Coyne v. Wells: Potential sequels -

Coyne v. Wells: Potential sequels


Okay, Wells mentioned it on his blog, so we need to get ahead of this sucker. In the wake of Coyne v. Wells on the subject of Canada’s broken democracy, there’s talk of more Maclean’s live events. What do you folks want to see? A few suggestions to get you started:

Coyne v. Wells: Canada’s democracy is still broken. WTF guys?

Weinman v. Feschuk: First one to five obscure, overlong references to the Bigfoot episodes of Six Million Dollar Man wins.

O’Malley v. O’Malley: Kady becomes the first person in history to successfully liveblog her own liveblogging of her own live event. The Internet’s mind? Blown.

Steyn v. Everyone: Five hours of angry.

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Coyne v. Wells: Potential sequels

  1. I think Kady actually did that already, at a PPForum event last fall.

  2. Everyone else vs. Those People who only come here to read Steyn and write lavashing comments on how he's the only one tellin' it like it is.

  3. The Battle of Brian

    Johnson v. Bethune (Thoughtful reviews on top 10 lists)

  4. I actually would like to see Steyn vs. everybody. It would, if nothing else, be entertaining.

  5. "O'Malley v. O'Malley"

    yo dawg we heard you like liveblogging so we put a liveblogger in your liveblog so you can liveblog while you liveblog.

  6. Feschuk v. Reid. The race is on to see who can make the worst NFL picks on the way to a non-perfect 0-16 week.

  7. Steyn could take them all apart. And he'd do it with a witty quip and a show tune reference.

    • So true. Steyn rocks.

      I actually think a showdown with ultra-leftist Noami Klein would be fun. Steyn v. Klein has a nice ring to it.

  8. Feschuk v. Wells: Jazz or Classic Rock. Which one is real music?

  9. Amiel vs. Amiel: 24 straight hours of supercilious, turgid usage of obscure words nobody knows, telling no particular story at all, in the tone of a Victorian novel.