Count McGuinty out -

Count McGuinty out


I sometimes hear serious Liberals (insert punchline here) talking about Dalton McGuinty as a future federal Liberal leader. They can stop talking. The Ontario premier says he’ll seek a third term, with the second barely begun. If he wins he’ll be busy for the next several years of federal Liberal history. If he loses he’ll be less appealing for the feds. Either way the field is clear for everyone else.

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Count McGuinty out

  1. In regard to Mcquinty for a third round, he has goofed so many times he needs to work hard and keep his trap shut, the last time being about the Lord’s prayer ( he himself being a Catholic), I am very disappointed and disgusted with this politician he just lost my vote and my family’s vote. Good-Bye Mcguinty, you’ll do better with your mouth shut. He will drive down the Federal Liberals if ever he takes that route.

  2. Don’t count out a McGuinty in the next liberal leadership race.

  3. But why would you actually believe anything that comes out of McGuinty’s mouth ? I think you forgot to take your cynical pill today.

  4. But would it have been different if he would have had to face a stronger opponent than John Tory?

  5. McGuinty doesn’t do indecision in fairness, like Dion. He does non-decision (e.g. Caledonia and black-focused schools)

  6. It’s not McGuinty’s promise (cough) that he is going to run for a third term that has killed any prospect of federal leadership; it’s his advocacy for scrapping equalization.

    Unfortunately for Premier Pinocchio, party members in all provinces have a say in who becomes federal leader. And there’s always the old saw (old because it’s true) about provincial premiers having little success going federal.

  7. Smitherman ???? Isn’t that the same cab-minister that said in full bluster “that if Harper beat Martin in the election, he would get married to his partner the following day”? Guess he thought it was ok to wait a while…His shining moment came when he spoke about trying on some adult diapers or something like that???? And McGuinty says he has a “wealth” of talent there.