Cowboy Jack


Jack Layton charms the crowd at the Calgary Stampede.

“Not bad,” said Jack Layton, savouring a prairie oyster. “I think I’ll have another one.”

He did, so I ate one too, the first I’ve ever managed to choke down. It was kind of embarrassing– a queasy Herald columnist being introduced to the Stampede delicacy by a federal NDP leader originally from Montreal.


Cowboy Jack

  1. Call Smilin' Jack anything you like, but don't call him all hat and no cattle. He has around a 1/5 share in 30 million cattle.

  2. If these were being served at the Ranchmen's Club, I'm surprised someone didn't yell out: "Hey Jack. You're supposed to wear them, not eat them!"

    • I've been there a few times. I never had the cojones to try the prairie oysters, though.

  3. Cowboy Jack – sounds like a used car salesman.

  4. There was a "crowd"? Really?

  5. The strange thing is Iggy took a pretty serious shot at Harper over those pedophile-loving-Bloc ads, and there seems to have been no response from Harper.

    Wasn't he at the opening of the Stampede? Isn't he normally?

    Gotta admire Jack, though. He shows up everywhere, even where nobody will ever vote for him :-)

  6. Nobody can decline a prairie oyster now that the GG has one-upped everybody with her Temple-of-Doom move.