CPAC to air more parliamentary committees


It’s almost as though there was a sudden interest in committee hearings. Where, oh where could that have come from? Who’s been covering committee hearings in an entertaining and informative manner, live? A Monday-morning puzzle.


CPAC to air more parliamentary committees

  1. I know, I know! Kady O’Malley!

    Do I get something from your living room now, or is that just a Feschuk thing?

  2. I’m always happy to give people things from Feschuk’s living room. Here, help me lift this sofa.

  3. It’s quite possible that I’m simply dense, but the linked article’s first paragraph is really poorly written. The use of ‘it’ seems to be referring to Van Dusen’s show rather than CPAC. Otherwise, the article was interesting. Thanks Paul.

  4. I wish CPAC would improve the descriptions of their shows in the tv listings. There’s too much ‘coverage of conferences and meetings that deal with issues of national interest’ and not enough description of what those conferences/meetings might be about, who’s on the panel … etc.

  5. Ken Rockburn will be missed (by me,at least).

    And it seems to me that there was a time that
    CPAC showed more committee work than it currently

    In any case, it may be more interesting than
    watching Douche and Bag “debate” forestry
    practices in Temagami.

  6. I wonder if we will ever getg a ‘cpac 2’ for more committees? Shouldn’t cost that much since parlvu is linked up already.

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