jammed in themselves over the years.
        B) The U. S. sent in Christian missionaries to Japan and Korea after WWII and the Korean War, so it's not like it's a new idea.

        • Hmm. She complains about indoctrination from the left, then suggests it for other countries…

          There's a word for that. (It starts with a b)

    • Can you honestly say you would be surprised to hear her say that?

  22. I think that Francois Houle was just responding to her talk at Western, where she told an Arabic audience member to ride in on a camel.
    What a lovely lady.
    Oh wait. Did I just commit a hate crime right there? I might have, better lock me up Ann.

    • Houle's letter was sent before the UWO talk.

    • A Muslim accusing Ann of ignorance. Too funny coming from the most restrictive, violent and intolerant group of them all. Priceless.

      • *Yeesh* Nice free speech hole you've got there, bigot.

      • Someone who thinks all people of a certain religion or country act and think the same way calling someone else ignorant. Priceless

  23. Coulter and Palin. It seems like the Republicans are either scraping the bottom of the barrel or trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Why are they even touring in Canada? Trying to tout the "I'm an American" rants and how Democrats are ruining their country. Do they think that they are in the same league as Gore and Clinton?

    • There was a time that Republicans thought the same about the Democrats and H. Clinton and Obama… but here we are… she's Sec State, and he's president. I guess that's what happens when you dismiss your political foes without actually debating them.

      Same league as Gore? Scoff…. he lost to Bush (face it… Bush was president for 8 years). Al Gore lost to Draft Dodging, Cocaine Snorting, Oil Company Bankrupting Bush. Same league… ha!

      They are touring Canada because people want to pay to see them speak. It's a profession called "Public Speaking" and often authors, former politicians and notable people do it to pay the bills.

  24. We hide our heads in the sand while our political correctness shoves liberal crap up out butts. Thank gosh someone has the guts to speak out . American or not

  25. Maybe Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin will get a talk show together and Fox Network will lose even more viewers and they can all head down to Texas and start a commune with George W (war criminals/racists unite……and stay out of my country. As well our dear minority government will be happy to send in the goons and the police to get things going – smile your are being watched and profiled.
    SZQ ( from the BC Interior…. we have lots of sticks and stones here and names will never hurt me!!)

    • Funny, I understand that Fox is rapidly gaining viewers at the expense of the sloppy and banal networks (CBS, ABC, CNN, NBCNN). As far as goons go, Suzanne, look in the mirror.

  26. "If what Francois Houle did to me is not a hate crime, then nothing is.”


    The fact that people pay to hear this person speak reminds me of an old adage about a fool and their money.

    • Nah the fools are the one's paying money to attend Animal Farm university. Based on the left wing mush that this U pushes out of it's orifice I doubt I'll be the only one looking elsewhere for an education. Free speech should never be a privilege for only those who feel themselves over educated enough to do so.

    • Yur right dude, conservatives actually work for their money unlike many liberals and leftists, so they should be carefuly spending it on an event in Canada that promises freedom of speech… it may not even happen, right?

      • Lets not confuse the protestors with Canada. Canada as an entity did not stop her from speaking. There is nothing in our laws that stopped her. If she did not want to deal with protestors in order to give her speach that is her business. Protestors are not uncommon at political speaches, and vocal liberals are not uncommon in university settings. Just like it was a bad idea to hold a G8 summit at UBC this may have also been a bad idea. I am sure if she picked a non university setting she would not have had this problem, just as I am sure if a far lefty decided to speak in rural Alberta, they would have also been greeted with protestors.

  27. Let's look at the glass half full. The Calgary crew might double her $10K fee as a sympathy gesture.
    Levant might get more tv face time … which he will struggle through with great humility.
    People who think they are conservatives get to feel aggrieved… massages their pleasure points.
    Becky and the Boys might get to say Canada and Liberal Fascism in the same sentence.
    And CC will blog along … half in jest and all in earnest.

    I keep hoping Maclean's will bite the bullet and hire Heather Mallick.

    • Mallick? She'd probably end up being fired, which is how all her Canadian gigs end up. Eventually, her employers decide that they can't stomach her substance-free vitriol any longer. Btw, did you see how she trashed Canada in the British press during the Olympics?

      • Like I.F. Stone said (and I paraphrase:, being a good journalist means not having many friends.

      • Surely she'd last at least as long as Linda McQuaig at the NattyPoo.

        • Hiring Mallick would be an interesting experiment — I'll give you that.

  28. I said Ezra Levant and a society were the Organizer. I made that very clear on 2 separate occassions in the interview.. CBC said I was the organizer.

    I also defended Anne's right to free speech and have been pounded for it.

    Craig B. Chandler

    • Have none of you ever heard of Alanis Morissette?


      An old man turned ninety-eight
      He won the lottery and died the next day
      It's a black fly in your Chardonnay
      It's a death row pardon two minutes too late
      Isn't it ironic… don't you think?

      It's like rain on your wedding day
      It's a free ride when you've already paid
      It's the good advice that you just didn't take
      Who would've thought… it figures

      Mr. Play It Safe was afraid to fly
      He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids goodbye
      He waited his whole damn life to take that flight
      And as the plane crashed down he thought
      "Well isn't this nice…"
      And isn't it ironic… don't you think?

      It's like rain on your wedding day
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      It's the good advice that you just didn't take
      Who would've thought… it figures

      Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
      When you think everything's okay and everything's going right
      And life has a funny way of helping you out when
      You think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up
      In your face

      A traffic jam when you're already late
      A no-smoking sign on your cigarette break
      It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
      It's meeting the man of my dreams
      And then meeting his beautiful wife
      And isn't it ironic… don't you think?
      A little too ironic… and yeah I really do think…

      It's like rain on your wedding day
      It's a free ride when you've already paid
      It's the good advice that you just didn't take
      Who would've thought… it figures

      Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
      Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out
      Helping you out

      • Yecch. Thanks to Morisette, hundreds of thousands of people don't understand what "irony" means.

        • You provide no deconstruction of the original material nor do you offer your definition for comparative purposes.

          Additionally, your assertion in the absence of evidence or supporting argument is – perhaps no coincidence – curiously similar to Coulter's own modus operandi.

          You also display, again perhaps no coincidence, an apparent similarity to Levant's slippery facility in estimating numbers when you choose hundreds of thousands as the quantum of misinformed. According to Wikipedia, By 2009, the album had sold 33 million units worldwide. By what measure did you conclude some of those purchasers or listeners were misinformed while others were not?

          As a self-styled expert – hundreds of thousands of people don't understand – on the concept perhaps you could further mine own education as to what irony – empirically, objectively or even subjectively – means precisely?

          While you're about it perhaps you could consider the possibility that Dee Snider and Ms. Coulter were twins separated at birth and whether there is any irony applicable to the Coulter zeitgeist in the following?

          Should you take exception or be offended by any of the above may I direct your attention to the Coulter Defence whenever she is challenged on her intent when she has made what could be considered objectionable statements:

          Ms. Coulter defended her nasty tone as political satire employed to force change – and a popular draw for audiences. “They wouldn't be bringing me in here for a speech if I never told a joke, if I never used satire.”

          • I say to you sir, Huzzah!

            Huzzah for such yeoman service. Huzzah again!

          • You provide no deconstruction of the original material nor do you offer your definition for comparative purposes.

            You're right, I didn't. In my defence, it was a one-line quip.

            Additionally, your assertion in the absence of evidence or supporting argument is – perhaps no coincidence – curiously similar to Coulter's own modus operandi.

            Or perhaps I'm just not a fan of Morisette's "Ironic". It's not a bad song, really, but I was in my early teens when it first came out, and at the time it was so ridiculously overplayed that it started to grate on me.

            Also, I remember how my English teacher used that song to teach the class what "irony" really meant (e.g. not "rain on your wedding day").

            That's all I wanted to say. I'm not really interested in getting into a debate about the word "irony". Thanks for taking the time to share your views about that word, and Ms. Coulter.

          • A shame your Algebra teacher didn't also deconstruct her less famous hit Corollary

          • Yeesh.

          • Mr. Ironical awaits your counsel: "Two corollaries are needed before I start breaking out the party hats…"

        • One doesn't it seems.

    • Aren't you a conservative? Why would they be attacking you?

      • Nobody's attacking him. Coulter is annoyed that someone she's never heard of was on TV identified as her organizer. Which would be very annoying, no doubt.

        • From: Mark Kelley
          Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:56 AM
          Subject: Re: Last Night

          Hi Craig…there was some confusion on our end that you were one of the organizers bringing Ann Coulter to Calgary…but that was our error…which you immediately rectified in before you spoke about anything else. If this has caused any confusion or concern, I apologize for that, and thank you for speaking to us about your support for Ms. Coulter's right to free speech in this country. It was an enlightening, and timely interview.

          Thanks Craig,

          Mark Kelley
          Host- Connect with Mark Kelley
          CBC News Network

          • Craig, I'm not disputing you. Coulter has reason to be annoyed and so do you, according to that email. In fact, if you posted something on Ezra Levant's blog, or emailed Coulter or Levant, they'd probably be happy to get the real story on what happened.

  29. Typical of liberals in Canada and America, shut down free speech with threats of violence. Liberals can't debate without "shouting down" a speaker who is conservative. Instead of engaging Ann Coulter with words, they use threats and hate. Talk about hypocracy, liberals own it.

  30. I don't know about you folks, but I find this sort of thing oddly encouraging. Violent attempts to shut down speeches/debates seem to come solely from the Left in Canada. Let's hope it stays that way.

    Any decent leftist who sees this sort of thing must be asking themselves: why am I on this side again? For those of us on the right, it's the opposite: "Ah yes, that's why I'm on this side again. The other side acts like that."

    • I'd be more inclined to argue that violent or thuggish attempts to shut down speeches/debates seem to come solely from the Young in Canada.

      Of course.. what conservatives do do may be worse.

      • Maybe, or maybe not.

        You'll not have heard about this incident of course.

          • So you're saying the pro-life activist was asking for it because he was so darned abrasive, but George Tiller didn't deserve what happened because he was just a guy minding his own business (which happened to be performing abortions). Got it.

    • I think this article and many of the comments mistakenly bunch conservatives all together. Only some conservatives are as harsh as Coulter. And, only a very small percentage of left-leaning individuals would resort to potential violence to deal with offensive speeches.

      Let's quit generalizing here folks.

    • And then we have people like who simply think in left vs right and simply overlook the more complex issues at hand.
      I'm glad my side doesn't have to resort to such a behaviour!

    • The very fact that you use the term "leftist" tells me you are watching far too much American television.

  31. Another victory for PGIB!


    Craig Chandler FAIL.

    And an extra fail for spelling Ann's name wrong.

    Craig, stay in your basement and out of the public square. Even when you're trying to help you tar real conservatives by association.

    • You're telling Chandler not to speak? You people are hilarious.

  32. So, an unfunny, desperate-for-attention (kind of like Cosh and Levant, frankly) performing clown, who spews lies and bigotry everywhere she goes, finds out that Canadians don't take too kindly to this kind of behaviour. What a shock!

    It's all so very boring (and not worth a tiny fraction of the media coverage she is getting). If you're idiotic enough to pay to see her, well you've got worse problems than Ms. Coulter. Don't let the airplane door hit your ass on the way out of Calgary, Anne.

  33. Apologies, that would be: "Ann". Now back to more important things…

    • You're so Canadian Dee:)

  34. ‘Bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter tonight, don't let her speak.'

    Ah, the tolerant peace lovin' lefties…..

    • I wonder if anyone can actually provide a screen capture of those threats. Or perhaps there's a chance that someone – gasp! – made it up?

      • Yah, the cops made it up.
        And then stopped the event.

        • Perhaps we should wait for the police to actually state they saw the threats on Facebook or wherever. Because all we have so far are her claims that they told her bodyguard – but I have not seen an actual statement from the Ottawa Police. If it were true, the police would in all likelihood follow up on it. I'm inclined to believe that there's some exaggeration going on, especially considering all the false claims that there were sticks and rocks in the crowd.

      • Wow, that is definitely made up. If she could prove that she would. If the police 'found' people saying that on facebook they would have the power to arrest them.

        • "definitely made up" how do you know?? lol

        • You often hear of people being arrested and brought up on charges for saying things like that on the Internet.

    • Ya, let her speak. Let the people know the ugliness of the Conservative right wing.

      Coulter revels in this kind of attention. It will be material for her next book perhaps.

      Too funny, she's gone through this in the US – pies in the face and eggs thrown at her.

      Perhaps what she said in London triggered this.

      She is vile and she lies, but I say let her speak.

      Also funny, she's an "elitist", who grew up in Connecticut. Okay for her to be elitist it seems.

    • I'm glad the imaginary lefties in Ezra Levant's head agree with the ones in your head.

    • Nice source on those fairly bold claims

  35. A pathetic embarrassment for Ottawa (where I live…). It's true – it is bush league. Is she offensive? Yes. Do we believe in free speech? No. That solves that.


    And now? Coulter's top of the news and suddenly she's dangerous instead of just stupid. Super duper bush league.

    • But it was Coulter's folks that limited who could attend and when they could fill the venue with the faithful then decided to cancel. Now they are using the false claim of 2,000 protesters with rocks and sticks – brings to my mind that famous scene of the village going after Frankenstein's Monster – to justify her running and hiding. I hope the Ottawa police clarify what their position in all this is. Waiting to see if I need to eat my words and it was as Levant seems to claim that it was the police who cancelled the event.

  36. So sad that the looney left, bereft of ideas, equates objecting to what one says to one being allowed to even speak. I have never been a fan of Ms Coulter, but the thuggery of the mob and the cowardice of U of O makes me want to rush out and purchase some of her 'work'. In fact, I'll be making some purchases today! Thanks, looney left, for giving Ann waaaay more publicity than she would otherwise get!

    • Buying one of her books was #1,000 on the list of things I might have done this year. Today I ordered 3 of them & I'm going to read them, too. One small gesture for free speech.

  37. The police, Coulter says, “had been warning my bodyguard all day that they were putting up [messages] on Facebook: ‘Bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter tonight, don't let her speak.'

    Any confirmation from the police, or the actual Facebook entry?

    • As for Coulter's claim that the police "had been warning my bodyguard all day that they were putting up [messages] on Facebook: 'Bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter tonight, don't let her speak,'" Boucher confirmed that the police were monitoring the situation – although how, exactly, he didn't specify – but was unable to provide any example of such a threat, as he did not have that information, although he assured me that if a complaint were lodged, the police would "surely" investigate, but he didn't know whether or not that had occurred. I haven't been able to turn up any of those alleged threats — not on Facebook, and not on the unspecified "liberal blogs" that she has since cited as the source…

  38. I can't understand why anyone would agree to listen to Ann Coulter without being paid, let alone pay for the chance. She's completely unhinged. That said, if we don't let her say whatever the hells she wants, we better shut up about being a free country.

    • I think your second sentence is the reason why many showed up.

      There is an old trick that I've seen once or twice. A strip show or something like it gets a bishop on the front page decrying the threat to our youth and families. Guarantees a full house.

      Coulter, Ezra, Steyn et. al. are raring for a hate crime charge from anyone here. The more the better.

      And I hope they get their wish.

      • It also goes back to the "Banned in Boston" concept. It's not an old trick, it's an ancient trick.

  39. Ottawa University students – we already knew the profitable hate monger is in the lower echelons of moral character… but we don't need more people heading in that direction. No matter how small those steps are. Let the entertainer speak so the vast majority of us can readily identify the gullible and hateful among us.

    Ann Coulter – Jesus wasn't a hate monger. Do try to follow his example some time rather than smear the billion+ Christians who don't want to kill to convert the non-believers.

    P.S. – you aren't funny. Amusing, yes…

  40. The police, Coulter says, “had been warning my bodyguard all day that they were putting up [messages] on Facebook: ‘Bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter tonight, don't let her speak."

    I call extreme and absolute BS

    • You may consider it extreme and absolute BS.
      Macleans calls it "news"

    • I'm ranting now – but seriously, if that is even remotely true, the act should be investigated, and her bodyguard subpoenaed to give evidence. But it won't happen, because it's complete and utter nonsense.

  41. As per usual the conservative movement can rely on their lap dogs in the Canadian media to get their unfiltered view in public.

    Not only does Ann Coulter have the right to free speech, she apparently has the right to cheap advertising as well.

    • Richard the juvenile antics of the left provide all the cheap advertising this girl needs.

  42. "The police, Coulter says, “had been warning my bodyguard all day that they were putting up [messages] on Facebook: ‘Bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter tonight, don't let her speak.' And the cops eventually said, we've got a bad feeling, this isn't gonna happen. And they shut it down.”

    Colby, surely any "journalist" with an ounce of professional self-respect and self worth would ask for a shred of evidence …


  43. So instead of this being a day when we dismiss Ann Coulter as just another outrageous extremist, we are once again reminded that the one group that appears willing to limit our freedoms by the threat of violence is the far left.

    • Looking into the story more, it appears the group that wanted to limit the freedoms was Ann Coulter's security people.

      The "threats of violence" on facebook were random people talking about pieing her, or one person saying they wanted to throw moldy fruity.

      The event was called off because of safety issues, yes, those safety issues had to do with poor logistics — they'd planned for only 400 people or so, and apparantly around 600 had shown up to listen.. they wouldn't have been able to get them all in without it being a fire hazard.

      But hey.. don't let the rush of righteousness be deterred by facts.

      • So you`ve convinced yourself that the Coulter people decided that the event was becoming too popular, therefore, Ann Coulter being the bashful lady she is would rather just walk away then participate in a raucous debate…………..sure…..that makes sense.

        • Nope. I've read the actual journalism done (ie, something not by Cosh) which indicates that her people are incompetent enough that they didn't know how to handle the people and not violate fire code.

          And yeah, why should she bother leaving the Rideau club and fancy dinner to go talk to a bunch of the unwashed when she can vent her righteous spleen even more effectively based on Levant's pedantry and half-truths?

          • There is this video:


            I'd count heads at $250 a pop but when the camera pans around it's like a room full of Stepford Wives and my eyes glaze over. Also, I'm not about to count feet and divide by two just to get a rough estimate of the ca$h Coulter and Levant are pocketing while the faithful are lined up and in the lecture hall to metaphorically storm the barricades of the Free Speech Frontier.

            However, I am curious as to whether there was a charge for admission, for the lumpenproletariat event that was cancelled, and whether that was refunded to the congregation? If there were payments were they considered earned and banked despite her non-appearance?

          • Always remember when you site Kady as your journalism source, leave a little room for her to make her narrative suit her desired conclusion……you know……the same way you would read Mr. Wherry.

          • And Mr. Cosh.

    • Her security guard must be a communist.

  44. huffington post, must be some place to tie up a winded horse. Yep a left wing blog named post.

  45. A couple comments on this: for those on the right that are basking in the glow that conservatives aren't violent and those on the left are…that's ridiculous. There are individuals who suggest violence, maybe they are more left leaning, but the vast majority of Candian protests are peaceful affairs.

    Second, I cannot believe that the police shut this down. If the RCMP can handle the G20/G8 this summer, surely they can handle a couple hundred Coulter-haters.

    3rd, like most Canadians, I am apalled by any form of violent protest, left or right.

    • "I am apalled by any form of violent protest, left or right. "

      I'm not. Violent protests are historically the norm, not the exception.

    • Two points for you:
      (1) No one is suggesting that those on the left are predominantly violent. Most on the left are decent people who simply haven't thought their ideas through.
      (2) The problem of justifying left-leaning intimidation rather than condemning it is well illustrated on this thread. You've condemned it, and I applaud you for it, but the fact that you actually have to defend your stance to others is the point.
      If a group of yahoos on the right did this at a Michael Moore speech, most on the right would call it what it is: bad. That's because we generally hold that there is an objective standard of behaviour, and intimidating someone into shutting up is below that standard. Those who believe that right and wrong are arbitrary, on the other hand, can excuse this sort of thing without betraying their principles.

      • "Most on the left are decent people who simply haven't thought their ideas through."

        Not only that, according to Gaunilon yesterday, the *values* of the people on the left are flighty and stupid and change with every new trend.

        Can you even hear your own patronizing arrogance, or are you completely ignorant of the world around you? There's no room for people with different values, or different approaches to fulfilling against those values. Nope, those people are just stupid or shortsighted.

        But at least you're gracious enough to acknowledge that we're not bad people. I guess we're supposed to thank you for that.

        • I generally don't respond to this sort of rudeness, but for the sake of anyone reading let me just correct the record lest people be left with TJCook's misrepresentations.

          In my opinion some views are "trendy": for example supporting action against climate change. This doesn't make them wrong, it just means that people tend to voice support for these things at first. Many, however, when faced with the hard-nosed reality that such initiatives involve considerable cost, no longer support them. This is why (I think) many Canadians would advocate action on climate change but considerably less support actual emissions caps or Green Shifts.

          • Misrepresentations?

            You dismiss concerns over global warming as "trendy" when in fact they stem from a core value: sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship.

            Similarly you dismiss concerns over womens' health initiatives, education initiatives and fiscal responsibility as examples of liberals just following "trends". They're not a reflection of deeply-held beliefs and principles, just a bunch of sheeple following the herd.

            And now today, liberals are nice people who just "haven't thought their ideas through".

            I suppose this is in contrast to smart people like you, conservatives, whose beliefs are tied to their bedrock values, and who have "thought their ideas through". Right?

            Sorry if I was rude, but perhaps it's understandable when somebody is being as insulting and arrogant as you.

          • Sorry if I was rude, but perhaps it's understandable when somebody is being as insulting and arrogant as you.

            That's the lamest apology I've ever seen.

      • You must be shocked, shocked at what the far right are up to in the States.

    • If you feel you are at risk when speaking in public, and the police way they have no interest in helping you out except to clear the building, then they have effectively shut it down. The police simply failed to expend any effort to control the protesters.
      It's not a matter of ability, it's a matter of will. And it's not like the protesting yahoos were very large in number, they were hugely outnumbered by people wishing to see the event, there were maybe 40-50 protesters causing the disruptions.

  46. I am sure other commenters have already written something similar but I'm not going to read all one hundred plus (but I expect everyone else to read mine).

    Essentially I loathe all the vile things that spew from Ann Coulter's mouth.

    However, do I think she should be banned or have violence done to her to prevent her from speaking? No.

    It is only of recent that Coulter (along with Beck and Limbaugh) have tried to pass off what the do (and spew) as "entertainment" or "sarcasm" or "comedy." The difference between them and conservative humourist P.J. O'Rourke is that he is funny. They express the vilest things and are now trying to couch it in "Oh, I'm just being sarcastic" b.s.

    Our Conservative government would not allow left-wing blowhard Gorgeous George Galloway into the country and I disagreed with that decision. Now a mob of some sort has caused Ann Coulter's "performance" to be annulled at UofO and I disagree with that too.

    I would find that best way deal with the idiocies that come from them is to let people actually hear them.

  47. Fair enough.

    In this country, though, there is no excuse for violent protest.

  48. So… threats of violence from the left that result in a limiting of free speech. And, they're proud of their accomplishment.

    And we're supposed to be worried about the right?

    I don't like Ann Coulter in the slightest but this kind of hypocrisy from her detractors validates the idea that she is needed.

  49. The police simply failed to expend any effort to control the protesters.

    You might be right and if so I agree…but I don't see any evidence to support the police's unwillingness to control a handful of protestors.

  50. Ann coulter is very witty. The leftwing loons who hate her are witless. They are so thick as to be unable to comprehend satire or political hyperbole. Universities have become seminaries for the state cult of political correctness ( applied cultural marxism). One more reason to abolish income tax, public education and teacher's unions. Security ought to have been much tighter. Those losers who made a sport of disturbing a legal venue should all have been arrested. Bring in the riot squad and crack a few skulls is my advice. Those pesky punks will then think twice before they dare to unleash their pathetic self-righteous assault on people with whom they disagree. Long live Ann Coulter!

    • Really, this kind of shows the fallacy of stating that it's only the left that are violent, far or near left. I think those of you who identify as conservative ought to preface your statements with a little more candor, and consider that your tent is big enough to include the fiscally conservative, but socially liberal; the socially conservative, but fiscally liberal (I know, I know, but seriously how else should we view the present government?); the socially and fiscally conservative; those dangerous and mentally ill people who think that cracking skulls is a good idea; and the stupid. And those on "the left", we might as well acknowledge that there are dumb kids (of any age, really) who have little idea of just how and when to employ rhetoric, nor that violence should be considered a last resort if at all.

      • The riot squad carries clubs.

  51. I was there. The police had no interest. The parked their cars, and then they asked people to leave the building, but the police themselves decided not to enter. There was no confrontation whatsoever.

  52. Craig Chandler is a real flake. He thinks he is a leader of conservatives but it is a nobody who is constantly trying to get in the media. Loser.

  53. Then I don't understand…was there violence? If not, why didn't the speech go ahead as planned?

  54. I am embarrassed for this institution. I am so glad I did not have to resort to attending the U of O. I thought Universities were supposed to be a place where people should be able to express their opinions freely, without fear of violence! I was there last night, those 30 or 40 protesters were lame, all they did was chant and had a few signs and a token women with a head covering blaming Coulter for the world's problems. This event was doomed from the beginning, not because of the protesters, they had very little effect, but because of the lack of respect for freedom of speech shown by the U of O leaders.

  55. Welcome to the Peoples' Republic of Canada.

  56. In today's Globe and Frail, Coulter said:

    >>“You guys used to be so cool. You were smokers. You had epic hockey fights. We had half our comedians from Canada. Now you're all a bunch of girls named Francois.”<<

    All I can say is that is awesome… totally freakin' awesome!!! That, quite frankly is a national smackdown of EPIC… EPIC proportions!!! Coulter rocks – she's a freaking lunatic, but you can't BUY entertainment this good and really, this whole thing plays into Canada's national low-self esteem problems better than a freakin' Hollywood script!

    Oh man, I am enjoying how Coulter is playing everyone, particularly our naive media who aren't used to a conservative of her stature and sheer fearlessness. Love her or hate her, she won't mince words and she'll mop the floor with every one of her detractors. Because Coulter's visit has become the number one topic in Canada this week, it truly proves just how much of a backwater Canada can be. Seriously, we nowhere near ready to play with the big boys/girls.

    I'd pay to see Rebick debate Coulter. Oh man, I imagine the lunatics on are losing their minds right now.

    • Maybe you should try to find the interview the Fifth Estate did with Coulter. Then again, maybe you shouldn't, you might not be able to handle it.

      • I'm not denying she's a lunatic.

  57. How embarrassing for the rest of Canada that we're even associated with those liberal loving loons in ottawa.What a bunch of brain dead neanderthals.

  58. Fallout From Coulter Visit Incalculable

    She won. Or at least her organizers won in a huge way. Ann Coulter, the caustic hot under the collar, right winger, will return to the American Tea Party armed to the teeth with all that's wrong with Canada and our so called concept of free speech. And to add insult to injury, we missed a glorious opportunity to defend our values and send Coulter to the dustbin of political and cultural irrelevance.

  59. We should have insisted that she engage in thoughtful and civil debate as was done when Ahmaninajad spoke at the University of Columbia. if you recall, Ahmadinajad was challenged and forced to concede several points of hate propaganda such as denying the holocaust. We could have done the same . But rather than challenge Coulter, we allowed her to devour an innocent seventeen year old Muslim girl who wanted Coulter to explain her provocative, insensitive comment about all terrorists being Muslim

    • Dieter only the left an their tyrant idols have the right to speak freely. How dare Ann imply all terrorists are Muslim when only 90% of thingspeople blown to bits are in the name of Allah.

      • I think you're greatly underestimating the number of people killed in conflicts that have nothing to do with Allah (not that any conflict has anything to do with Allah, not really, as much as to do with some crazy people's perverted version of Islam). There's just no way that 90% of things blown to bits are blown to bits in the name of Allah. We and our NATO allies (quite rightly, imho) blow up ALL KINDS OF THINGS these days (and people too it should be said) and we're sure as Hell not doing it in the name of Allah! And while mistakes always happen in war, as in life, I'm pretty sure I'm glad most of the stuff we blew up, got blown up! Even besides that though, I think there's all kinds of ethnic and religious strife in the world today that has nothing to do with Islam at all (not that any strife in the world really has anything to do with Isl… you know the drill) that you're just not accounting for.

        Oh. And not all terrorists are Muslims.

        (Arguably, NO terrorists are Muslims, not really…)

  60. Why? Are they afraid that a lady from a country not known for parliamentary debate, would outscore Canadian intellectuals who are suppose to excel in parliamentary slug fests? Are they truly pasifists, who are only prepared to opinionate from the safe shelters of their office and word processor? Or were they afraid that Coulter just might score a significant point in the growing debate as to what constitutes free speech? Whatever their reason, they allowed Coulter to return to the Te Pot armed to the teeth.

  61. Some of the usual suspects on the left hand side of the church of intolerance should read Glenn Greenwald's post at (also a direct link at I would advise you to remember the old childhood mantra, "sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me." If you don't lke what Coulter has to say, don't listen. If you wish to hear, attend her lecture or buy her book. If you seriously believe that what she has to say entitles you to behave like animals in the finest brownshirt tradition don't be surprised if decent people think you pathetic. And no, I did not support the Galloway decision, based on the same principles. In my opinion, Galloway is a fool and Coulter is a opportunist. To categorize either as a criminal is ludicrous. Let's look at the legislative/regulatory mechanisms that allow this kind of stupidy to manifest and excise the offending verbiage from our legal framework like a cancer from a healthy body.

  62. Right to free speech – but people are forgetting the right to protest.

    Violence not acceptable, but there is the right to protest

  63. I guess the leftist university minions are starting to escape. It's been common knowledge ouruniversities have been trained by Marxist/Communist professors for decades. Back in the 60's these moustachiod,Lenin cap wearing academia has been spewing their poison to our children and as tenure would have it, are totally unaccountable. Canadians should be ashamed for letting this happen.

    • And I guess you've finally gotten out of your cave.

  64. From: Mark Kelley
    Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:56 AM
    Subject: Re: Last Night

    Hi Craig…there was some confusion on our end that you were one of the organizers bringing Ann Coulter to Calgary…but that was our error…which you immediately rectified in before you spoke about anything else. If this has caused any confusion or concern, I apologize for that, and thank you for speaking to us about your support for Ms. Coulter's right to free speech in this country. It was an enlightening, and timely interview.

    Thanks Craig,

    Mark Kelley
    Host- Connect with Mark Kelley
    CBC News Network

  65. Look at the fallout

    Coulter claims University of Ottawa must have low admission standards. Well, she's not entirely wrong given the pathetic academic skills of Ontario high school graduates, who happen to be victims of an educational system which refuses to educate our very best.

    Coulter claims that Canada is Muslim friendly to a fault. Again she has a point when our Canadian university students embrace national hate fest (apartied week ) an event conceived by Palestinian terrorist groups and embraced by western left wing culture.

    Coulter claims that free speech Canadian style is free speech as long as Barbara Hall or Toronto Star censors approve of it. Sorry lefties, but this smacks or Orwellian thought control..

    • Coulter claims…Coulter claims…Coulter claims…Who gives a sh** what Coulter claims?! From your comments, I would suggest you move to the gool Ol'US of A and join the Republicans who adore Coulter. You just don't stike me as much of a Canadian. Evil flourishes when "good students" do nothing. The Ottawa students protested against an individual who promotes "evil", like many of her colleagues on Fox. We know how they have twisted free speech. Best wishes to you as you start your American life.

    • What brings you back? ;-)

      • I do lay low most of the time. I don't want to be part of some of the regulars here who try to run the show, so to speak, and often hurl nasty insults at each other. "Speak your truth quietly & clearly & listen to others-Avoid loud and agressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit." (Desiderata) …sometimes, though, I don't practice what I preach. Oh well, nobody's perfect.

        • I was actually "aiming" at Dieter, but I'll take the opportunity to praise your selection of the "Speak your truth quietly & clearly & listen to others-Avoid loud and agressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit." (Desiderata) quote; that seems like a very good rule to live by, and I'll strive to be truer to it than I have. Thanks!!

  66. This whole thing is just ridiculous. As much as I think Coulter is insane and vile, and handling the situation like an insolent child (e.g. insulting the student body of UO), it's just so…disappointing that she didn't get the chance to talk so she could be judged on her speech.

    • That's a decent summary.

  67. We kept Galloway out for this! Coulter's so mindboggling arrogant she actually believes that Houle is responsible for her predicament, when she aired the e mail. I'd pay good money to have the free speech privilege of hearing Galloway school this clown.[ and no i don't unreservedly approve of all of GGs more ridiculous antics. But i note, as with Coulter, he hasn't been found guilty in a courtrom of anything] We have a right to hear from either party, and make our own minds up.

    • Galloway was kept out because of his (alleged) efforts to provide money & supplies for Hamas, a banned terrorist organization, not for being a firebrand. Unless that's what you meant by "ridiculous antics".

      • Alleged is the key word here. In this country you're still innocent until proven guilty. Galloway was banned on idealogical grounds.

  68. The real problem here is that people are regressing to a simple "us vs them" mentality with such events.
    Left-wing against right-wing is a completely outdated way of looking at the world. I thought this was the 21st century…

  69. Unfortunately, conservatives are too polite, so they will never get a taste of their own medicine in that regard, in terms of angry mobs with sticks and rocks.”

    Of course there are no conservatives showing up a speeches with sticks and rocks!!! When all those town hall meetings were going on in the U.S. around Health Care, I didn't see a single conservative opponent showing up at any one of those meetings with sticks or rocks. Conservatives in the U.S. are fervent believers in the Second Amendment. When they show up to protest at a public meeting, they bring assault rifles.

    • Yeah, but most of those would be the type of people who take their guns EVERYWHERE, which is perfectly legal in many parts of the states.

      • Oh, I realize it's perfectly legal to carry a firearm in many states (as is the carrying of rocks and sticks in Canada… if we leave aside for the sake of argument the fact that, as far as I've seen, none of the protesters in Canada actually had any sticks or rocks).

        As I mentioned elsewhere though, while I'm sure there are many Americans who are always armed, I do question whether or not there are many (if any) people, even in the States, who carry an ASSAULT RIFLE everywhere they go. I think, even in the Southern U.S. states, it would be considered somewhat out of the ordinary to see a man in line at the grocery store with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder. I could be wrong though.

        • So how many riflemen are we talking about here?

    • Ann's buds are now making death threats against Dems re healthcare. Palin has put out a map of Dems to target in the next election using cross hairs to mark their location. I, for one, won't be taking any etiquette lessons from her ,

    • I don't understand. You mean she…bothered to try to find out what actually happened? Hows it that fun when you can quote and paraphrase Ezra Levant's version of events. Angry leftist speech-hating hordes!

  70. There were people blocking doors. Apparently the ticket sellers had their table overturned. There was the fire alarm. There were threats. There was chanting that Coulter should not be allowed to speak. The venue was also very crowded.
    So no, there was no violence, but there was significant disruption (enough disruption to cancel the event) and threat of violence.

    • …and ensure a full house at the much larger venue in Calgary on Thursday. Because on Tuesday, they still had tickets available…

      No, it's not a conservative conspiracy, but i think it's a nice opportunity for some free airtime and news coverage. In 2006, her speaking fee was 20,000. Today, it's 10,000. Why not grab the free publicity when it's there for the taking?

      • Well, it's not all about publicity. A lot of people like me lost the opportunity to see and hear her in person, and she lost the opportunity to connect with her supporters in Ottawa.

    • Sounds to me like legal and legitimate protest.

      BTW the "blocking doors" was likely not on purpose, bud. The organizers had not planned a way for people to get in and out of the buildings easily. Chalk it up to crowd control failure, not protest tactics.

      • No, I am referring to someone who told me protesters had blocked the doors to prevent people from getting into the auditorium.

        It was too crowded for me to verify that remark. Sure, it was crowded, but I don't think it was a problem for people to get in and out. People did file away quite easily as time went on and disillusioned people felt the event was likely not to happen.

          • Maybe there was poor organization. But events are not shut down due to poor organization.

    • The table turning over has been refuted. Go over to Big City Lib for details. Sounds like bad event planning – too small a space – totally inefficient way to screen people at the door. Makes you wonder if Coulter's speech was actually planned to NOT to happen. It certainly worked out well for Ezra's on going crusade.

  71. She dismisses the possibility, however, that things are ever likely to change. “Unfortunately, conservatives are too polite, so they will never get a taste of their own medicine in that regard, in terms of angry mobs with sticks and rocks.”

    Umm…do you think she missed the teabagger protests where people showed up…ARMED???????

    What a giant DB and waste of skin.

    • Yes, but were the Tea Party protesters going out of their way to bring their guns? Like it or not, it is perfectly legal to carry guns in many parts of the U.S., whether you are attending a protest or getting groceries, and many people do, just as you or I might never leave the house without our cellphones or sunglasses.

      • I don't know if the Tea Party protesters were "going out of their way" to bring their guns. Maybe those guys go EVERYWHERE with an assault rifle strapped over their shoulder. I kinda doubt they go shopping at the mall with an AR-15 at the ready, but maybe they do (MAYBE. But, REALLY??? I get that many people carry guns in the U.S., but do you really think it's remotely common to see someone at a grocery store with an AR-15 slung over their shoulder???).

        Of course, the point is they did bring guns, whereas the "leftist" protesters here in Canada apparently didn't bring anything other than signs. Which says nothing about the relative passivity of the left versus the right, but does shed some light on whether Coulter is correct to state the conservatives are just too darned polite to try to intimidate their political opponents through implied threats. Sure, apparently (I have this third hand, Coulter says her bodyguard told her that the police told him that…) somebody on Facebook mentioned "sticks and rocks" in a post about the speech. However, I've seen no evidence anywhere that anyone brought any actual sticks or rocks to the speech (though I have seen video tape of protesters with AR-15's at the health care town halls in the U.S.).

        Of course, the absence of sticks and rocks didn't stop what seems to have been a fairly non-violent protest of about 200 people from being described in the media by Coulter's supporters as a violent mob of 2,000 people wielding sticks and rocks.

        • Bizarrely, in today's Ottawa Citizen, Coulter is quoted as saying that the gun laws in Canada should be more lax, because it's people and their free waving guns that make the US a much more polite society.

    • The TB'ers have ratcheted it up to death threats now.

  72. Is the Canadian government's new guide for immigrants a document that inspires hatred because it informs those who come into our country of our laws?

  73. From: Mark Kelley
    Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:56 AM
    Subject: Re: Last Night

    Hi Craig…there was some confusion on our end that you were one of the organizers bringing Ann Coulter to Calgary…but that was our error…which you immediately rectified in before you spoke about anything else. If this has caused any confusion or concern, I apologize for that, and thank you for speaking to us about your support for Ms. Coulter's right to free speech in this country. It was an enlightening, and timely interview.

    Thanks Craig,

    Mark Kelley
    Host- Connect with Mark Kelley
    CBC News Network

  74. I am reminded of Nat Hentoff's excellent book "Free Speech for Me–But Not for Thee: How the American Left and Right Relentlessly Censor Each Other". Neither the left nor the right have a monopoly on tolerance. A pox on both their houses.

  75. Kady is investigating what actually happened last night and instead Macleans gets drivel like this.

  76. I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend till the death your right to say it
    – Voltaire (presumably)

  77. It has all been said on both sides, but I can't help but wonder if some of those who are defending Coulter's right to free speech, would have also defended Mr. Adolf Hitler's right to free speech decades ago? There are limits to free speech and I am proud if we in Canada can make the distinction.

  78. I think everyone's missing an important point.

    This is the University of 0. (0 as in "zero", as we used to call them when I was at Queen's and later McGill).

    We shouldn't waste too many electrons on this story. (lol, j/k)

    • Still better than Carleton, where the K stands for Quality.

      (It's better when you say it out loud.)

  79. This is a disgusting slur on what it means to be a Canadian, much less a Canadian university student. Since when are supposedly bright young minds twisted reactionaries incapable of intellectually challenging controversial ideas? What pathetic, simpiant wimps. Worse, what fools. It would have been a great speech and fascinating Q&A. Idiots.

    • "Since when are supposedly bright young minds twisted reactionaries incapable of intellectually challenging controversial ideas?"

      Coulter's ideas are mostly lies. And you can't challenge lies that easily.

    • Yes, we could have gotten a few more 'take a camel' lines. Oh well, there's still Calgary.

  80. I just wonder who in their right mind would pay to see such a person!

  81. What is wrong with our Universities today? As long as one adheres to the one acceptable ideaology, they can be heard? What ever happened to the exploration of different view points and the pursuit of knowledge? Now only what comes through the appropriate filters is allowed? Campuses in Canada can spew anti-Semitic hatred with impunity, frighten someone who was willing to dialogue with them, and this is a free country, with free speech? Go Ezra Levant…someone has to fight for free speech!

  82. "It's not my fault.: A right winger's guide to public speaking."

  83. Yawn. Sigh…

  84. I like Ann Coulter. Honesty with a sense of humor being so rare today. Not to mention her radiant wit with the use of irony.
    The left-Islamic axis have had their kilts held up. You have become naked to the rest of Canadians & it ain't pretty. In a Nation that prides itself on politeness. This set of events have destroyed that myth.
    Its obvious you detest free speech with violence or by petty written threats with talk of violence.
    You get lost in the person without realizing what you do to society. Children run by Academic red Bootle babies.
    Any way thanks to you speech fascists you have made Ann more publicity with opportunities she could never have dreamed about. Now your claiming she did this, not you. Its monkey time in the zoo.
    You nuts screwed the pouch, & you know it. Your true nature is exposed!

    • "Honesty…"

      Stopped reading there. Ann Coulter is a pathological liar.

    • Amen. Amen. I say to u..

  85. At least this whole thing FINALLY has us actually talking about free-speech and it's role in Canadian society. People like her talk, people listen. We have brains, if what she's saying is complete and utter dribble then the attendees can and would've seen that.

    Free-speech should be a complete right within this country. I don't care for hate-speech laws, even as someone whose protected MULTIPLE times under these laws. It's ridiculous, if you don't agree with what's being said and know it is wrong then you use logic and facts to tear the argument apart. They come out as a crazy and their 'hate-speech' as nothing more then the mumblings of a crazy person. We've gone too far Canada, but we can turn back.

  86. Maybe they have been watching too much American news?

    I don't find those 'Tea Partiers' a particularly polite bunch.

  87. So let's stand up and say it. Ezra we don't want "Tea Party" freedom of speech in Canada.

  88. there is a lot to hate about a religion that preaches violence. how is one to point this out politely, exactly?

    "please don't cut people's heads off for being infidels?" "pretty please?"

  89. I've got it all figured out.

    Ann's methodology is such…

    "Hate me! Hate me! So I can crush you under the heel of the leftist defense system that allows me to exist!"

  90. Coulter says that Houle, "had identified (her) as having criminal proclivities because (she belongs) to an identifiable group." Wrong. He identified her as having criminal proclivities because of her personal history – the things that she has said and written – not because of any affiliation with any group.
    I am interested to see how she is received here in Calgary… although the general sentiment, even amongst the furthest right of my friends, is that she is impossible to take seriously. Let her have her speech – I have faith that most Canadians are smart enough to write her off.

  91. Coulter is the typical over the top American shock type entertainer, something like an after hour, adult only standup comedian on a grade B or C level. By getting that note from the U. of Ottawa, she is in her glee and of course got face time in Canadian main stream media big time. Had this official from the U. of Ottawa held his tongue, Coulter's presence on the speaking/engagement circuit would have been relegated to the last pages in the papers and probably no mention on the other media services. A position that the silent majority of us feel would be fitting as we don't pay attention to persons of this caliber.

  92. No one should be surprised that Ann Coulter has been banned from speaking at Ottawa University. I love the argument that we have to cancel to avoid violence. This has bee used to suppress free speech for years. This is nothing but a lie. Bring in security and allow people to speak whether you agree with what they have to say or not. It's our choice to listen. No-one forces anyone to attend an event or listen to anyone speaking in a free democracy.

    Sadly Canada has not been a free democracy for a long time. A prime example of this is in Quebec where Racism, bigotry, ethnic language cleansing and human rights violations have been going on for decades now. Anti-English language laws such as bill 22, bill 178, and bill 101 are fact and law in Quebec. If you speak out against these types of intolerance and hatred you are labelled the bigot, the racist. Something is definitely wrong with this situation.

    Yes lunatic's are running Canada and it has to stop. Enough is enough!

  93. The government didn't shut her down, critics did. Not the left's fault she can't take criticism. Ya and how dare Houle warn her that running her mouth off might land her in jail. Shame on him for being responsible. Get out Ann.

  94. The government didn't shut her down, critics did. Not the left's fault she can't take criticism. Ya and how dare Houle warn her that running her mouth off might land her in jail. Shame on him for being responsible. Get out Ann.

  95. Oh Canada ! Confident and muscular democracies encourage free speech and robust political debate. Canada acts more like a large University than a country.
    Sending any speaker a letter telling them they could be prosecuted based on what they say is wrong. Having a suffocating code of speech, designed and selectively enforced by a liberal elite – is worthy of a dictatorship not a democracy.
    I am sure that the Chinese government would appreciate the Canadian system.

  96. The level of journalism that has gone into reporting on the "Ann Coulter" affair is pathetic. Did the police really cancel the event or did she do it herself? I've heard both. Were there really calls on facebook for people to "bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter"? If so, will the police be bringing charges against these individuals? We'll never know what really happened because apparently, investigative journalism has been replaced by repeating the statements of whoever makes the most outrageous statements. And that's where Ann Coulter shines, isn't it?

    This was a poorly organized event that probably would have been poorly attended had not a well meaning U of O provost written a very polite letter gently warning Ann against straying into hate speech. Somehow, this private correspondence was "leaked" to the National Post and there was a huge furor. Who is the biggest beneficiary of this controversy? Well, that would be Ann Coulter. But that story is apparently too difficult for today's press to write.

    C'mon press. I little more depth. A little more light. And a lot less heat.

  97. I guess she was worried about the sticks and stones finally breaking someones bones, because she is obviously not worried about any kind of hurt that words could have

  98. What is the Devil?

    Anything you disagree with…

    The "Devil" is a fake… You choose your path…. How God damn simple is that… Idiots…

  99. Holy Prepared Screed Batman!!!

    • Ann is right!

  100. Ironic that my forefathers came here for the precise religious/political freedom that ann preaches.

    they came here because of the persecution that they suffered from the same opinions.

    like it or not, Canadian forefathers had the same opinions, however outdated.

    maybe people should think about the brilliance of the framework laid by these 'ultra-conservative' (even by my personal standards) men that drew up the political policies of this country in its infancy.

    I call it "The New Tolerance". Leftists tolerate anything but Christian ideals. They tolerate any so-called 'forward' thought, unless it be an historical one, such as Christian thinking.

    Any such activist is a disgrace to Queen and country. I suggest relocating to Cuba or Russsia or some other completely ruined country that has enjoyed the husbandry of control such as these people so generously dictate.

  101. How can someone from America where media censorship is ridiculous, ever accuse another country of repressing freedom of speech?

    People are saying conservatives don't react with violence, was it not the republicans that invaded Iraq?

    Who can ever say American Conservatives are for free speech? McCarthyism still hasn't disappeared from Republican states 50 years later.

    Coulter is a hypocrite, she promotes intolerance but screams bloody murder the minute she's the victim of intolerance.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword — that is a fact of life most mature adults are willing to accept.

  102. The folks that are such extremists that do not agree with her are actually helping her get her thoughts well known, if these folks didnt attend , or comment she would hav emade a few speeches and have left , most others would not have known about her speeches, , we conservatives work and do not have time for such retoric that these leftist educators and sheep students are focused on, . educators should not be allowed to provide personal views and opinions to any student s . the educators have a large tendancy to brain wash the students because the educators are hed in high estyeem , That is extremely dangerous situation. Please folks engage brain before engaging mouths. Lets remeber tolerance and we must have all rights of all Canadians available , we can agree to disagree and yet have mutual respect.

  103. Coulter is not a conservative. She is a right-wing extremist.

    Although I believe in free speech, if the Harper government can ban British MP George Galloway from entering Canada because of his "controversial" criticisms of Israeli policy, then if only to maintain consistency, Coulter should also be barred from spreading her brand of fear mongering and hate in this country.

    One can always tune in to Fox News and listen to the Glen Beck or Bill O'Reilly and hear the same hateful intolerance that Coulter is infamous for.

  104. Ann Coulter is such a hypocrite. She calls herself a Christian and every time she opens her mouth she spews hatred. Well Ann Coulter hopefully you've got the message that you are not welcome in Canada. Go back to the tacky Fox News and join your other ignorant cronies.

  105. Why don't I read in Maclean's that the president of Uof O is the snake from the Liberal Chretian goverment ALLAN ROCK who pushed the gun control that cost Canadians billions , also wanted all guns confiscated. Then went on to steal $40 million that is still missing from the Corrupt Liberal gang from Quebec that he run with….Maybe he was behind the push to stop freedom of Speech. Can't trust a liberal in the LOO with a knife and fork…..

    • well said , lets not bury our heads. maybe we should let all these bleeders go to quebec and separate from real Canadians , some think taht if we dont hear what the world is about then iot all goes away. these folks are just a lowclass bullies , harmless non defensive people are victimized daily an dthese folk cry out lets feed them and help them , forget about the victims, no we are racist and haters if if say or do anything to protect ourselves. Our veterns have paid dearly for us to have freedom of speech and that we can live in a country that folks are not ramming their personal opinions and views down our throats. every one of these mongers must realize that in many countries they would be taken care of and never heard from again, not in Canada they have the right to place hatred against anyone they dont like andt hinks differently then themselves. I also question if every radical protester is a canadin citizen or are the real instgators another citizebnship living in our great country.

  106. First of all… Ann Coulter has given speaches in the States in the past, that if given in Canada today… should result in charges being laid.

    I condone and applaude Mr. Houle's attempt to "Keep the peace" also… among the many diversified ans passionate students (and neighbours) we have in Canada, let alone Ottawa.

    It's seems to me Ann you just ran with this for personal gain…

    Randy Allen

  107. We could all see those screaming bozo's shouting and demanding that Coulter not speak publicly, just as they have in the past with other speakers, and it was clear that none those poor dumb buggers had the intellectual wherewithal to dress themselves in the mornings.

    It was like watching one of those old black and white documentaries where the Nazis were on a rampage trying to assert their dominance over others.

    In fact it might be a good idea to show all those protesters in black and white footage, and in slow motion, so that the message of just who these people are will be realized more quickly. Some of them might also realize how foolish they look as well.