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The Prime Minister gets into the Stampede spirit.

Mr. Harper also portrayed his government as trying to get tough on crime but being shackled to the actions of “the three parties of the left.”

Mr. Ignatieff will raise taxes if brought to power, Mr. Harper said, adding past Liberal promises would have led to “bloated bureaucracy” and “timid and trendy foreign policies.”

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Cowboy Steve

  1. Still waiting for the groundbreakingly fresh and unflappably Canadian foreign policy outline, Mr. Prime Minister.

    • Unflappably Canadian?

  2. Federal civil service personnel in 2005: 370,606
    Federal civil service personnel in 2007: 387,636
    An increase of: 17,030 or 5%.

    Thank you, Steven Harper, for rescuing us from bloated bureaucracy.

    • Dave where did you draw your numbers from?

      • Statistics Canada has those numbers:….

        In 2008, the number was up to 400,732, up 8.2% from 2005. This is in comparison to the provincial government public sector which rose 5.5% over the same period and to Canada's growth in population of 2.7%.

        As usual, Harper is pointing fingers at others when he should be looking at himself.

        Of course, under Harper there has been a shift in where the public service positions are. For the years I look at in more detail, I found it interesting that the RCMP had grown while both the RCMP external oversight and RCMP public complaints positions had decreased.

        • thanks Catherine. Had this but I was curious to see if there was another commonly avail source. Thanks for the updated numbers too.

      • Thanks for answering for me Catherine, and for finding more updated numbers.

  3. Now bloatation, that's a term that applies to our so-called leader/narcassist in charge…

    • Is that a fat joke?

  4. You know what's unworthy? Attending a non-political event such as the Stampede and use it as a soapbox for partisan political attacks. Didn't they teach this guy any manners at Richview Collegiate Institute?

    Oh wait, I'm sorry. That's jarrid's line.

    • For this guy, there's no such thing as a non-political event. Can't help wondering when he's going to stop campaigning and start being prime minister.

      • It's all fear, fear, all the time fear.

    • LOL,

      Where is jarrid anyway? Suddenly not so concerned about the impropriety of partisan politics happening at the Stampede???

      • Unfortunately, Harper had to respond to Iggy's comments and respond he did.

        That said, BCer did land a jab, I feel it in my ribs,

        • Ahhh, so the Prime Minister had no choice. He was just responding to the LOL's speech.

          Kinda like the LOL was just responding to (another) massive blitz of pre-election negative advertising from the Tories.

        • He was shackled to the actions of those leftys once again

  5. It's summer! Can't we all just get along, eat some hot dogs, drink some beer or lemonade, eat some grape popsicles, vollunteer our free time to a worthwhile cause, and just be chill?

    • Well then, go out for your hot dogs and beer and chill instead of reading these blogs.

      • She's too young to drink beer.

      • That's a little impertinent OT.

        Beyond rabid Liberal partisans, nobody wanted an election and our summers being short we should enjoy them while we can.

        • Who wanted an election in September 2008?

  6. Ignore the Grinch, Sophia, and have a nice summer.
    Grape popsicles……. Mmmmm!

  7. Actually, reactionary dumbassery kind of is the Stampede spirit.

  8. Life sure is a b**ch being shackled to the actions of those people the majority of Canadians had the temerity to vote for. Curse you crime-loving Canadians! Curse you democracy!